Pandoras blog by Pandora III

12 08 2011

Oops I did it again
Found this completely gorgeous dead fish on the river bank.
It smelled soooo delizious that I just had to roll me delicate body in it … to make it even more delicate.
Mum tried to stop me, but I refuzed. I rolled intenzely, all the way down the small hill where I fell into the stream.
I totally ignored the barking sound me mummy made.

Her crazy grinning stopped as she petted me and her fingerz got glued together with me sticky perfume. I’ve got the feeling she didn’t love me too much on the way home.

Then I had a bath.

Mud bathing
Me mummy and daddy took me to a nice area where we often come. There’z a small bridge crozzing a minor stream. I usually bath in it. It’s refreshing, cool and zmells devine.

This day, the water was very dark. Black, ya could even zay.
So, I left the bridge to dip me delicate feet in the water, and well, ehem … I … eh … fell in mud to me neck.
I mean, me hind legs were still on the bridge but me front legs were GONE!
First mummy looked very frightened, but then she started the barking sound again. When she does that, I know I should be happy ‘coz she is.

I used all me strength to get out of the mud and climb to the shore.
Mum laughed even more, and then she offended me big time:

All me beautiful legs, black to me very stomach … and then she said:
– Pandora, you look like a fox.

A FOX! Really! I do no such thing.

What does she look like? A naked monkey? Huh?

Back home I had  bath.

I miss winter
Seriously. Snow I tell ya, ya can do all sorts of thingz in it. Dig, dig, and dig even more.
So I figured: Why not make snow me self?

The characteristics ’bout snow is: White, fluffy, light.
Light as a feather, actually. Light as me mummy’s pillow.
See what I mean?

So, left alone in the house I decided to let it snow.
It took to minutes to spread them!
Mum claims it took her an hour to get all the feathers away from the bedroom. Yeah right!

And then she had a bath.

Feather snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I am a herding dog, got it?
Ev’ry time we have to leave home, before we walk out of the door, I do me usual round into daddy’s workshop.
Ev’ry time he calls me back.
– Pandora, get back here!

When we come back to the house, I do me round again.
And again daddy calls me back.
– Pandora, get back here. What is it with you, are you developing an OCD?

OCD? Humanz! *sigh*

Until one day I did me round and I caught the neighbours enormouz, big, dangerouz, red cat below daddy’s working table. The cat hissed like a idjet and ran off. Frightened to death seeing me.

After that mum said I should alwayz be allowed to do me rounds whenever I want.
Finally she got it.

I have to do my rounds, not coz I got OCD, but ‘coz I have to herd the catz back into the house. Get it?

I have to know where ev’rybody is. That’s me job. I’m a herding dog, y’zee?

Czechoslovakian wolfdog on Fanoe

Me dad thinkz I've got OCD!

Ce ya zoon,

hot licks from Pandora

Pandora’s blog by Pandora II

24 08 2010

Hello! Pandora here.

Mom sayz I zhould write now, ‘cos she’s buzzy.
Well, I don’t really now what to tell ya. Nothing much happens in me life ya know.
Except for scary thingz, that is.

But first I shall tell ya ’bout something very weird.
Me mom and dad, they have something they call a car.
Actually they bought a new one not zo long ago, just for me.
I even know the brand. It’s a Wolfs Wagen!


My Wolfswagen

Anyway, some weeks ago me mom introduced me to a weird kinda car with no room for me?!
It is an outdoor car, with only two wheelz. And it makez no noise at all.
Mommy called it a bicycle and I would have to run by its zide as she was riding it.
Why would I have to run and look like an idjet?

I wazen’t really  sure if I trusted those two big wheelz.
But I know wheelz, and they usually do not attack without reason, so I gave them a good bite before they could attack me. Settled then!

I decided that if it could amuze mom, I could run along with it. Mommy said I waz SO clever.
‘SO clever’ isn’t as nice az goodies though.

Killer cowz
One day I took me male human
for a walk (they call him dad. Yeah right, he cannot even smell where me rotten chew bones are buried! Some dad, huh?)  and we walked along a dirt road peacefully – very nice and all tzat.

Zuddenly the wildest herd of some crazy big dogz came running towardz me.
They were trying to kill me. I’m sure of it!

I hid a little behind me daddy. Not tzat I waz scared ya know – I just wanted to protect me delicate zkin.

Finally the furry beast ztopped only ‘cos they could tell I waz dangerouz just by looking at me!
(Me walking backwardz all the way home waz just ‘cos I wanted to zee if they would hurt me daddy.)
Dad calls tzem cattle, I call tzem Killer Cowz.
The cowz I usually see, do NOT behave like tzat. Tzey are calm and appetising.
Not out for me meat and bonez!

Suck monzter
Me humanz also have thiz HUGE monzter hidden behind tze door.
I just don’t get it! Why am I not enough?

Sometimez they bring out tze monzter, put it in tze middle of tze room (ALWAYZ az I am sleeping),
tzey pet it – and it startz to SCREAM!?
Who the holy hell hound startz to scream when tzey are petted?

Tzis ugly enormouz monzter is incapable of walking by itzelf, so me mom grabz it around the neck and move its head back and forth over the floor, and then tze monzter eatz WHATEVER is in its way.
I tell ya, several animals must have disappeared into its

I talked to the catz about it, they recommended me to flee if the monzter came too close, as they were sure it took two of their friendz last year!

I hate the suck monster, but mom and dad seem to like a lot.
Why am I not good enough? I can eat scraps! I can, I swear. I do it all the time!

(Ya wanna know a secret?
I know me mom told ya ’bout tze herding thing.
It’s amuzing. What humans call herding, we dogs call hunting.
Humans tzink we want to bring the sheep together.
All we want is to eat tze awesome meat on these big, furry pillows on legs.
But let’s just pretend.
And don’t tell mom.)

Zee ya’ll.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog foolish sleeping


… and then she saw the light!

12 07 2010

‘Facts about the wolfdog’ has been updated with a lot of information.

Finally last Saturday morning she saw the light of the God of Swimming. And she was swimming like she’d never done anything else.
So now we can go to the lake and swim all three of us whenever we want, and so we do.

After playing with her mates  Arthur , Thor and Cirkeline – who luuuves water, she didn’t recognise how deep in the water she was, so next day as we went to the lake, she just started to swim.
And Sunday she took her first jump from the wooden pier by her own free will.
It’s so great and I am so proud of her.
She is a fantastic swimmer, thanks to all the swimming lessons last winter, I suppose.
Now we have been swimming 5-8 times since and now she starts to whimper when we arrive to the lake.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog swimming

Pandora swimming

Soon our vacations starts and we will go to Holland and visit the Kennel van Goverwelle.
We talked a lot about going to Italy and visit Venice, Florence and Pisa, but ended up with Holland. I hope we’ll go to Italy next year and it’s good to wait until Pandora has matured a little more. But vacation without Pandora is not an issue.
I would probably never do that. What kind of holiday would it be if I missed her every day, which I do even if I’m without for a day?
No, no, future holidays will be with the girl.

Today we will go to the vet and get her 1-year vaccination and she’ll have a health check.
I’m also excited to see how much she weighs as she has now been reduced in her daily food. It has not been a problem as she doesn’t eat much in this heat.
We cut her down to 500 grams, but these last days she haven’t been eating more than 250 grams, and she eats it late in the evening when it’s no longer so warm outside.
We also recently changed the habit of feeding her twice a day to only feeding her in the evening.
Now we have to convince ourselves that she should also have 1 fasting day a week.

Fur and summer heat
Pandora’s winter fur is gone but she is still shedding. It’s like these very hot days (30 °C/86 °F) makes her loose even more fur. Her total coat is still very thick and the hair strands are long (7-8 cm on the back). She really is suffering in the heat and always finds a place in the shadows. Unlike many other dogs I have had, she knows to look for the shadow or a cold floor.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog a rose among roses

A rose among roses

The tale
I have a little completely unimportant observation here.
When ever I brush Pandora’s tale or just touch it, she is never reacting weirdly. I can touch her tale, brush it and play with it, she doesn’t care.
All other dogs I have had, had a weird relationship to their tales. Like their tales wasn’t part of them. If I brushed them a little hard, the dog would turn its face to my hand to watch what I was doing or even look like if I was rougher they would bite (None of them ever did though). It’s difficult to explain the awkwardness the other dogs showed to their tale, but to Pandora her tale is just as much a part of her as her legs or ears. She seems to be aware of her tale and she is of course very dependent on it for her super balancing acts.

Digger dog
Our entire garden is filled with little holes that Pandora has made over the time. But they are small, like half a football or something.
Lately, as we have gone to the beach and to our favourite lake, she has been digging holes in a different scale.
One of the wolfdogs trademarks are exactly that. Digging.
There are at least two reasons for the wolf to dig.
The female digs dens to have a place to hide  when the she’s in labour. The den will hide and protect the puppies until they are old enough to see daylight the first time. The other reason to dig dens is to create a hiding place in the shadow. The depth of the den in the ground offers coolness on hot days.
I wonder if Pandora’s urge to dig has increased because of the heat.
Nevertheless she has been digging like a maniac the last few times we have gone to the sea or the lake. The soil here is gravel and grit.
And she digs extremely fast.
It’s fascinating to watch.
She digs with a lot of energy. Stop, takes 2-3 steps backward, move the dirt she has just loosened another two metres away.
Back to the hole, digs, stop for 10-20 seconds to catch her breath, digs, 2-3 steps backward to move the loosened dirt.
This is really fascinating. She continues with this for 20-30 minutes. Along the way she also extends the den sideways and one day she managed to dig horizontally so she kind of made a roof on the den.
She never finishes it, though. I hope one day she’ll finish one of her dens. The last two she made was almost big enough to fit her own body.
I have tried to film it and will put it on YouTube soon.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog digging

diggin' diggin' diggin' done

The poetry in a Wolfdog

12 02 2010

I can’t move my blanket. My legs haven’t been stretched out for several hours.
I wake up.
The sleepy wolf at the end of my bed is causing the trouble.
Narrow eyes, tired face.
I can’t move her. She is too sweet.
She is a real piece of art.

The fur kid arrives in the kitchen when I have eaten, gotten dressed and put on make up.
She is still a sleepyhead. Cute.
She takes a look at her food bowl.
Disillusioned she returns to the bedroom to get more sleep.

A kiss and a short hug.
No whining or complaints or she’ll think her mother is sad about the separation, (which she is but hides it), and she’ll tear the house into tiny little pieces.

Getting in the car and take a look at the living room window.
A big wolf like dog is filling the entire windowsill. An observing look in her eyes as she looks out.
She might frighten everybody who ever had the stupid idea of breaking in.

I know she is picked up from our house three hours later.
She is taken care of.
She can play all day, no restrictions, no demands. Just play.

It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. Two hours before I can go home.
I miss her.
Trying to work efficiently and being creative as I should.
I miss her.
Checking the blog, the e-mail, Facebook.
I miss her.
It is six hours ago since I saw her.
I miss her.
I wanna go home to her and play and hug and feel the lovely soft fur under my finger tips. I want to look into her honey brown eyes and kiss her wet snout.

Going home.
The entire logistics are based on priority one: picking up the dog.
Not one minute longer than necessary will I be without her.
And there she is.
My beautiful, silly girl. Jumping up and down as she sees us.
Entering the car and goes to sleep within a minute.
She had a rough day playing.
Takes its tolls on a young kiddo.

As we prepare dinner, my wolf baby observes with great interest.
Raw meet is always desired. Some may fall to the floor.
Her own food is without attraction
As we eat, she lies down and watches us eat.
Boring. Her honey brown eyes shuts and sleeping is the issue – for an hour or so.

Refreshed she wakes up in the middle of the evening.
The most exciting thriller in the TV is forgotten. Working is out of the question.
Pandora van Goverwelle needs her walk and exercise. Now.
„Only a short trip” I tell her.
But the happy girl animates me to walk longer. And longer. And …
Isn’t this the nicest time of the day?
Her amusement, my exercise. Our companionship.

Perhaps the rest of the movie and a lovely bone?
Or a book in the bed and some furry hugs?
And cuddles. More cuddles.
A goodnight kiss on the nose.
Lights off.

I can’t move my blanket. I can’t stretch my legs. But what the heck.

Weekend soon. More walks, less work.
Lots of love. To my Pandora.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in window

Filling the windowsill

Exhibition and show off

15 12 2009

Facts 61-62 cm, 28.2 kg. 7 months old

Well, well, well.
So we went to the exhibition the previous Sunday.

We arrived 2 hours before we should attend the ring so we hoped that Pandora would be relaxed and tired as she should enter the ring and meet the judge.
In the ring Pandora jumped around a little. As we were asked to run in the ring, she kept biting me in the thigh. She’s not used to run only walking.

I wasn’t nervous. I’m never nervous about stuff like that … I mean – until I stood there and the judge said:
“Can you make her stand with her side to me?”
And I couldn’t.
My legs started shivering and Pandora seemed astounded: My mom’s NEVER afraid!

But never mind that. I didn’t mind she was a little crazy-happy and neither did the judge.
The verdict was: Very Promising (DK: SL – Særdeles lovende)

As we were the only CzW, we had to attend the ring again later. (As Puppy of the breed.)
It took a loooong time before that finally happened.

My crazy dog jumped the judge in joy (another judge this time) and he petted her and said that he like her behaviour.
We reached no. 2 in the Puppy category (out of 3 so it wasn’t that difficult), and the judge’s final word was: Make sure she remains her good temper.
I think more than 10 people said that, that day. Everybody is pleased with her mild and kind attitude.



Thursday we’ll went swimming for the fist time without instructor. And we finally were able to take some pictures. She is swimming very well now. Actually she didn’t want to get up this last time, but kept swimming and turning at the places she usually should to keep on swimming. Great!

Pandora with waistcoat

Pandora with waistcoat

Pandora swimming

Pandora swimming

Last Sunday we went by train into the city. Based on the fact that we should do all kinds of stuff with Pandora before she gets 9 month old, it was about time we tried some more distressful events.
The train ride was 20 minutes long. The first 10 minutes she was a little nervous. Not by the train, but by the fact that the look outside the window was passing by extremely fast. It might have confused her sense of smell, too. A kind lady on the train really wanted to pet her, but her concentration was somewhere else. Wide awake, very attentive and observant;
But the last five minutes of the trip, she relaxed a lot and sat down beside me and even found the time to let the woman touch her.
As we got into the city we attended a Christmas market with hundreds of people and Pandora met other dogs, smelled everything from grilled pig to warm red vine and was touched and caressed by many.
Only once two children wanted to pet her, and she withdrew. Sometimes she seems afraid of children and I guess it’s the fact that they have direct eye contact with her ‘cos it’s only children with the same height as herself she feels uncertain of.

When we came home it was with one tired wolfdog. It was a exciting day for her, and I’m not at all afraid of bringing her by train in the future.

Christmas and stuff
It’s soon Christmas and I’m looking forward to my holiday together with Pandora. And I hope that we’ll get snow so I can see her reaction. I bet she’ll love it.
This afternoon we have to go to a concert without her and as we are home late tonight Pandora is going to sleep out. Actually in a dogs pension. I’m afraid her heart will break but we have no other possibilities and it would be nice if this is a solution in the future though I hate it. My heart will surely break.

A few notes
I forgot to tell that Pandora now opens doors. If she wants out she goes out. Keys are a good invention.
She also gets wolfier and wolfier. Every time she has a bone she doesn’t need she buries it in the garden. And she DOES remember where she put it, because a week later she returns with some alien looking material with an unpleasant odour.  She is very good at that.
Digging holes is definitely one of her favourites. Just the smallest hole anywhere, in dirt, in cement, in tree, has top be explored – if possible: extended. It’s very funny, but a little dangerous walking on the lawn in darkness these winter days.
When she is a little hungry she stands on her hind legs, front legs on the kitchen table and search for food. A lot of kitchenware has now hit the floor in infernal noise.

But all in all, she is so g’damn cute and we love her although we sometimes must take a deep breath not to shout a little louder 🙂

Merry Xmas so far!

Hallow wedding and birthday

3 11 2009

Today it is Pandoras 1/2 year old birthday!

Facts: 59 cm and 23,5 kg.

Hallow wedding
Last Saturday the 31. October my boyfriend and I got married.
In the daytime Pandora was taken care of by a very good friend of mine. It all went well according to my friend. Nice day and evening.
Pandora’s best friend Bandit came in the afternoon with his ‘parents’ so they could play all evening. We had 17 guests but the dogs were behaving very good and well-mannered.
Late in the night both dogs were very tired and fell asleep almost in each others legs.

It is now obvious that Pandora only plays with bigger dogs like a Rottweiler, a Labrador and likewise. When she meets smaller dogs, she so wants to play but she is too rough. She is now 59 cm and looking quite grown up.

Her grown up looks even fools me. Sometimes I forget that she is just a little puppy inside, though she is so tall. She still has a lot of puppy behaviour and I think she cannot figure out why she is so big when she is so small inside.

It seems like the little changes we have had in the training routine: sometimes using the clicker, almost never shout, always trying to be ‘worthy’ of her attention, has given us an even better dog. She is happy all the time, and she is much better at coming when called.

Last weekend we played RETRIEVE with a ball and GO FIND with my boyfriend. Each of these exercises we only did 3 times. But she loved the GO FIND-rehearsal though she cannot yet bark on command.
This weekend we played SEEK with a ball hidden in her lamb skin carpet. It took her one try to understand what the deal was. Then we played it three times but stopped before she got bored.  We also played ROLL AROUND last night using goodies. As she lay down I moved the snack just in front of her nose and over her back so she had to roll to reach it. 4-5 times, then I stopped. Now she knows what that is and we can play it again soon.

The dark time
In Denmark we changed back to ‘wintertime’ last weekend which means that it’ll be dark even earlier the coming months, so now we have to do our evening walks in complete darkness making playing more difficult. We must be a little creative.
I laid a track for her last night when we came home from work. It was at least 30 meters long and it had grown dark before we could start it. She did very well. She got a little unconcentrated the last 2 meters, but she went all the way to the end and afterwards she stuck her nose in the ground, sniffing her way through the lawn to find more treats. As we came home she slept for 3 hours – exhausted.

My friend
How come I dislike the word ‘obedience’ so much? The more I work with Pandora the more I dislike the attitude of ones dog being ones slave.
My dog is my good body and companion. I also know that a lot of people might think of me as a softie, but I have always been close to my dogs. I had a neighbour once who was almost annoyed of the fact that my dog followed me everywhere.
I would also never choose to have a dog that couldn’t stay in the same room as me. For instance denied access to the living room or have to live in the utility room. What kind of family member do you offer that to?

Future plans
We have now entered Pandora to an exhibition the 29. November in Hedensted, Jutland, Denmark. Pandora will go as a young dog (puppy) and she will probably be the only Czechoslovakian Wolfdog  there so she will get some prizes, but we are also very curious to what the judge have to say about her.

Pandoras birthday present
Thursday we will go to the dog swimming pool to teach Pandora to swim. We do that because she loves water but never got to swim this summer. This way she’ll be ready for spring as the water gets warm enough. This is not a needed thing, this is the mom and dad being curious 🙂
More about that in the next blog.

Pandora looking out of the window in the morning as we leave.

Pandora looking out of the window in the morning as we leave

Pandora and Bandit tired after playing

Pandora and her best friend Bandit tired after playing

Pandoras view these days. Autumn is here.

Pandoras view these days. Autumn is here.

Is there a human inside?

23 10 2009

The temperature in Denmark is dropping.
It’s autumn now, the leaves are turning into yellow-brownish and the days are short.

We can no longer let the door be open all day, it’s too cold.
Yesterday Pandora barked for the first time because she wanted to go out and pee. Great!

Our two cats are now coming into the house again although Pandora is there. She still chases Shiva the female cat occasionally, but the other cat Odin has figured out that if he lies still (superciliously on the dinner chair) Pandora simply do not know what to do with him so she leaves him alone.

Dominant brute
These days I am studying a lot of wolf background to get to know my dog better. I see the ‘light’ over and over again as the books describe the almost exact way I have trained my dogs so far. Not being a dominant brute seems to be the main keywords which suits me fine as it was never my style.
I have always trained my dogs by playing with them. I feared in the beginning that Pandora would need a tougher way of training, but it’s not the case. All the things the ‘old psychology’ dictated to show your domination, turns out to be rubbish. Such as:
Eat before your dog – well we don’t and we never did. It makes no sense anyway.
Make forbidden areas/furniture in the house – Pandora can be where she wishes to be except on the tables. Just like any other ‘animal’ in the family.
Walk through the door before your dog – Why? I couldn’t wrap my mind around that and remember it even if my life depended on it.

And I could go on. In my life with animals mutual respect has always been the issue. I don’t do things TO my dog I do things TOGETHER WITH my dog. To get her respect I have to be exciting and inspirational, just as other people have to be exciting and inspirational to get my attention. It’s quite logical.

The ‘difficulties’ with Pandora is her individuality. She’s not stupid but she can ignore things totally if she’s on to something else. Certain things are easy to teach her, other things seams to be so not interesting that she plays deaf. But with ‘tricks and treats’ I can lure her into the game.
I would never ever punish her physically and I discovered that starring into her eyes is enough punishment.
Another important thing is the way we socialized her from day one. She has met more than 30 dogs she could ‘talk’ to and she has at least 3 regular play pals. She has also been socialized with as many people as possible, and she meets other people every day and has at least 10 people who’s not afraid of her and can handle her – also playing a little roughly.

The human in the dog
Let me point this out: THERE IS NONE!
As mammals we have similar behaviour in many ways. This gives us a good base for understanding each other. But we have different bodies and therefore different body languages and visual appearance. Showing my teeth means smiling, when the dog shows its teeth it’s almost never a ‘smile’ etc.

Your dog never gets in the ‘assertive age’ or does things to provoke you; your dog is maturing and trying to stand on its own four feet just as any other teenager.
(See the sub site: Chronological Stages)

Your dog doesn’t need cakes, ice cream, chocolate, candy or any of those things it would never find in nature.
Confession: My old dog loved pizza, but Pandora has never tasted it and she never will.

A dog has fur!
Which is smart, it’ll make the dog resist cold wind, snow and rain. Your dog DOES NOT NEED clothes!
(Except for few breeds that needs a little help in the winter). Your dog DOES NOT see itself as cute in at pink pyjamas or a laced skirt.

Your dog doesn’t need to be carried around in a bag. It has four super designed legs to walk on. Let it!

Conclusion: There is just as much human in a dog as there is dog in a human. We are individual beings, behaving differently. Respect that!

We’re all in a box
A funny thing about humans is that we are just as predictable as any dog or breed.
Looking at which people chooses which dog breeds, tells us a lot of things.
It seams like those who chooses the ‘natural’-looking dogs (with long snouts, upright ears and long tales) almost never buy pink collars with rhinestones, fluffy footwear or velvet leaches to their dog.
On the other hand a lot of moloss owners buy a huge leather collar with spikes, call their dog Tyson and cut their bleached hair short. It’s really funny. Just go to dog exhibitions and see for yourself.

This was a bit different blog and I might have offended some people with my opinions, but I’ve seen so many pictures of dogs dressed up to amuse people and it disgusts me. Sorry.


Pandora watching washing machine

Pandora watching washing machine

Pandora watching a stuffed wild boar

Pandora watching a stuffed wild boar

Pandora hiding – tired of people!

Pandora hiding – tired of people!

Short update

20 10 2009

Pandora facts: 58 cm tall and weights 20 kg

New banner:
I have change the banner a little, mainly because Pandora herself is now a part of it in the right side.

New sub page:
In the top of this site you can now find a sub page about BARFing. We started BARFing 10 days ago and not to let it take over the entire blog I have made the sub page dedicated to BARFing.

Portrait picture
Pandora met two other Czechoslovakian wolfdogs two days ago and thanks to their owner Rolf Larsen I got these wonderful pictures. Here’s one of them.
More about the meeting in the next blog.


Pandora by Rolf Larsen

Bark at the moon

24 09 2009

Facts: 55 cm, 17.8 kg, 4.5 month old

Lost 2 teeth this week

Stars shining
I think I mentioned it last time. In the morning Pandora always has at least 10 stars in her ‘book’ and sometimes she looses them all half an hour before we go to bed. But not this week.

She seems to be more and more competent at: being alone, not peeing in the house, in our beds or where ever.
She’s been very good.

Growing fast – loosing teeth
To my big surprise I measured her Monday evening and discovered that she had grown 3 cm in one week! That’s crazy. But I’m certain that as I look at her last weekend she suddenly looked like an almost grown up dog. Her features were suddenly matured and her chest had broadened. And I was right. 3 cm is quite a lot in such a short time and I started to get a little anxious that she could be in pain. Sunday morning she seamed a little tired and worn out. That was also when I discovered that one of her teeth was very loose, so she didn’t want to eat her own ‘hard’ food. We gave her a little boiled chicken and raw salmon. In the evening she lost the tooth. We heard her playing with it at the wooden kitchen floor, so we actually found it.
After that, she could eat her normal food again and she brightened.
Yesterday she lost one more. Now she looks a little silly as one of her canine teeth is missing.

Rabies vaccination
Wednesday we went to the vet to get her second and last Rabies vaccination. In 120 days (not less!) she’ll have take a blood test to see if the anti bodies are in her blood.

Explanation: Rabies and worms
To go to Sweden a dog has to be rabies vaccinated. After the vaccine it has to be confirmed that the antibodies are in the blood. Sometimes the first vaccine can be a little too weak, and therefore our vet (most vets I guess) vaccinates the dogs twice, to be sure that it’ll make anti bodies.  After the second vaccination there has to be 120 days before the anti body confirmation. NOT 119 days but could be 125 days, it’s ok. The vaccination will be written into Pandoras passport so that she can go with us to Sweden next spring.
Just before we go, she’ll have to have a worm treatment also as Denmark has a sort of worm that Sweden does not have.

Over exercising
I walk 6-10 km once every week. I’d started to bring Pandora with me as her fitness level is increasing, but suddenly I got afraid that I might have overrated her ability to walk 6 km. Now I’ve talked to friends, vets and pet letterboxes and they all seem to agree that 6 km is a little too long, but if we are careful and she doesn’t jump too much it’s ok.
As she was vaccinated, the vet also tested her joints to see if she felt any pain but she didn’t. There were no reactions what so ever.

By the way she loves to climb big stones and she spends a lot of time examining water. All kinds of water.

Clicker training
This week I bought a clicker to use for training.
I’ve heard a lot of good and bad about clicker training. I understand the different opinions. Clicker training is only for people who know exactly what they are doing or are guided by an experienced trainer.
The clicker is used to guide the dog in the exact moment she does the right thing, but first she’ll have to connect the clicking sound with something positive, so all Saturday and Sunday she ate sausages and listened to clicks. Yesterday I accidently pushed the clicker and Pandora came to me for sausage, so the training worked. I haven’t done much into it yet, but I’ll tell more as we use it more. I think it’s good training for her. Especially because she’s having trouble with ‘COME HERE’ commands. And with the clicker I can guide her the instant she’s doing the right thing.

Little wolf by the lake

Little wolf by the lake

Pandora at the stream next to our house

Pandora at the stream next to our house

Locked up! Latest news from Pandora the Wolfdog

17 09 2009

Sunday morning my friend and I went tog the bakery for bread. With us was of course Pandora, as she’s beginning to really like driving with us in the car.

Parking next to the bakery, leaving the key in the car, shutting the door. When we came out Pandora had obviously jumped around a little as she always do, and by accident (?) she had hit the locking pin in the door and thereby locked the entire car. And the key was inside.

Luckily my friend had her cell phone and as we only live 3 kilometres from the bakery my boyfriend took the bike and met us after 20 minutes. But Pandora was utterly confused. Why did we stay outside the car looking and did NOT open up for her?

Maturing and learning
No no no, she is not at all mature or anything like it yet, but she doesn’t bite our hands anymore. Her small teeth in the front are all new both upper and lower mouth.
She last one of her canine teeth but no new ones are in sight yet. And I guess the teeth ain’t itching that much any more as she’s stopping the biting thing.

She is also beginning to have more faith in the ‘cursed’ words: COME HERE.
If she’s playing and freaking out, she doesn’t hear it, but if we are relaxed and ‘laid back’ as we call, she is beginning to obey.
Now she can run around the entire house without running into the street. Of course she is not 100 % strict but its getting MUCH better.
One day I was doing some gardening as a terrier passed by and Pandora stood next to me in the garden. She didn’t move a hair. No running after the other dog, no body language signalling that here was ‘a new best friend’. She was so cool.
Later that day she also went to the garden entrance, but didn’t cross the invisible line.

In the evening she ran into the street twice! Arrgh!

But it’s like that, almost every day. She starts the day with ’10 golden stars in the book’.
10 minutes before we go to bed she looses more then half of them by running after the cats or peeing on the floor etc.
But we moving forward in the teaching/learning process and it’s great.

Crazy Dog, Funny Dog
If we shout too much at her or stop her from doing something she really would like to do, she growls. It’s so cute and the reaction is like a disappointed child. She’s got many different sounds.

Long uncut grass is equal to HAPPINESS. She can run around totally freaking out when we walk or play in long grass. It’s hilarious.

Last week, my boyfriend and one of our friends was sword fighting. Pandora didn’t like it. People fighting are normally upsetting dogs so the reaction was fine.

Watching TV is a new hobby. We haven’t seen much TV during the summer and Pandora haven’t paid much attention to it.
Now it’s like she can focus on other dogs on the screen and is curious.
Sounds are of course easier, and watching dogs barking makes her tip her head first to one side, then to the other. It’s so sweet, but everyone with a dog knows that.

Wolf howls makes no sense to her. No reaction.

The not so good dog
Last week she peed in my bed, next night in my boyfriends’ bed. Last night she peed in the bed again.
It seems to be either at dominance problem or a ‘fear of being alone’ problem.
Never the less we have to look into it.

Physical facts:

Height: 52 cm

Weight: 19 kg

She is 4 month or 19 weeks old and changing teeth.
Her head is quite small but her paws are fully grown.

She is now very looong in her body as you can see in the picture below.

There are small groups of black hair just abowe her two middle nails on all four paws. I have no clue why. Looking more dangerous?

I also think that she’s got more skin between the toes (webbed feet) than other dogs (except for the New Foundlander). Is she made for swimming?

Pandora watching friends in fight

Pandora watching friends in fight

Pandoras body is looong these days

Pandoras body is looong these days

Black hair above the nails. Is it a trick?

Black hair above the nails. Is it a trick?