I have to tell you this!

21 08 2013

Sometimes fantasy cannot compete with reality.

I our nearest city we have a shopping area. Stores lie side by side. Car equipment, clothes, Pet shops, furniture etc.

Today my husband went into the city to buy a (for a man very important) gismo in the car equipment store. He brought Pandora along, leaving her in the car as he went for the shopping spree.

Pandora is in heat. When in heat I feel instinctively that I cannot trust her the same way as usual.
She gets a little restless, lacks attention and seems to have her mind somewhere else. Probably in the neighbours garden.

Break out

This afternoon, she complains a little as my husband leaves the car, Pandora often whimpers a little when left.
But today, as soon as ‘daddy’ is out of sight, she starts working.

Throwing herself against the cage door several times to shake the handles loose. She has succeeded once before a couple of month ago, so why not again?
Soon she’s out of the cage and in the main of the car.
A small opening between the window and the doorframe has been left open. She starts to work on that, too, and finally the window opens enough to let her out.

The nearest shop? The Pet shop!
The well-known paradise with all the goodies, bones and toys. Pandora’s been there many times.
She enters and before anyone understands that this dog is WITHOUT a human, she steals the biggest goody in the shelf and runs back to the parking lot.
People from the shop follow her as she crosses one of the biggest and heavily trafficked roads in town, and vanishes into a small wood.

My husband leaves the car shop and is surprised to meet three people in the parking lot that ask him:
– Do you by any chance own a dog that looks like a wolf?

After chasing the crazy girl for a couple of minutes, my husband finally succeeds and captures the culprit.

I am now indifferent whether I should laugh at the theft in the pet shop or feel terrified because she crossed a potentially deadly road.
I think I’ll choose the first as nothing happened.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog Pandora van Goverwelle

Pandora van Goverwelle, thief and culprit

New training and experiences

Though Pandora is in heat, she did surprise me last night as we went to training and she was so very alert and clever.
We started this seasons ‘click and motivation’, tricks and positions based on Dog dancing themes.
We tried dog dancing in the spring and found it challenging and educational. (The correct term is actually Heelwork To Music — HTM)
Pandora found it funny too, and since we haven’t been training for about two month, Pandora is now very motivated.
Everything went well last night, she obviously learned stuff and went all the way without getting unconcentrated after half an hour.
I was proud as a Olympic winner when we went home with a fabulous experience.

Wolfdog camp and rescue training

In June we had a private wolfdog camp. The first in Denmark in many years.
Me and Dariusz’ daddy Arne planned the camp with help from Auntie B.
Everything went very well. The dog owners thought it all worked out well.

The highlight of the weekend was a surprise event I had arranged Saturday afternoon.
All dog (we were about 13) went to a Rescue training site for rescue dogs.
I can still feel the longing for that day.

This was Pandora’s training paradise. Climbing into burned out cars and houses, finding people buried in piles of bricks, searching rooms filled with soot and old stuff. All these things she did so well. No fear of heights or moving platforms. It was like a miracle.
The combination of using: the snout, the intelligence and the body, was like she was made for exactly that.
Oh, how I wish we could train that way instead of obedience and meaningless stuff.


Lately we have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time together with Rolf and his two gorgeous dogs, Uno and Xtreme.

Pandora, Uno and Xtreme by the lake

Pandora, Uno and Xtreme by the lake. Photo: Rolf

Uno being 8 years old and Xtreme 5, is great company for Pandora. She has now reached adulthood herself and doesn’t need to play all day long. A few minutes of trying to kiss the boys every now and then, and an occasionally running in the meadow is perfect. These three dogs together hands found peace and relaxation between them. They enjoy each other’s company but can also work separately.
They have been swimming, playing, traveling, been with us at museums, in parks, in the forest and so on. Treetop walking was a funny experience and again Pandora did it without hesitation.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog tree top walking

Pandora, tree top walking. Photo: Rolf

It’s very exciting to watch the differences between the three dogs. The quiet and calm Xtreme, the energetic and ‘I’m right here’ Uno. Pandora is something in between.
But also what differs the sexes. What the boys do and what the girl does. How they interact and what sort of signals they use.
It has been a very entertaining and educational time.

Two weeks in June, we took care of Dariusz. For a while we had four dogs under our roof and it wasn’t always easy, especially as the two males, Dariusz and Xtreme didn’t actually love each other. But it went out fine, also.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs sleeping

Pandora and Dariusz sleeping on the sofa

Now we’re back to normal. My husband goes back to work in September and Pandora will go back to her routines.
May you all enjoy the late summer.

REMEMBER you can follow Pandora on:

Facebook: Pandora van Goverwelle
Twitter: @PandoraWolfdog

Holiday, sheep, water and stuff

12 08 2010

Farewell Thor – old guy


Farewell Thor

First a farewell to Pandora’s friend, Thor, the 13 year old White Swiss shepherd.
He left this world the 21. July.

We are all happy we got to know you, sweet boy.

Holiday’s over
We began our official holiday almost four weeks ago.The holiday has been extremely active for Pandora and it’s been great.

Lets begin at the beginning

Day 1.
The 22. July we started the car in the early morning and drove to Holland.
It’s approximately 800 kilometres and we arrived in a little town called Gronningen in the early afternoon.
Here we stopped to eat dinner, watch the beautiful wooden ships in the canal and stretch our legs.
We had only had a few shorter stops on the way.
After the break we continued and arrived at our destination Mercure Hotel in Zwolle.
Let me just say that if you’re ever going to Zwolle with you dog, use Mercure Hotel!
The were so welcoming and Pandora was allowed to join us in the restaurant at breakfast, lunch and dinner, they even served her water as we were dining.
After dinner we walked in the surroundings which were green lawns, trees, a quiet road and very country-like.

Pandora in Groningen watching ships

Pandora in Groningen watching ships

Pandora behaved perfectly. As we were eating, she was sleeping next to us, and in the night, she just slept through and never made any trouble.
(Don’t tell anyone that she slept in the bed, of course.)

Day 2. Mom and dad
This was what we all came for.
We went to BG Hall where Letty and Koos from Kennel Goverwelle lives.
We were very excited about what they would say to the beautiful girl.
And they loved her.
Letty said she was a big girl. Not as in ‘fat’ but as in ‘tall’.
Then Koos brought Pandora’s father, Elan, from the kennels boxes and Pandora liked him from the first second.
I don’t think they had the slightest clue that they were each others flesh and blood, but Pandora like Elan and kissed him a lot.
She was almost as tall as him, and we went for a little walk in the nearest forest.

Elan Spod Dumbiera, Pandoras father

Elan Spod Dumbiera, Pandoras father

In the afternoon we went to see a small vintage village nearby, and when we came back, Letty picked up Kahjah, Pandoras mother.
She was a lot darker than Pandora, and a lot smaller. Okay, Pandora is a big girl.
The two dogs licked each others lips as greetings, and they sniffed a little to each others tales, ears and mouths.
Then a small plastic can fell to the ground with a noisy sound – and all hell broke loose.
The two dog attacked each other, probably thinking that the other one had coursed the noise.
We got them separated but Pandora never fell in love with her mother.
This was only the second dog in her life that didn’t just love her.

Kahjah von Goverwelle, Pandoras mom

Kahjah von Goverwelle, Pandoras mom

After all we had a wonderful day with Letty and Koos, and it was so great to talk to them again.
We left them in the evening after many laughs, hugs and picture-takings of Pandora.

Day 3. Amsterdam.
We went to Amsterdam and enjoyed 4-5 hours in this gorgeous city.
Pandora behaved fantastic, and we decided to take a boat trip on the canals.
Pandora didn’t mind the sailing at all, but she hated the queue we had to wait in to get on the boat.

We arrived at our hotel in the evening and had a quiet dinner at the restaurant.

Pandora sailing on the canals of Amsterdam

Pandora sailing on the canals of Amsterdam

Next day, we drove home.
It took 12 hours as we ran into several queues at the highway and it was one tired wolfdog we brought home Sunday late evening.

Denmark, Rømø
For four days we went to the Northern Sea at a little island called Rømø.
Here we have been many times as it’s such a good place for swimming and also a good place to bring a dog.
This was the first time Pandora really got the chance to swim in an ocean instead of a lake.
The first day she swam out, but had to struggle to swim.
The waves in the Northern Sea can be very big. And at one second the water is knee high, the next wave rolls over you head. Swimming is very hard. And PAndora got scared of the big waves. Perhaps she was swimming for 10 minutes, then she was so tired, we had to go back in.
The swimming really wore her out.
The next day the waves were small and the water low, and then she had no problem swimming for half an hour or so.

We went to Legoland shortly last weekend and it wasn’t really a trip minded on Pandora, I just want to tell that she managed all the children so well.
She wasn’t fearful or reserved to them. She really would have loved to play with the kids running around the fountain, or tasted a little boys ice cream, but what she got was a big hug from a little girl and she repaid with a long tongue kiss.

A wolf in sheep skin?
Vibeke, the owner of deceased Thor, Cirkeline and Arthur invited us on a visit after we came home from Holland.
She had a surprise for us.
We were invited to a farm where a man had specialised in teaching herding.
So now it was Pandora’s time. The wolfdog should try to herd sheep.

The first time round we went into a meadow with Pandora in a leash.
She had no idea of what was expected from her.
She had fun though.
The guy who taught us said that Pandora should try to herd without a leash.
I said to him, that I would take no responsibility of his sheep. He just laughed and said she was ready!
So we went into a smaller fenced area and let the dog loose.
And see, she actually began to figure out what it was all about.
She wasn’t too hard on the sheep and she actually managed to round up the sheep a couple of times and she never got aggressive or ‘hungry’ for the sheep.
I think we shall try herding again.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog_herding_01

Pandora herding

Czechoslovakian wolfdog_herding_02

Pandora herding a little more

Czechoslovakian wolfdog_herding_03

Pandora still herding

A little ekstra note:
Two women saw Pandora and said: “Are you really gonna let that dog loose with the sheep??”
Another woman said: “She’ll be tired the rest of the day!”, but Pandora was tired for half an hour, then she was on top again.
Recall: As Pandora’s recall is only 20% stable, I was a little frightened to let her herd if I couldn’t make her come, but in the end she was so tired, I could just go to her and put the leash back on.

Last Thursday we went to our first agility lesson.
After half a year of waiting, we finally had a place in a team.
The trainer was a very capable woman who had two Border Collies herself.
She was very good at teaching the attendants stuff, and Pandora learned to: jump over small obstacles, going through the tube and going through the tunnel. And she did all the things without any hesitation.
After an hour she was pretty tired (for 20 minutes), but she had learned a lot.
The trainer asked if we had ever trained agility or any other thing, and I told her that Pandora had been herding the week before.
She look very surprised and said: Why on earth would you wanna her with her?
And I told her it was just a test and for fun.
I’m sure she thought we were a little crazy. Especially because she had the Border Collies which are made for herding. They are so good at it.

Last monday as we went to training (the ordinary obedience), and we were told, that we had been ‘upgraded’, meaning next time, we’ll have to train with the ‘big’ dogs.
It’s a little annoying as we just had a very good trainer on the beginners team.
But it’s also funny to see Pandora now can sit, lay down, walk in leash perfectly, with goodies she can walk without the leash, too. She can come back on recall as long as we’re in the training area and she can stand, show teeth and behave nicely.

In the end
This was a lot of information, but it has been a lovely holiday with Pandora. All in all we are so proud that we can bring her to a restaurant and she just lays down and sleep, or we can walk in the city with a lot of people and she won’t pay attention to anyone.
These days she also seams more mature and grown. She is more calm, though not low in energy, but she seams more confident with herself.
She’s relaxed and forthcoming but if she’s not let loose to burn off some steam, she literally protests with her wolf howl and an offended look in her eyes.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog and white Swiss Shepherd

Pandora and Cirkeline kissing or ...

Next time:
I don’t know when I’ll have the time to write again, so I think Pandora will write the next blog 😉

… and then she saw the light!

12 07 2010

‘Facts about the wolfdog’ has been updated with a lot of information.

Finally last Saturday morning she saw the light of the God of Swimming. And she was swimming like she’d never done anything else.
So now we can go to the lake and swim all three of us whenever we want, and so we do.

After playing with her mates  Arthur , Thor and Cirkeline – who luuuves water, she didn’t recognise how deep in the water she was, so next day as we went to the lake, she just started to swim.
And Sunday she took her first jump from the wooden pier by her own free will.
It’s so great and I am so proud of her.
She is a fantastic swimmer, thanks to all the swimming lessons last winter, I suppose.
Now we have been swimming 5-8 times since and now she starts to whimper when we arrive to the lake.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog swimming

Pandora swimming

Soon our vacations starts and we will go to Holland and visit the Kennel van Goverwelle.
We talked a lot about going to Italy and visit Venice, Florence and Pisa, but ended up with Holland. I hope we’ll go to Italy next year and it’s good to wait until Pandora has matured a little more. But vacation without Pandora is not an issue.
I would probably never do that. What kind of holiday would it be if I missed her every day, which I do even if I’m without for a day?
No, no, future holidays will be with the girl.

Today we will go to the vet and get her 1-year vaccination and she’ll have a health check.
I’m also excited to see how much she weighs as she has now been reduced in her daily food. It has not been a problem as she doesn’t eat much in this heat.
We cut her down to 500 grams, but these last days she haven’t been eating more than 250 grams, and she eats it late in the evening when it’s no longer so warm outside.
We also recently changed the habit of feeding her twice a day to only feeding her in the evening.
Now we have to convince ourselves that she should also have 1 fasting day a week.

Fur and summer heat
Pandora’s winter fur is gone but she is still shedding. It’s like these very hot days (30 °C/86 °F) makes her loose even more fur. Her total coat is still very thick and the hair strands are long (7-8 cm on the back). She really is suffering in the heat and always finds a place in the shadows. Unlike many other dogs I have had, she knows to look for the shadow or a cold floor.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog a rose among roses

A rose among roses

The tale
I have a little completely unimportant observation here.
When ever I brush Pandora’s tale or just touch it, she is never reacting weirdly. I can touch her tale, brush it and play with it, she doesn’t care.
All other dogs I have had, had a weird relationship to their tales. Like their tales wasn’t part of them. If I brushed them a little hard, the dog would turn its face to my hand to watch what I was doing or even look like if I was rougher they would bite (None of them ever did though). It’s difficult to explain the awkwardness the other dogs showed to their tale, but to Pandora her tale is just as much a part of her as her legs or ears. She seems to be aware of her tale and she is of course very dependent on it for her super balancing acts.

Digger dog
Our entire garden is filled with little holes that Pandora has made over the time. But they are small, like half a football or something.
Lately, as we have gone to the beach and to our favourite lake, she has been digging holes in a different scale.
One of the wolfdogs trademarks are exactly that. Digging.
There are at least two reasons for the wolf to dig.
The female digs dens to have a place to hide  when the she’s in labour. The den will hide and protect the puppies until they are old enough to see daylight the first time. The other reason to dig dens is to create a hiding place in the shadow. The depth of the den in the ground offers coolness on hot days.
I wonder if Pandora’s urge to dig has increased because of the heat.
Nevertheless she has been digging like a maniac the last few times we have gone to the sea or the lake. The soil here is gravel and grit.
And she digs extremely fast.
It’s fascinating to watch.
She digs with a lot of energy. Stop, takes 2-3 steps backward, move the dirt she has just loosened another two metres away.
Back to the hole, digs, stop for 10-20 seconds to catch her breath, digs, 2-3 steps backward to move the loosened dirt.
This is really fascinating. She continues with this for 20-30 minutes. Along the way she also extends the den sideways and one day she managed to dig horizontally so she kind of made a roof on the den.
She never finishes it, though. I hope one day she’ll finish one of her dens. The last two she made was almost big enough to fit her own body.
I have tried to film it and will put it on YouTube soon.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog digging

diggin' diggin' diggin' done

Spring, finally

10 03 2010

The snow is melting and I have been reassured that grass is actually green. I’ve almost forgotten.
It’s still cold at night and there is still a lot of old, dirty snow laying around, but in the weekend we saw the first Snowdrop flowers.
It’s been the longest winter in Denmark for many many years.

Pandora observing ducks

Pandora observing ducks

Busy schedule
Pandora has had a hard but good week.
Last Saturday we started training in a Boxer hound Club.
Obedience (yes, I know, I’ve said it before – I hate that word), later we’ll train track and defence work.
Pandora was somewhat restless and curious the firs 15 minutes. She wanted to play with the other dogs. But after the worst energy was burned off, she could actually walk straight in the leach.
The instructor thought she was very clever. I tried to tell him that she normally walks very fine in leach. It’s the presence of other dogs that causes hearing problems.

Anyway, we should also rehearse recall. And anyone who has read this blog knows that ‘recall’ is still a foreign and very exotic language to this dog.
It took several minutes to catch her after I released her, but what the heck. So did to all the others.
This was puppy training so it was so NICE that all the other dog owners had the exact same problem 
We’ll return to training next Saturday.

Sunday we went to the dog forest for the third time.
Pandora enjoys it so much. All these doggy friends and without the leach. Superb!
She is so sweet and forthcoming to all the other dogs that she immediately gets new friends every time.
Two male dogs tried to jump her. I wonder if she is coming into heat soon.
1 ½ an hour there and we had a very tired dog.

Alone at home – again
Monday she has been alone at home for 45 minutes.
She has been taken care of full time for more than a month now, because of her accident where she cut her paw. But now it’s over.
She must learn it again, and it’s hard.
This first day she has torn down a shelf with kitchen aids. It’s spread all over the floor but luckily she has not been hurt.
It is very difficult to foresee what she might destroy next time.
This shelf is probably fallen down because she has stood on her hind leg with thr forepaws on the shelf and it has broken down because of her weight.
The last two days she hasn’t ripped anything apart.

Sometimes she’ll jump the windowsill just to look out of the windows.
We have no curtains anywhere as she eats them.
Everything is moved, like books, remote controls, glasses, paper towels and so on, but there is often something we haven’t foreseen.
Like a shelf.

This poor shoe was alone with Pandora for 5 minutes

This poor shoe was alone with Pandora for 5 minutes

Wednesday we’ll go swimming again. It has also been delayed because of her wounded paw.
In a few months we’ll hopefully be able swim in the lake instead of the swimming pool.

Ring training
We still ring train on Tuesdays and last time she was a lot more calm than usual.
I must say that the visits to the dog forest is helping her to burn out energy and to overcome the needs of ‘kissing’ and playing with the other dogs.

She is often admired for her wolfy look.
In the dog forest there is always some people who things she is the most beautiful creature in the world.
Now that she is 10 months old, I can actually begin to explain why she is different from other dogs.
Her stubbornness, her body language and her sounds and noises.
Luckily the trainer in the Boxer club was full of understanding to the fact that she is different and not the ordinary ’slave’.

Exhibition and show off

15 12 2009

Facts 61-62 cm, 28.2 kg. 7 months old

Well, well, well.
So we went to the exhibition the previous Sunday.

We arrived 2 hours before we should attend the ring so we hoped that Pandora would be relaxed and tired as she should enter the ring and meet the judge.
In the ring Pandora jumped around a little. As we were asked to run in the ring, she kept biting me in the thigh. She’s not used to run only walking.

I wasn’t nervous. I’m never nervous about stuff like that … I mean – until I stood there and the judge said:
“Can you make her stand with her side to me?”
And I couldn’t.
My legs started shivering and Pandora seemed astounded: My mom’s NEVER afraid!

But never mind that. I didn’t mind she was a little crazy-happy and neither did the judge.
The verdict was: Very Promising (DK: SL – Særdeles lovende)

As we were the only CzW, we had to attend the ring again later. (As Puppy of the breed.)
It took a loooong time before that finally happened.

My crazy dog jumped the judge in joy (another judge this time) and he petted her and said that he like her behaviour.
We reached no. 2 in the Puppy category (out of 3 so it wasn’t that difficult), and the judge’s final word was: Make sure she remains her good temper.
I think more than 10 people said that, that day. Everybody is pleased with her mild and kind attitude.



Thursday we’ll went swimming for the fist time without instructor. And we finally were able to take some pictures. She is swimming very well now. Actually she didn’t want to get up this last time, but kept swimming and turning at the places she usually should to keep on swimming. Great!

Pandora with waistcoat

Pandora with waistcoat

Pandora swimming

Pandora swimming

Last Sunday we went by train into the city. Based on the fact that we should do all kinds of stuff with Pandora before she gets 9 month old, it was about time we tried some more distressful events.
The train ride was 20 minutes long. The first 10 minutes she was a little nervous. Not by the train, but by the fact that the look outside the window was passing by extremely fast. It might have confused her sense of smell, too. A kind lady on the train really wanted to pet her, but her concentration was somewhere else. Wide awake, very attentive and observant;
But the last five minutes of the trip, she relaxed a lot and sat down beside me and even found the time to let the woman touch her.
As we got into the city we attended a Christmas market with hundreds of people and Pandora met other dogs, smelled everything from grilled pig to warm red vine and was touched and caressed by many.
Only once two children wanted to pet her, and she withdrew. Sometimes she seems afraid of children and I guess it’s the fact that they have direct eye contact with her ‘cos it’s only children with the same height as herself she feels uncertain of.

When we came home it was with one tired wolfdog. It was a exciting day for her, and I’m not at all afraid of bringing her by train in the future.

Christmas and stuff
It’s soon Christmas and I’m looking forward to my holiday together with Pandora. And I hope that we’ll get snow so I can see her reaction. I bet she’ll love it.
This afternoon we have to go to a concert without her and as we are home late tonight Pandora is going to sleep out. Actually in a dogs pension. I’m afraid her heart will break but we have no other possibilities and it would be nice if this is a solution in the future though I hate it. My heart will surely break.

A few notes
I forgot to tell that Pandora now opens doors. If she wants out she goes out. Keys are a good invention.
She also gets wolfier and wolfier. Every time she has a bone she doesn’t need she buries it in the garden. And she DOES remember where she put it, because a week later she returns with some alien looking material with an unpleasant odour.  She is very good at that.
Digging holes is definitely one of her favourites. Just the smallest hole anywhere, in dirt, in cement, in tree, has top be explored – if possible: extended. It’s very funny, but a little dangerous walking on the lawn in darkness these winter days.
When she is a little hungry she stands on her hind legs, front legs on the kitchen table and search for food. A lot of kitchenware has now hit the floor in infernal noise.

But all in all, she is so g’damn cute and we love her although we sometimes must take a deep breath not to shout a little louder 🙂

Merry Xmas so far!

The nightmare on Mill Street

26 11 2009

Facts: 61 cm, 26 kg, loosing fur, changing to winter coat.

Exhibiton visits
Last Sunday we went to Brørup, Jutland to see an exhibition.
My friend and her baby Jack Russel were attaining the exhibition. We were just watching.
I did it mainly to make Pandora get used to many dogs at once.
We arrived around 11 am.
When we opened the door, still in the lobby, she sat down shaking. She couldn’t see the other dogs, but she could smell them.
Last time we went to an exhibition was when we saw Rolf, Xtreme and Uno. At that time, Pandora was so preoccupied with the boys that she didn’t recognise that she went in to the big hall with a bunch of dog. This time she was on her own, wide awake and very much on foreign ground.
But after 10 minutes she pulled herself together and went into the hall with us. In the beginning she wanted to greet every one dog in there, but soon she figured out that it wasn’t possible. After a while she calmed down. Of course she was curious, but she could control it.

A very tired Jack Russel baby

A very tired Jack Russel baby

Hairdressers battle
Oh my. I must say that dog owners are different. Of course they are. For all four hours we were there we watched a couple with their two Yorkshire Terries nursing them, combing them, putting bows in the hair and so on. I couldn’t help wondering why they were not hairdressers by occupation. Weird dogs with clothes, trench coats, jumpsuits, you name it. A special puddle like dog was being treated like a queen, hair spray, trimmed to the last ‘straw’ with a scissor, powdered and perfumed. The dog was obviously used to it. It sat completely still.
Pandora sat down and watched in her ‘give me time to see this’-kind of mode. To her big surprise the puddle suddenly moved and Pandora jumped backwards in chock. I bet she thought it was a teddy bear.

Slaves in line
We went outside where there was a competition in obedience.
That was (of course) completely different breeds. Wauw, what some of these dogs could do with their human J
Actually I have thought a lot about starting obedience training with Pandora but after watching the combatants for a while I got quite disillusioned. A lot of these dogs don’t act like individuals –  but like slaves.
I’m sorry. I don’t like it. And it always makes me think that these results are not just based on respect and joy but also on fear and force. I think I’ll try to train Pandora in some of these disciplines but I’ll never use force or physical punishment. If we can’t go far enough without that, we’ll just have to NOT be no. 1.
Anyway, I hate the word: Obedience.

The nightmare on Mill Street
Well, well, Tuesday we went to ring training to see how Pandora would behave among so many other dogs.
Ehh, she went crazy. She wanted to play with each and every one of them, but fell particularly in love with the enemy, an 8 month old Irish Wolfhound named Otto.

The teacher said it was all right that Pandora was a little uptight as she was so young. She did have the time of her life and it was very good for her. We will definitely go again.
But a funny little happening was as we had just arrived and a woman came over to me and said:

“Can I ask you what kinda dog that is?”
“It’s a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog” I replied, not without pride.
“Which means a breed between a wolf and a …?”
“German Shepherd” I answered.
“Isn’t it a nightmare?”
I was really surprised of her comment. A nightmare?
“No she is not”, I replied wanting to tell all sorts of good stuff, but she just turned on her heel and left.

Rude, I thought. She actually insinuated bad things about my dog. How could she?
I was also surprised of myself. I was really offended. Perhaps I was too sensitive, but really …

At least I brought a very tired dog home that night. But as we came home it was like she couldn’t really rest. She was wandering around in the house. Not crossing any speed limits, but just shuffling from room to room.
(The ring training is arranged by the Danish Kennel Klub, and cost 30 D kr (app. 5 Euro) for one session.)
(NB! Mill Street is where we live)

pandora the nightmare

Pandora the nightmare

Terror for half a year
This last week she has definitely been working herself up. Monday she tore a teddy bear to pieces, Tuesday she managed to push a glass full of chilli to the floor so it smashed to small fragments. Both while she was alone. Luckily she didn’t get hurt or cut herself.
My farther’s conclusion was: “From a dog is four months old until it’s a year old, they will try to rip things apart. After that, they might calm down.”
I bet he is right. It fits the terms of the dogs need to get independent.
I can feel now that I have to be more consistent. There can no longer for instance, be times when she can jump up and other times when she cannot. If she should be allowed to jump up it should be by a given order.

Last night, my husband had to go into the city to a meeting. As he left I thought he had closed the gate to the street.
Later on I let Pandora out of the front door to do whatever a dog does in the dark and after 5-10 minutes I called her in. That was when I saw the missing fence. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I had just seen a very big truck pass by.
But the darling dog was standing in the middle of the garden, not paying any attention to her possible freedom. Thank god (or whomever).

The week to come
Friday we’ll go swimming again. It’ll probably be the last time with the instructor. After that, we’re on our own.
Sunday is the big exhibition day. We are very excited but our expectations are not too high. But I don’t really care as long as I have such a lovely dog.

Pandora the movie star

Pandora the movie star


13 11 2009

Facts: 60 cm, 24 kg.

The BARF-page has been updated with Pandoras notes.

Barfing  for a month – Status
Last weekend it was 1 month ago since Pandora stated BARFing. We went to a 1 month-check with a vet. Not the same vet as first time, but with a guy who, himself have a Saarloos (a wolfdog originated from a Eurasian wolf and a German shepherd, but breeded in Holland).
It was nice to meet a vet who understood and knew the wolfdog breed. He said Pandora was very beautiful, no longer too thin, great temper (trustful and sweet) and the lack of muscles that had a comment the first time was all right, she is still young.
Her fur was a little dry so we increased the amount of lamb fat in her food. Everything else was fine.
“Remember, he said, you’ll have to have one more before Pandora gets 22 month old.”
We told him that she is socialized a lot and have other very good friends to play with, but the vet said that it would be good for her to have one of her own breed to be with.
I think that this rule is more important to the Saarloos Wolfhound than to the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog who has a different temper and better socialization skills.
“Also remember, he pointed out, you have two month left to teach her to go by train and bus and all the rest of the things she has to get to know.”
All righty then … we’ll have a train ride and a bus ride next weekend.

Swimming again
After last weeks disastrous experience in the swimming pool it was with a certain kind of scepticism we went to the pool again yesterday. But hey! She swam!
After one more try and without anyone in the basin as we thought was needed, she began to swim.
She only panicked for a few seconds.
Still we were all to busy to take pictures, but soon she’ll be calm enough I think. We’ll go swimming next Thursday, too, and then I think she’ll be more self confident, and she might even begin to like it.
It’s going to be nice to have a dog that can swim next year when the water in the lake and the sea gets warm enough.

Safety in the dark
As winter comes closer and the days get shorter, the need of safety increases. Pandora now wears a safety waistcoat with reflectors and also a collar with blinking red lamps when we go out at night. The latter makes her look like a UFO or a selfmoving Christmas tree, but it is nice to be able to locate her in the dark as she is set free to run in the fields.

The Ripper
This last week she has been destroying a lot of paper. Paper is her favourite and boxes, magazines, kitchen paper – you name it – are torn to little pieces. She is also still biting our hands if she is excited or plays. She doesn’t bite hard but her grown-up teeth don’t give one a lot of pleasure.

Otherwise she is just plain beautiful and teenager crazy.

Pandora ripping paper

Pandora ripping paper

Pandora in the eveningsun

Pandora in the eveningsun

Pandora mornings

Pandora mornings

The mystery about the creaking floor board

10 11 2009


60 cm, 24 kg. She has reached her minimum height. She is 6 month old.

• The Facts About …-page has been updated

• The Growing Stages-page has been updated

Most mornings I go upstairs to our attic to iron my clothes as our ironing board stands there. And Pandora follows me. She has done that since she was three month old and we could no longer keep her downstairs. She is good at climbing stairs.
At the attic the floor is old, made of wooden boards and one or two of them are creaking when you step on it.

This creaking sound has made Pandora look puzzled and astonished for quite a while now. She simply cannot figure out what kind of animal that’s living down there. It isn’t visible and it never comes up.
Weird – and amusing.

Pandora observing the creaking floor board

Pandora observing the creaking floor board

Doesn’t everybody love wolves?
So far I haven’t met anyone who thinks Pandora is more frightening than cute, but it might happen. I meet so many people who find her beautiful, sweet and fascinating.  “I would love such a dog next time” they say. “I bet you would” I think.
Ones I met a guy who wanted a Czechoslovakian wolfdog because then the dog could “beat the a#¤% out of the two Pit bulls further down the street.” Not the best of reasons to buy a Czech. Sometimes I meet guys who think she is a real ‘tough’ macho dog. Other people just want a dog like her because she is special and beautiful.
Luckily this is not the kind of dog you can buy on the next corner.
My boyfriend and I (husband, sorry) are of the opinion that we’re proud of our dog and we want to tell how sweet she is, but we don’t really want everybody to have a dog like her because in the end she needs to be taken care of in a special way. This dog will be you nightmare if your evenings are spend on the sofa or if you don’t understand a dogs language. It’s good that it is a little troublesome to get hold of this breed (at least in Denmark). But on the other hand, those who want a Pit bull terrier will get it although they are absolutely not qualified at all.
What can I say: take care of your breed and always tell the truth about its positive and negative qualities. No matter what breed it is.

From a kennel or from private owners
I have had a dialogue with Regitze under the ‘About’ page where we talked about a dog’s background.
It made me think of the difference it can make whether your dog has been raised in a kennel with lots of dogs and few people, or if your dog is from a private owner or a small kennel where all the dogs are treated with much physical handling every day. I guess that – just as with humans – you can get very different dogs depending on that. I think that dogs being of a dominant and ‘strong’ breed, should be physically handled, touched and caressed form the earliest days, preferable day one of their life. The longer the puppy is without people in their closeness the more difficult it’ll be to get to know it and teach it things.

Uh oh, I promised to tell about Pandoras swimming ‘lesson’ last Thursday.
Ah hm.
It didn’t go very well. My intention of taking pictures was completely unrealistic. The swimming pool is 6 x 3 meters. And Pandora walked on the side of the edge all the time. She hated it.
She was wearing a lifejacket with a handle on the back, but she was put in the basin alone. That was a mistake. She went in three times and every time she hated it.
She didn’t show any signs of fear, she didn’t shiver or tremble but she just plain hated it.
The instructor even fell with the dog falling on him as she tried to escape.
He was a very kind man though.

We will go again next Thursday. This time she will go in together with the instructor and he will wear a wet suit. If that doesn’t calm her, she won’t go again. I bet that if we went into the pool with her, she would calm down completely but that is not allowed.
More about the ongoing experiment in the next blog. Poor creature.

This is NOT PAndora swimming, but it is the pool she was in

This is NOT Pandora swimming, but it is the pool she was in

A small note of the small dog inside of a big dog
Pandora has now reached her minimum height. But inside she is still a little puppy. When she crawls around on my back as I lie on my knees on the floor. When she’s standing on the sofa,  jumps up and put her paws around my neck and lick me in the face, or if I lay on the couch and she walks on me to tell me she wants to play.
But she is also getting very clever. With  a little help from a goodie she can SIT, STAND, LAY DOWN, CRAWL, ROLL, JUMP UP, SHAKE PAW, GO BETWEEN MY LEGS, FROM SITTING IN FRONT OF ME – WALK AROUND MY BACK AND SIT BY MY SIDE. This is a lot of commands she can suddenly understand. COME is definitely improving and she can run free in more and more places.

Her track is good. She actually doesn’t care about the goodies anymore, she just wants to do the track. Yesterday she followed the track app. 30 cm. to the left of it because the wind had blown it sideways.
Clever girl.