A life ends

14 07 2009

Yesterday morning I had to make the awful decision of letting my best friend through 14 years go to the eternal sleep.
She’s been having rheumatism for a long time, but lately it has become worse, and she could hardly walk. The night to yesterday I could hear her having trouble sleeping and in the morning I called the vet. It was very decent, very relaxed and completely awful. I cried like a baby and today I have had my moments of sorrow, too.

As I said it was very decent thanks to our good vet who respected our sorrow and grief.

After he had put beautiful Bella to ‘sleep’, he took a look at Pandora and said she looked very fine. A little skinny, probably because of her diarrhea, but she was healthy and fine. And an exciting race of course.
‘good temper’ he said, and we agree. She is still at sweet girl, a little angel with a brave heart and recognisable intelligence.

As she saw the old dog dead, she mourned. She got completely quiet and she was for several hours. She finally had a friend and then she lost her.

Life goes on, a little poorer though, but it goes on.
This morning we went to one of our many lakes for a swim. Pandora doesn’t swim but she has no fear of the water. She dip all four feet and didn’t even recognise it.

She’s been at a short visit at my work today and everybody adores her.

Tonight she didn’t sleep through so we went for a walk at four o’clock in the morning. It was almost daylight outside and we met the neighbour and his white Shepperd.

Pandora loves every other dog she meets. Now she’s got at least three friends that she can play with and at home she’s got a bunch of newly bought toys.

Right now she’s fast asleep at the terrace. All the activities brought to tiredness.

She lasts a little longer now. Day one she could play for 20 minutes. Now it’s about an hour.
She’s beginning to understand the word: NO, and also COME seems to bring up some recognition 🙂

Thanks to her the pain of loosing Bella isn’t that overwhelming. Thanks to her we have many laughs and big smiles.

Beautiful Bellas last day.

Beautiful Bellas last day.

Pandora at her new home

Pandora at her new home