The life and love of cinderella

14 10 2010

I have updated the former entry “… a great taste in shoes” as I thought it missed something.

Pandora facts: 63 cm, 30,2 kg. 18 months.

The Hybrid dog
NO! A czechoslovakian wolfdog is NOT, I repeat NOT a hybrid.

A hybrid is the offspring of two different species. Two different species cannot normally mate and have offsprings, but if they are closely related, some times its becoming possible anyway. The offspring will be sterile, though. (Like a mule).

The wolf (Canis lupus) and the dog (Canis lupus familiaris) are NOT different species. They are the same kind. Therefore you cannot call the offspring a hybrid.
That’s one thing.

Another thing is that in America it’s popular to call a first generation of a wolf and dog breed a hybrid.
That’s wrong, but we can live with that.

A Czechoslovakian wolfdog (and the Saarloos wolfhound) are not first generation cross breeds.

The CsW breed is more than 50 years old, and therefore a dogbreed!

All dog breeds today, have wolf ancestors as far as we know. Conclusion must be that all dogs are hybrids, or no dogs are hybrids.
It’s not that I don’t like a first generation wolf/dog, but I fear the ignorant and unklearned politicians who wants to forbid the ‘hybrids’ and see the CsW as such one.
(Had to let some steam out!)

Hormones in the teenage dog
Pandora’s friend Bandit is castrated, but sometimes he forget and jump on Pandora anyway. Most of times backwards or as she lays down. Very funny and harmless.
Now Pandora has begun to jump Bandit. She also pees where other dogs have peed.
Her hormones must be tricking her a lot right now. We are very observant if she should show any signs of dominance, interacting with other dogs, especially females.


I caught this greeting moment in the dog forrest.
We were almost alone that day and Pandora missed someone to play with.

From a long distance she saw other dogs approaching.

She sneaked a little closer, observing and judging the situation.
Her tail raised to horisontal.

Then as she came close to them she raised her tail to vertical, the little black tail tip waving like a peace flag as she came all the way to meet them.

Finally someone to play with.


Czechoslovakian wolfdog bored

Pandora bored



Czechoslovakian wolfdog observing

Observing. Someones' coming!



Czechoslovakian wolfdog curious

Whos' there?



Czechoslovakian wolfdog curious closing in

Who are they? Will they play?



Czechoslovakian wolfdog meeting

Finally, friends to play with!


I’m sorry that I don’t have pictures of the following but you’ll have to use you imagination.

We have an automatic stoker. Well, automatic is perhaps a slight overstatement, but anyway.

Once in a while we have to clean the stoker for ashes filling the burning chamber.
Last time my husband cleaned the stoker, he took the ash to our fire pit in the garden. There were already ashes from the summer fire camp, so why not?

Half an hour later a peculiar dark wolfdog entered the room.
She looked a lot more as a German shepherd.

Black nose all the way to the eyes, black legs to above the knees and she uttered a grasping, coughing sound revealing that she had been playing with the ash in the backyard.

Crazy girl. We had a good laugh, but the ash is put elsewhere now.