The awaiting of a new friend

19 05 2009

A few days ago I was told that a new puppy has been born in Holland.

MY dog! Our dog!

My love for animals is like other peoples love for children, so I was so happy to know I was to become a ‘parent’.

For more than 6 years I have wanted this kind of dog.

I‘ve grown up with dogs, had my own dogs for 30 years – so I’m no beginner.

I have almost always had German Shepherds, but as they keep getting more and more ‘breeded’ into illness and problems with especially the hips, I figured I didn’t want at German Shepherd again. It’s such a lovely and clever dog – completely ruined by obsessive breeders now. Hell if I understand why.

Look at the hind legs! The shepherd is almost sitting while standing to be a premium dog. Makes my heart bleed.
Never the less, I’ve lost 3 of them, all had problems with the hips.

After that experience, I started to look for a dog, a little closer to nature and a younger race which hadn’t been spoiled yet.
I started to look at the Saloos but 5 years ago I saw the love of my life at a exhibition in Odense, Denmark.
Two of the most wonderful looking dogs I ever sat my eyes on. My heart completely melted.
The Chez Wolfdog.
I talked to the owners of the dogs and they told a lot about them.
Their reservation, which was obvious and their nature.

I all ready had half a dog at that time (I still have, she is now 14 years old and the most intelligent cross between a German Shepherd and a yellow Labrador), so at that time it wasn’t the time for yet another dog.

But now, as my old and dear friend is 14 years old, and will end her life within this year because of Rheumatism I can allow my self to have a new dog.
I’ll miss my dear Bella but the age of her is quite outstanding so she have had a good long life.

Fortunately 2 years ago I met the same two owners at a new exhibition in Odense, Letty and Koos from Holland.
We talked again and I got their address in Holland.
21st March this year I wrote Letty and asked if there were any new puppies coming, and Letty told that they expected a litter in five weeks.
Right on!
It meant that the puppies would be ready for the summer holiday. Perfect timing!
I’m not religious but when things ad up to my benefit that way I’m sure it means I should react.
I asked Letty if there was a puppy for us and luckily she said yes.

Here we are now.
The little new girl was given birth the 3rd May and is given a name today, ‘Pandora.’
Now we just have to wait 8 looong weeks before we can go to Holland and pick her up.

I decided a while ago that I would create a blog if I got this dog, so from now on I’ll share my experiences all the way from now and hopefully a year ahead.

.: Kim :.