Total Recall

6 10 2009

Facts: 56 cm, 19.5 kg
Lost 2 more teeth. Double canine in the lower jaw, or else they are all changed.

Total recall
This last week Pandora earned a lot of stars in her imaginary book.
Every day she behaved even better. Until yesterday!

I had a long walk with her and she was perfect. Every time I called, she came (lured by shrimps that is). She ran free and enjoyed the autumn sun and all the smells from wild animals on the ground.

As we arrived home, she snapped!
She started by jumping into the stream. I called her: No, come back here. Then she jumped out at the other side of the stream, running through the neighbours ground, jumped his fence, ran into the street, all along our ground (which she passed), till the next neighbours field where she ran in, all around our house and came into the garden at the complete opposite side.
I was jus screaming and shouting, so disappointed how quick she switched from a darling to an idiot. As I was  shouting, she didn’t want to get into the house and as she finally did I turned my back to her.
Not taking eye contact is rejection to wolfs and to the wolfdog.
This made her very sad. Her reaction was to go away and sleep, but I swear the look on her face was sadness.
Of course I couldn’t resist her for more than half an hour, then I had to pet and caress her again.

But the stars didn’t jump right back. They are still waiting for a nice dog at the end of the week.

But of course this happens. It happens a lot. Three steps forward and two backwards. The worst is when she runs into the street as we get scared that she might get hurt. All the other stupid things she does are OK to deal with.
And she is getting better by the hour …

The cats are passing right by her now and Pandora has to swallow all her eagerness not to chase them, but she’s doing fine.
And being left alone in the morning has definitely gotten better.
She no longer whines or tries to get out by throwing herself at the door. She doesn’t attack the window as we leave the entrance, but is now quit ad calm. She looks a little sad but she doesn’t make a sound any more and she doesn’t try to run out together with us in the morning. That is so nice.

Pandora watches the stream

Pandora watches the stream

This is not a dog
Things I think differs from my former dogs.

Her  fur
Is a little stiff and thick. Not as soft as the German Shepherd. The vet notice every time.

Sleeping outside
She loves to stay out in the evening in the dark, alone.
Now as it gets colder, she still likes to stay outside. Sometimes when I think she gets too cold, I cover her with a blanket, but she moves away. She hates the cover.

Her ways of being ‘cool’.

I scream, she gives me the look.
I beg, she laughs
I laugh, she leaves.
If she feels misunderstood, she talks!
She never crawl, but she does show that she is below me in rank. She does it shortly, bending her neck, looking at me out of the corner of her eye (and I swear it sometimes looks like she is smiling secretly).
As she has shown her rank she leaves or ‘tells’ me that she has understood and there’s no longer any point in screaming and shouting. It will no longer affect her.

The pack
Me , my boyfriend and one of the neighbours are the only one who can really make her foolishly happy more than once a day.
Everybody else is interesting for 2 minutes, perhaps less. They can make her wag her tail once and then it’s over.
As we play now, which we do many times a day, I always end up showing her that I am stronger. If we fight for fun, I’ll put her down in the end, careful and with fun and lots of caresses, but she must know that I am stronger than her. She loves to crawl around on my back or even put her paws into my hair, and I let her but end up bringing her to the ground, being bigger than her and having my face above hers.

Pandora watches the stream and the street is right ahead

Pandora watches the stream and the street is right ahead

She learns extremely fast. And as she has understood a command, she looses interest. That means I have to continue if it is stuff like: TO THE SIDE, STAY, IN PLACE and so on.
She is never afraid for more than a few seconds.
Fireworks, crowded places, canon balls, fire show, shotguns. Nothing affects her. The only thing that can make her show fear are obstacles that she cannot recognise. A trash bin, a plastic bag or stuff like that. Then she’ll sit down and observe (in a safe distance) until I show her that it isn’t dangerous (she trust my judgement), or until she sees the object move, so that she can recognise it. In this state it is important to be trustworthy to the dog. She’s relying on me and I cannot fail or cheat.
Now the vacuum cleaner and the hairdryer are the most dangerous species.

The coming week we are going to do some fireshow in LEGOLAND in Denmark. Pandora will go with us of course.
And we’ll go to an KHKG exhibition in Strib Sunday the 18. October where other wolfdogs will attend . I’m looking forward to that.

Pandora smiles

Pandora smiles