Farewell 2011

19 12 2011

One morning I was up earlier than my boyfriend and Pandora of course, she never gets out of bed if anyone is still in it.
After half an hour, my boyfriend came toddling out of the bedroom with sleepy eyes, yawning.
Right behind him, almost snout to his leg came Pandora toddling with sleepy eyes. Yawning.
I couldn’t help laughing at them.

Soon we have Christmas holidays, and one of these days are reserved for writing a book.
Bethina (I usually call her Pandoras friend, though she is a dear friend of the house) and I, have begun a project and it seams to grow almost by itself.
We have decided to use a day to get hold of all our notes, and now I have no doubt that a book is coming to life.
What it is about?
Well, something called a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, ya ‘c.

The reason I wanted to do this project was – and is – that there is so little literature about this breed. And there is ZERO literature in Danish. And over the years, mainly this year, it seams like the interest in the breed has increased.
That’s not necessarily bad, I would just like to inform people who has put their eyes on this kind of dog, what they can expect.
I suggested to Bethina that we wrote a book together, and she didn’t even hesitate a minute.
So here we are. Planning this book in Danish to come out in the first half part of next year (2012).
In the near future, I’ll make a poll on this site and ask if you think, that a book about a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is needed in other languages.

Since the beginning, May 19th 2009 until today December 19th 2011, this blog has reached:
26.365 visitors
This year alone:
17.658 visitors

The reason I mention this, is because I see there is a need of information on this relatively rare breed. And the interest seams to be increasing.
The number of visitors also encourage me to continue writing about the Wolfdog and share my experiences with you.
Write me if you have questions. As always, I’ll try to help and share whenever I can.

Thank you all for comments, e-mails and support until now.
It’s so nice to get to know so many great people.

Leaving the year
Our new years eve is dog’s night this year.
Two of Pandora’s friends, Bandit and Susy, are coming to spend the day and as Pandora doesn’t have any fear for fireworks, we hope she can show the others her confidence.

Weather you have a Wolfdog or another breed as your companion, remember to treat it with dignity and respect.
Take good care of it New Years Night, and remember, if you show fear, your dog will read your fear and become fearful itself. Therefor you have to show all the confidence you have in your bone.
Be a good leader, show strength  and by no means let you dog alone.

Also remember: love does not come in the form of unhealthy food, not even at Christmas. But a raw bone or a small slice of Turkey is fine.

For now:
Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

With all the love and good wishes from, Pandora and family.

NB! Remember: A tired CsW is a happy CsW 🙂


The Christmas Pandora Sleeping Collage


19 04 2011

Pandora: 63 cm, 32 kg, 23 month old

My girl has grown up
She is sneaky and smart and funny and crazy … and very neat.
Just by coincidence did I see her discreetly licking the floor and then herself. By luck I found out that she was in heat!
My little puppy is no longer a little puppy.
Now I have to protect her from all the big, bad, ugly boys out there.
She hasn’t seen uncomfortable up to her heat or anything. I mean, Pandora always act a little silly and unpredictable. So it has not affected her much.
If you think I’m a little crazy here, I can tell with my old dog I always knew when she was getting in heat. She seemed in pain and unhappy a couple of weeks before.

Pandora Czechoslovakian wolfdog and wiener dog kissing

Big, bad boy kissing my girl!

As Pandora is weighing a little too much, we talked to our BARF advisor in the barf shop about it. He suggested that we tried to feed Pandora every other day instead of every day. She would then have to have the double amount of food, but chances were that she would start to burn off fat from her body.
It didn’t work very well and the change in her everyday life made her uncomfortable. That was when she took another bite of the new sofa.
She seems to be a little autistic when it comes to major changes in her life.
So we went back to the old way. She is just getting an even smaller amount of food every day. Unfortunately she also gets a lot of goodies as we train so much, but I’ve found my bike in the back of the barn, we train obedience and agility now, so perhaps we can get her (and our self) more fit.

Insecure or deaf
A change was actually five steps backward.
During the winter she got so good at the call back commands. It felt almost like an ordinary dog, y’know Labradors and Shepherds. The breeds that stick around and find their human interesting.
Now it’s spring. The snow is finally gone and all the great smells are back, birds are twittering and nature is calling. Calling a lot louder than me, ‘cos it gets harder and harder to call Pandora back when we are out for a walk. For half a year we have been training with other dogs and her ‘escape when you can attitude’ was almost gone. Well, now it’s back.
She chases birds, deer, hares and catches mice, worms and what-have you. And she give a … whether we call or not.
And then I had an experience.
Last time we went training she had to do a ‘search’ for a man.
The guy stood in the rim of a small forest and I send Pandora forward with a ‘search’.
The goal is to make her bark, and I don’t have to tell you that barking is not a wolfdog’s preferred language, so she didn’t bark.
He tried to tease her with some goodies, but didn’t give her any. I stood ten meters away, and then Pandora turned her head looking at me as if she needed help. I wasn’t fast enough so she looked at me again. Insecure of what this strange man wanted from her. Too late I walked towards her. She gave up on me and on him, like she was thinking: I can’t trust my mom, she won’t help. I leave!
And that was exactly what she did.
Ran off. It took half an hour to get her back. All the time she was like five meters away from us, but didn’t react to me offering goodies, smacking my lips, turning my back to her, fiddling with toys, trying to look like I just caught a rabbit. Nothing. She stared at me like I was an idiot.
We got hold of her because she wanted to play with another dog and the owner grabbed her.
Was she disappointed in me?! Lousy leader, I was, letting her down like that.
And I learned that though she is a tough little one, she’s not that tough at all.
I know it from when I get angry at her in the house. I point my mouth and open my eyes wide and stare at her. Not a sound is uttered, and she gets very submissive. I just never thought of her insecurity out in the field.

But she has good days too. And there are more of them than bad once.
Remember in the beginning when she was coming 20-30 % of the time? Now she’s coming 85-90 % of the time.
Last week we started at agility again.
Pandora wasn’t at all as crazy when we met with the other dogs as she was last autumn.
A small dog , about half of Pandora’s size, quite cute, is a little aggressive. Emma, her name is, would very much like to be the queen of the team. And she was last autumn. Last autumn, Pandora would have laid herself flat on the grass in submissive attitude. But not this spring.
Pandora took a look at Emma, sticking her nose to Emma’s nose and said: Yeah, you might wanna be in control, but you won’t control me.
No aggressiveness, no growling, snarling or anything. Just Pandora’s self-awareness and self-confident attitude. Then Pandora turned her back to Emma, and the ‘never spoke again’.
The trainer looked at Pandora and said: Wauw has she matured since last autumn.
And she has, of course.

To the story comes, that last summer, our wonderful breeders, van Goverwelle, warned us that a mature female wolfdog, can change temper severely. A wolfdog who’s been kind and sweet can become a very aggressive grown up female.
We have feared Pandora changing her gentle disposition, but now I don’t think it’ll happen. She must be in her most vulnerable stage right now been in heat.
The agility field wasn’t very difficult, and too easy means too boring, to Pandora.
She did the first run perfectly, the next she skipped a few jumps. Then we tried to run from the other end. Twice she skipped a few things. But I knew she could do the field, so it was okay.
And yes she did it without a leash. And yes she ran away once, and hey! I could call her back! With goodies and a luring voice she came back within a minute.
– Wauw has she matured, the trainer said again.
Pandora will never be a fast agility runner, but when it comes to intelligence, she might be the cleverest.
The challenges in the agility sport is very much her style.

I promised pictures of the toothpaste sessions. Here they are.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog watching with crooked head

Hey man, can I join ya?

Czechoslovakian wolfdog licking round sink for toothpaste

This taste good, dad, real good!

Fat winter or?

3 02 2011

About food and weight
I recently read an article about obedient cats and dogs.
The article was about the ‘eating disorder’ we almost all get in December.
According to statistics, dogs also gained weight in December.
I wonder why?
Pandora didn’t gain any weight!

Reason? She gets the same food as any other day. Except Christmas evening, when she tasted a little bit of turkey.
Pandora is a BARF-dog, though some of her goodies are ‘processed’, such as boiled chicken, salmon or sausage.
This stuff will never exceed more than 1-3 % of her main food, the BARF.
Occasionally she is allowed to lick the plate from my breakfast, soured whole milk. Milk can be good for a dog in small doses.
She never gets any human food like potatoes, sauce or bread.
Her friend, Bandit, only gets dried (processed) dog food, and nothing else. He has recently been allowed to get sausages as goodies. But nothing else.
None of these two dogs suffers from neglect – or obedience.
Pandora NEVER gets any kind of candy. All she ever learned about chocolate was the day she took a well-aimed lick at all the filled chocolates in the box on the table.
I’m serious! She never gets candy or anything with sugar.
Be determined! It helps your dog.

BUT that said, I think that it is quite normal to gain a little weight in the winter months. That’s nature.
Birds, squirrels, bears and so on, eat a lot of food in the late autumn to get more fat on the body to get through the winter.
So do humans (we just lay flat on the sofa and keep eating the entire winter – which makes us even fatter), but the dogs, some dogs, also need at little more fat to get through the winter.
Pandora didn’t gain any weight, but she is definitely hungrier. To stay warm when she’s out in the snow (did I mention that it is the first time in more than 100 years that Denmark had white Christmas two years in a row?) or when  she sleeps on the rather cold floor, she needs a little more energy.
That’s natural.

But don’t let your dog gain more than 2-5 % of its basis weight. It’ll be too hard, to loose again when spring finally comes.
And that is hopefully soon.

We attended a small exhibition Saturday the 17. January.
We met 2 other wolfdogs from northern Denmark. Very pretty dogs, but very dark and German shepherdlooking.
Pandora got no. 2 and got an Excellent.
Actually, we had a nice day but my thoughts was constanlt returning to my friend who’d lost Cember.
(Cember is mentioned several times earlier in this blog)

Few days ago, another of our friends, the German Shepherd Arthur (also mentioned earlier in this blog) had a turned stomach.
A very serious condition which can kill a dog within 2-3 hours. Luckyli his ‘mother’ got him to tyhe doctor in time, and he lives, but he is still in bad condition, cannot play or exersise for long.

These accidents makes me appreciate my lovely girl even more (shouldn’t think it possible), but ooh I don’t know how sad I’d be if anything happened to her.
Sometimes I think: a wolfdog can get about 14 years. Pandora is almost 2 years old. I’ll only have her 7 times as long as I have already had. That’s awful.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog looking out

The love of my life



Snow is falling …

1 02 2010

And I’ve had !
Every time the snow starts to melt, a new snowy day comes up.
Pandora loves it and she is so funny when she plays in the snow, but if we have to walk more than a mile, it’s heavy to walk in.
And further more we can lay no tracks.

Stimulation will have to come from elsewhere.
The last two weekends we have attended exhibitions.
Sunday the 24. January an Sunday was a sight show, just for rehearsal.
The 31. January was a real international exhibition in Fredericia.
Both times she got Very Promising, and both times we were not among the best ten puppies (out of 30).
It doesn’t matter. Everybody tells me to be proud of the VP as it is quite good in an international show.

Funny to be among 1500 dogs Sunday the 31. and the most interesting dog among them all was my own.
I recall going to exhibitions 6 years ago, and the 2 years ago just to see the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. And when I saw it, my heart melted. I loved that breed so much that I could weep.
Now I’ve got Pandora. And I’ll never regret my choice.

Pandora got a whole bunch of ’fans’ at the exhibition in Fredericia. So many people asked if she was ’the wolfdog’. Lots of people had actually come just to see that breed.
And Pandora did her best to impress people by ‘hugging’ them and licking them in the face.
It was so good to show people that she is kind and happy, not shy and frightened.
She also charmed the judge, and both times, her good temper was mentioned in the description.
A lot of people asked if she was difficult to raise.
It’s so weird, but as I stood there, I just couldn’t recall any difficult things about her.
But of course she has been a tough challenge sometimes, and I find it very important to let people know that she is not the easiest breed in the world, and that she is not a beginner’s dog.
Her wolf look amazes everybody but it is not a good enough reason to want this breed. You should want to have the challenge of the temper and needs, too.

9 month, turning into Junior
In a few days, she’ll no longer be able to attend the exhibition as a puppy, but will go as a Junior.
It’s exciting to see if she still does well in that age group.
As a puppy she no longer has the ‘cute’ look, as she looks pretty grown. It’s just her behaviour that reveals her age.

Even though exhibitions don’t mean a lot to me, we meet a lot of nice dog people. Nerds just like us. And Pandora gets a lot of friends.
She now has a steady bunch of favourite playmates and one of them is Cirkeline (a white swiss shepherd), whom she played with this weekend at the exhibition.

Pandora and Cirkeline

Pandora and Cirkeline

Future model work
We have just paid the fee for attending the World Dog Show in Herning in June. An event we really look forward to.
16.000 dogs in a not-too-big city. Wauw.

Food is no thrill
Pandora has now been BARFing for 4 month. I hope that it will never end.
Sometimes it’s difficult if she doesn’t eat her food, and we have to keep it cold and fresh until later in the day or the next day.
Sometimes we forget to get food out of the freezer and then we have to defrost it using the microwave.
But all in all it makes her look healthy and good.
She isn’t very hungry though. Sometimes she refuses to eat before late in the night.
That’s fine, but it takes the power out of goodies.
It’s difficult to give her treats when she’s not hungry. She simply ignores everything from fresh salmon to sausages.
I guess the solution must be: only one meal a day, and only in the evening. Then perhaps we can accomplish some results if we train before dinnertime.
All we need now is the snow to go away!

Short update

20 10 2009

Pandora facts: 58 cm tall and weights 20 kg

New banner:
I have change the banner a little, mainly because Pandora herself is now a part of it in the right side.

New sub page:
In the top of this site you can now find a sub page about BARFing. We started BARFing 10 days ago and not to let it take over the entire blog I have made the sub page dedicated to BARFing.

Portrait picture
Pandora met two other Czechoslovakian wolfdogs two days ago and thanks to their owner Rolf Larsen I got these wonderful pictures. Here’s one of them.
More about the meeting in the next blog.


Pandora by Rolf Larsen