Fat winter or?

3 02 2011

About food and weight
I recently read an article about obedient cats and dogs.
The article was about the ‘eating disorder’ we almost all get in December.
According to statistics, dogs also gained weight in December.
I wonder why?
Pandora didn’t gain any weight!

Reason? She gets the same food as any other day. Except Christmas evening, when she tasted a little bit of turkey.
Pandora is a BARF-dog, though some of her goodies are ‘processed’, such as boiled chicken, salmon or sausage.
This stuff will never exceed more than 1-3 % of her main food, the BARF.
Occasionally she is allowed to lick the plate from my breakfast, soured whole milk. Milk can be good for a dog in small doses.
She never gets any human food like potatoes, sauce or bread.
Her friend, Bandit, only gets dried (processed) dog food, and nothing else. He has recently been allowed to get sausages as goodies. But nothing else.
None of these two dogs suffers from neglect – or obedience.
Pandora NEVER gets any kind of candy. All she ever learned about chocolate was the day she took a well-aimed lick at all the filled chocolates in the box on the table.
I’m serious! She never gets candy or anything with sugar.
Be determined! It helps your dog.

BUT that said, I think that it is quite normal to gain a little weight in the winter months. That’s nature.
Birds, squirrels, bears and so on, eat a lot of food in the late autumn to get more fat on the body to get through the winter.
So do humans (we just lay flat on the sofa and keep eating the entire winter – which makes us even fatter), but the dogs, some dogs, also need at little more fat to get through the winter.
Pandora didn’t gain any weight, but she is definitely hungrier. To stay warm when she’s out in the snow (did I mention that it is the first time in more than 100 years that Denmark had white Christmas two years in a row?) or when  she sleeps on the rather cold floor, she needs a little more energy.
That’s natural.

But don’t let your dog gain more than 2-5 % of its basis weight. It’ll be too hard, to loose again when spring finally comes.
And that is hopefully soon.

We attended a small exhibition Saturday the 17. January.
We met 2 other wolfdogs from northern Denmark. Very pretty dogs, but very dark and German shepherdlooking.
Pandora got no. 2 and got an Excellent.
Actually, we had a nice day but my thoughts was constanlt returning to my friend who’d lost Cember.
(Cember is mentioned several times earlier in this blog)

Few days ago, another of our friends, the German Shepherd Arthur (also mentioned earlier in this blog) had a turned stomach.
A very serious condition which can kill a dog within 2-3 hours. Luckyli his ‘mother’ got him to tyhe doctor in time, and he lives, but he is still in bad condition, cannot play or exersise for long.

These accidents makes me appreciate my lovely girl even more (shouldn’t think it possible), but ooh I don’t know how sad I’d be if anything happened to her.
Sometimes I think: a wolfdog can get about 14 years. Pandora is almost 2 years old. I’ll only have her 7 times as long as I have already had. That’s awful.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog looking out

The love of my life



World Beauty

30 06 2010

Facts: 13,5 month old. 32 kg. 63 cm.

We went home from The World Dog Show in Herning last Friday after much excitement and many new friends.

Wednesday evening we went to the Givskud Zoo together with 10-12 other Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs (CsW) and their owners.
A woman told about the gray wolfs (North American/Canadian) in Givskud Zoo.
She didn’t tell a lot though, but our primary goal to be there was to meet other CsWs and to see the dog’s reactions to the real wolf.
Well Pandora couldn’t care less.
Whether they were dogs or wolfs, she didn’t pay attention to them at all. The wolfs weren’t too interested in the dogs either.
As we were dining a woman asked:
– Is that Pandora?
– Yes, I replied.
– Oh, how nice to meet her. We are friends at Facebook.
(To those of you who doesn’t know, Pandora has her own Facebook profile. Sometimes I help her with the writing, though.)
And then I recognised the woman, Birgitte – and we had a long, good talk.
A very nice person who had been the very first owner of a CsW in Denmark back in the days.

Canadian grey wolf

Canadian grey wolf in Givskud Zoo

Back to the camping area and enjoy the evening before Thursday morning where Pandora should attend the real WDS-show.


Here we met a lot of CsWs but we only talked to a few owners.
(It seems like it’s the owners of these dogs that are shy and reserved, not the dogs.)

Both Morten (my husband) and I were wearing T-shirt with the print: ‘Pandora van Goverwelle’ and a woman came over, poked me on the shoulder and asked:
– Is that Pandora?
– Yes, I replied.
– Oh, how very funny. I am from Holland and I used to work in the van Goverwelle Kennel. I know Pandora’s mother Kahjah.
She was very pleased to meet one of Kahjahs puppies and it was very nice to speak with her.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs everywhere

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs everywhere

After that we went in the ring and got ‘Excellent’, and no. 3 Junior (– out of three, so I don’t really know how she would rank if there had been others.)

We also saw the Saarloos Wolfhound which looks so much as the CsW that you have to look very carefully to spot the differences.
But a good trick would be to look at the tail. The CsW mostly have a straight down or happy lifted tail, while the Saarloos keeps its tail between the legs. A beautiful dog, almost as beautyful as the CsW :-).

Saarloos wolfhound

Saarloos wolfhound

We bought some goodies for the girl in some of the uncountable shops for dogs, amongst other things a big rubber ball – it was so big that she couldn’t bite in it … until we heard the well know sound psszzzee after 3 minutes. That’s how long it lasted.

Here Pandora tried a treadmill (running machine for dogs).

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in treadmill

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in treadmill

Then we went back to the campsite and enjoyed the evening.

Next morning we went to the special exhibition for Pandoras Club (cattledogs and shepherds).

Pandora attended the exhibition and the judge was very meticulous which was nice.
It was less nice that she said that Pandora were too fat and needed to loose weight.

Exhibition in KHKG, czechoslovakian wolfdog

Exhibition in KHKG

In all other descriptions she was close to perfect. That made me very happy as the judge is a CsW breeder herself, and though we only (and for the first time) got ’Very Good’, I could use this statement so much more than the one for the day before at the ‘real’ WDS.

After we had attended the ring, a woman came over and poked me on the shoulder and asked:
– Is that Pandora?
– Yes, I replied.
– Oh, how very funny. I often read her Blog.
And I was very happy and proud. How great it is that people came to see exactly her and meet the CsW.
A lot of people came just to see this breed as they had heard about it, but never seen it.

After the show we went back to the campsite, packed down and returned home.

And the weekend offered a very lovely weather and the tired Wolfdog, filled with impressions.
Her need for socialization with other dogs was covered the next few days.
She had met Divo from Germany, Azar from Sweden (whom she fell in love with), and her good friends: Cember, Xtreme and Uno.

Pandora and her new friend Azar

Pandora and her new friend Azar

Well home, the summer came and with the summer, the opportunity to swim.
But more about that in the next blog.

Rescue 911

13 04 2010

Facts: 64 cm. 32.5 kg. 11 months old

Rescue dog
Last Wednesday we went to an information meeting about rescue dogs.
I have considered taking the entrance examination with Pandora, to see if that would be an appropriate way to train her. Her ability to climb and tracking are great, but her liking to bite a little and her lack of will to bark is not so good.
The test is next week and I’m not sure if I’ll go. I’m pretty sure she will fail.
Another thing is: I’m not actually ready to sacrifice my dog in a potential dangerous situation.

Sunday we went to Køge, Denmark to attend the exhibition there.
Pandoras first ‘Junior’ approach was paid with an ‘Excellent’.
Unfortunately she didn’t get a top 4 in ‘Best In Opposite Sex’ or ‘Best Junior’.
Never mind that, she’s still beautiful.

The best part of the day was her meeting her best friends Uno and Xtreme.
I just really like these dog days together with other ‘nerds’ (sorry Rolf) and the sheer joy of watching the dogs play and interact. These wolfdogs internal language is so special, and it is so good for Pandora to be a part of that, once in a while.
Do I have to tell that it was one tired Wolfdog we brought with us home on the train?

Czechoslovakian wolfsdogs playing

Pandora bites Xtreme and Uno is watching

Monday evening we went training in the boxer club again. We now train two evenings per week instead of once on Saturdays.
It’s so great that the snow is finally gone and the sun brings a little warm light to us.
Well, the training went pretty good. Pandora is now among the best of the puppies. She can walk nicely in the leach.  I can walk a few steps away as she sits or lay down, recall is very good if we use the tugger, and Monday evening she was as always very excited to play with the other dogs, but I could calm her to just sit down and be excited in stead of jumping around.
Whether it was because of the good treats and the amount of them or because of her being stimulated with the dogs the day before, I don’t know, but I could just feel this change.
It was her 5. training session.
Goodies: I use ham cubes (processed though we barf) and sometimes cheese or small sausages.
The pieces have to be very small so it takes no time to chew (or swallow) them.

Monday we also went to the vet to get the results of the rabies test. It was very fine (above 0,5 – whatever that is?), and at the same time we brought a urine sample as Pandora has piddled inside three times lately and one day we thought we saw a little pus or secretion in the. The vet assured that it was very likely because she would soon come in heat. It’s normal to see pus leak from the dogs virgina as they mature.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog resting

Pandora resting in between fights

Spring also means that we are fencing in our whole garden.
It takes a while, but hopefully Pandora is no longer able to do her ‘invisibility trick’ from the coming weekend.
It would be so nice to be able to let her out without keeping an eye on her or force her be tied up in a leach all the time.

Snow is falling …

1 02 2010

And I’ve had !
Every time the snow starts to melt, a new snowy day comes up.
Pandora loves it and she is so funny when she plays in the snow, but if we have to walk more than a mile, it’s heavy to walk in.
And further more we can lay no tracks.

Stimulation will have to come from elsewhere.
The last two weekends we have attended exhibitions.
Sunday the 24. January an Sunday was a sight show, just for rehearsal.
The 31. January was a real international exhibition in Fredericia.
Both times she got Very Promising, and both times we were not among the best ten puppies (out of 30).
It doesn’t matter. Everybody tells me to be proud of the VP as it is quite good in an international show.

Funny to be among 1500 dogs Sunday the 31. and the most interesting dog among them all was my own.
I recall going to exhibitions 6 years ago, and the 2 years ago just to see the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. And when I saw it, my heart melted. I loved that breed so much that I could weep.
Now I’ve got Pandora. And I’ll never regret my choice.

Pandora got a whole bunch of ’fans’ at the exhibition in Fredericia. So many people asked if she was ’the wolfdog’. Lots of people had actually come just to see that breed.
And Pandora did her best to impress people by ‘hugging’ them and licking them in the face.
It was so good to show people that she is kind and happy, not shy and frightened.
She also charmed the judge, and both times, her good temper was mentioned in the description.
A lot of people asked if she was difficult to raise.
It’s so weird, but as I stood there, I just couldn’t recall any difficult things about her.
But of course she has been a tough challenge sometimes, and I find it very important to let people know that she is not the easiest breed in the world, and that she is not a beginner’s dog.
Her wolf look amazes everybody but it is not a good enough reason to want this breed. You should want to have the challenge of the temper and needs, too.

9 month, turning into Junior
In a few days, she’ll no longer be able to attend the exhibition as a puppy, but will go as a Junior.
It’s exciting to see if she still does well in that age group.
As a puppy she no longer has the ‘cute’ look, as she looks pretty grown. It’s just her behaviour that reveals her age.

Even though exhibitions don’t mean a lot to me, we meet a lot of nice dog people. Nerds just like us. And Pandora gets a lot of friends.
She now has a steady bunch of favourite playmates and one of them is Cirkeline (a white swiss shepherd), whom she played with this weekend at the exhibition.

Pandora and Cirkeline

Pandora and Cirkeline

Future model work
We have just paid the fee for attending the World Dog Show in Herning in June. An event we really look forward to.
16.000 dogs in a not-too-big city. Wauw.

Food is no thrill
Pandora has now been BARFing for 4 month. I hope that it will never end.
Sometimes it’s difficult if she doesn’t eat her food, and we have to keep it cold and fresh until later in the day or the next day.
Sometimes we forget to get food out of the freezer and then we have to defrost it using the microwave.
But all in all it makes her look healthy and good.
She isn’t very hungry though. Sometimes she refuses to eat before late in the night.
That’s fine, but it takes the power out of goodies.
It’s difficult to give her treats when she’s not hungry. She simply ignores everything from fresh salmon to sausages.
I guess the solution must be: only one meal a day, and only in the evening. Then perhaps we can accomplish some results if we train before dinnertime.
All we need now is the snow to go away!

Pretty in pink

19 01 2010

Facts: 29 kg. 63 cm, 8 months old.

News: Pandora has got her own YouTube site called:


Few movies, but will grow.

Falling down the stairs
The week before last week, Thursday, Pandora fell down the stairs. I was sitting on our loft which has an open side to the staircase. Pandora was sleeping by my side. She was tired after swimming. As she woke up, she wanted to go downstairs, but somehow her hind leg slipped and all I saw was the girl falling over the edge, desperately trying to hang on to the rim with her front paws – and the she fell. On her back on the stairs and bumping down all the way to the floor.

I can’t describe my fear as I ran down the stairs to see what had happened to her.

She was laying all curled up on the floor, her tale between the legs. Paws lifted as in pain.
And not a sound came from her.

Both my husband and I ran to her to see if she was okay. She was cuddled and caressed for a few minutes, and then we got her standing up.
Nothing broken, no limping or anything. She showed no pain or problems with anything but I guess under the fur she might have had some black bruises.

The next day we went to the vet just to get her checked out, and the vet didn’t find anything to be concerned about either.
Thank who ever held a hand or paw over my girl.

Pretty in pink
After the Christmas holidays, going back to work was hard, especially for Pandora who had not been left alone very much during the holidays.
Day one she found a red ball pen to play with as she was alone. The result was fabulous.
Pink front legs – all the way to the knee. With an exhibition coming up it wasn’t the smartest time, but we had a great laugh.

Pink legs

Pink legs

Meeting the fellows – again
Exhibition in Stestrup last Saturday. Stestrup is in the middle of nowhere on Sjælland (Sealand) DK.

It took 1 hour by train to Roskilde. Then a change to another train from Roskilde to Hvalsø. In that train we met up with Rolf and his two darling dogs Xtreme and Uno.

Train ride to Hvalsø, then Taxi from Hvalsø to Stestrup. Luckily Rolf had forum a Taxi driver in Stestrup ahead of the trip.
It was a nice exhibition. Small and unpretentious.
And it was so nice to spend a whole day with the dogs and Rolf. Lots of geeky talk about our fur kids, and the dogs playing the entire day.

Watching Pandora playing with the big guys was great. Her godlike admiration of Uno last time in the beginning of October had changed into healthy curiosity so she actually dared to challenge him to play. She had a lot more guts than she had last time.
(Movie will be on YouTube soon).

The exhibition itself went well again. But as Pandora should show her teeth to the judge, she started to growl. He was a very tall man, dressed in dark clothes and he stepped sideways over to Pandora. I could feel her confusion all the way through the leach. A little growling and the judge commented it of course, saying that she should not be like that as she was a big dog that could do a lot of harm with her canine teeth.

I know. So now we must be training ‘showing teeth’ and letting big men pet her.

Pandora received Særdeles Lovende (Excellent) as a puppy and got a 3. place out of 6 puppies. One of the prices was 2.5 kg of dog food that we had to bring home by the train. And Pandora eats raw meat. Sigh!

Thanx to the boys 4 a wonderful day! Hope we’ll meet again before WDS.

Xtreme, Uno and Pandora sleeping

Xtreme, Uno and Pandora sleeping in the train on the way home.

Afraid of everything
She is changing these days.
As at the exhibition she showed fear for the judge, she now also shows fear of a lot of other people and especially children. It is such a radical change within a month that we have decided that we will go and socialize her on people again instead of dogs. Almost everybody we see these days are people with dogs, which makes her ignore the humans as soon as there are dogs.
Her ability to be with other dogs, puppies, small dogs, big dogs is so good now. Now we need people, children and big, tall men.

I am pretty sure that her changes are course by the fact that she is maturing. She is almost 9 month old. In a month or so, she should be in her first heat.
It seems like certain male dogs already find her interesting, so it may be close to happening. And how great is that as we have 2 more exhibitions this month!
(These two exhibitions will be her last attending as a Puppy, then she’ll move to Junior class)

Xtreme showed some interest in her at this exhibition but I hope we can get through the next exhibitions without all the male dogs freaking out.
I’ll try to give her Chlorophyll (Called Klarfyl) in the hope that it might remove the smell of ‘sexy girl’.

Next exhibition is Saturday 24. January in our own city, Årslev.

Exhibition and show off

15 12 2009

Facts 61-62 cm, 28.2 kg. 7 months old

Well, well, well.
So we went to the exhibition the previous Sunday.

We arrived 2 hours before we should attend the ring so we hoped that Pandora would be relaxed and tired as she should enter the ring and meet the judge.
In the ring Pandora jumped around a little. As we were asked to run in the ring, she kept biting me in the thigh. She’s not used to run only walking.

I wasn’t nervous. I’m never nervous about stuff like that … I mean – until I stood there and the judge said:
“Can you make her stand with her side to me?”
And I couldn’t.
My legs started shivering and Pandora seemed astounded: My mom’s NEVER afraid!

But never mind that. I didn’t mind she was a little crazy-happy and neither did the judge.
The verdict was: Very Promising (DK: SL – Særdeles lovende)

As we were the only CzW, we had to attend the ring again later. (As Puppy of the breed.)
It took a loooong time before that finally happened.

My crazy dog jumped the judge in joy (another judge this time) and he petted her and said that he like her behaviour.
We reached no. 2 in the Puppy category (out of 3 so it wasn’t that difficult), and the judge’s final word was: Make sure she remains her good temper.
I think more than 10 people said that, that day. Everybody is pleased with her mild and kind attitude.



Thursday we’ll went swimming for the fist time without instructor. And we finally were able to take some pictures. She is swimming very well now. Actually she didn’t want to get up this last time, but kept swimming and turning at the places she usually should to keep on swimming. Great!

Pandora with waistcoat

Pandora with waistcoat

Pandora swimming

Pandora swimming

Last Sunday we went by train into the city. Based on the fact that we should do all kinds of stuff with Pandora before she gets 9 month old, it was about time we tried some more distressful events.
The train ride was 20 minutes long. The first 10 minutes she was a little nervous. Not by the train, but by the fact that the look outside the window was passing by extremely fast. It might have confused her sense of smell, too. A kind lady on the train really wanted to pet her, but her concentration was somewhere else. Wide awake, very attentive and observant;
But the last five minutes of the trip, she relaxed a lot and sat down beside me and even found the time to let the woman touch her.
As we got into the city we attended a Christmas market with hundreds of people and Pandora met other dogs, smelled everything from grilled pig to warm red vine and was touched and caressed by many.
Only once two children wanted to pet her, and she withdrew. Sometimes she seems afraid of children and I guess it’s the fact that they have direct eye contact with her ‘cos it’s only children with the same height as herself she feels uncertain of.

When we came home it was with one tired wolfdog. It was a exciting day for her, and I’m not at all afraid of bringing her by train in the future.

Christmas and stuff
It’s soon Christmas and I’m looking forward to my holiday together with Pandora. And I hope that we’ll get snow so I can see her reaction. I bet she’ll love it.
This afternoon we have to go to a concert without her and as we are home late tonight Pandora is going to sleep out. Actually in a dogs pension. I’m afraid her heart will break but we have no other possibilities and it would be nice if this is a solution in the future though I hate it. My heart will surely break.

A few notes
I forgot to tell that Pandora now opens doors. If she wants out she goes out. Keys are a good invention.
She also gets wolfier and wolfier. Every time she has a bone she doesn’t need she buries it in the garden. And she DOES remember where she put it, because a week later she returns with some alien looking material with an unpleasant odour.  She is very good at that.
Digging holes is definitely one of her favourites. Just the smallest hole anywhere, in dirt, in cement, in tree, has top be explored – if possible: extended. It’s very funny, but a little dangerous walking on the lawn in darkness these winter days.
When she is a little hungry she stands on her hind legs, front legs on the kitchen table and search for food. A lot of kitchenware has now hit the floor in infernal noise.

But all in all, she is so g’damn cute and we love her although we sometimes must take a deep breath not to shout a little louder 🙂

Merry Xmas so far!

The nightmare on Mill Street

26 11 2009

Facts: 61 cm, 26 kg, loosing fur, changing to winter coat.

Exhibiton visits
Last Sunday we went to Brørup, Jutland to see an exhibition.
My friend and her baby Jack Russel were attaining the exhibition. We were just watching.
I did it mainly to make Pandora get used to many dogs at once.
We arrived around 11 am.
When we opened the door, still in the lobby, she sat down shaking. She couldn’t see the other dogs, but she could smell them.
Last time we went to an exhibition was when we saw Rolf, Xtreme and Uno. At that time, Pandora was so preoccupied with the boys that she didn’t recognise that she went in to the big hall with a bunch of dog. This time she was on her own, wide awake and very much on foreign ground.
But after 10 minutes she pulled herself together and went into the hall with us. In the beginning she wanted to greet every one dog in there, but soon she figured out that it wasn’t possible. After a while she calmed down. Of course she was curious, but she could control it.

A very tired Jack Russel baby

A very tired Jack Russel baby

Hairdressers battle
Oh my. I must say that dog owners are different. Of course they are. For all four hours we were there we watched a couple with their two Yorkshire Terries nursing them, combing them, putting bows in the hair and so on. I couldn’t help wondering why they were not hairdressers by occupation. Weird dogs with clothes, trench coats, jumpsuits, you name it. A special puddle like dog was being treated like a queen, hair spray, trimmed to the last ‘straw’ with a scissor, powdered and perfumed. The dog was obviously used to it. It sat completely still.
Pandora sat down and watched in her ‘give me time to see this’-kind of mode. To her big surprise the puddle suddenly moved and Pandora jumped backwards in chock. I bet she thought it was a teddy bear.

Slaves in line
We went outside where there was a competition in obedience.
That was (of course) completely different breeds. Wauw, what some of these dogs could do with their human J
Actually I have thought a lot about starting obedience training with Pandora but after watching the combatants for a while I got quite disillusioned. A lot of these dogs don’t act like individuals –  but like slaves.
I’m sorry. I don’t like it. And it always makes me think that these results are not just based on respect and joy but also on fear and force. I think I’ll try to train Pandora in some of these disciplines but I’ll never use force or physical punishment. If we can’t go far enough without that, we’ll just have to NOT be no. 1.
Anyway, I hate the word: Obedience.

The nightmare on Mill Street
Well, well, Tuesday we went to ring training to see how Pandora would behave among so many other dogs.
Ehh, she went crazy. She wanted to play with each and every one of them, but fell particularly in love with the enemy, an 8 month old Irish Wolfhound named Otto.

The teacher said it was all right that Pandora was a little uptight as she was so young. She did have the time of her life and it was very good for her. We will definitely go again.
But a funny little happening was as we had just arrived and a woman came over to me and said:

“Can I ask you what kinda dog that is?”
“It’s a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog” I replied, not without pride.
“Which means a breed between a wolf and a …?”
“German Shepherd” I answered.
“Isn’t it a nightmare?”
I was really surprised of her comment. A nightmare?
“No she is not”, I replied wanting to tell all sorts of good stuff, but she just turned on her heel and left.

Rude, I thought. She actually insinuated bad things about my dog. How could she?
I was also surprised of myself. I was really offended. Perhaps I was too sensitive, but really …

At least I brought a very tired dog home that night. But as we came home it was like she couldn’t really rest. She was wandering around in the house. Not crossing any speed limits, but just shuffling from room to room.
(The ring training is arranged by the Danish Kennel Klub, and cost 30 D kr (app. 5 Euro) for one session.)
(NB! Mill Street is where we live)

pandora the nightmare

Pandora the nightmare

Terror for half a year
This last week she has definitely been working herself up. Monday she tore a teddy bear to pieces, Tuesday she managed to push a glass full of chilli to the floor so it smashed to small fragments. Both while she was alone. Luckily she didn’t get hurt or cut herself.
My farther’s conclusion was: “From a dog is four months old until it’s a year old, they will try to rip things apart. After that, they might calm down.”
I bet he is right. It fits the terms of the dogs need to get independent.
I can feel now that I have to be more consistent. There can no longer for instance, be times when she can jump up and other times when she cannot. If she should be allowed to jump up it should be by a given order.

Last night, my husband had to go into the city to a meeting. As he left I thought he had closed the gate to the street.
Later on I let Pandora out of the front door to do whatever a dog does in the dark and after 5-10 minutes I called her in. That was when I saw the missing fence. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I had just seen a very big truck pass by.
But the darling dog was standing in the middle of the garden, not paying any attention to her possible freedom. Thank god (or whomever).

The week to come
Friday we’ll go swimming again. It’ll probably be the last time with the instructor. After that, we’re on our own.
Sunday is the big exhibition day. We are very excited but our expectations are not too high. But I don’t really care as long as I have such a lovely dog.

Pandora the movie star

Pandora the movie star

Hallow wedding and birthday

3 11 2009

Today it is Pandoras 1/2 year old birthday!

Facts: 59 cm and 23,5 kg.

Hallow wedding
Last Saturday the 31. October my boyfriend and I got married.
In the daytime Pandora was taken care of by a very good friend of mine. It all went well according to my friend. Nice day and evening.
Pandora’s best friend Bandit came in the afternoon with his ‘parents’ so they could play all evening. We had 17 guests but the dogs were behaving very good and well-mannered.
Late in the night both dogs were very tired and fell asleep almost in each others legs.

It is now obvious that Pandora only plays with bigger dogs like a Rottweiler, a Labrador and likewise. When she meets smaller dogs, she so wants to play but she is too rough. She is now 59 cm and looking quite grown up.

Her grown up looks even fools me. Sometimes I forget that she is just a little puppy inside, though she is so tall. She still has a lot of puppy behaviour and I think she cannot figure out why she is so big when she is so small inside.

It seems like the little changes we have had in the training routine: sometimes using the clicker, almost never shout, always trying to be ‘worthy’ of her attention, has given us an even better dog. She is happy all the time, and she is much better at coming when called.

Last weekend we played RETRIEVE with a ball and GO FIND with my boyfriend. Each of these exercises we only did 3 times. But she loved the GO FIND-rehearsal though she cannot yet bark on command.
This weekend we played SEEK with a ball hidden in her lamb skin carpet. It took her one try to understand what the deal was. Then we played it three times but stopped before she got bored.  We also played ROLL AROUND last night using goodies. As she lay down I moved the snack just in front of her nose and over her back so she had to roll to reach it. 4-5 times, then I stopped. Now she knows what that is and we can play it again soon.

The dark time
In Denmark we changed back to ‘wintertime’ last weekend which means that it’ll be dark even earlier the coming months, so now we have to do our evening walks in complete darkness making playing more difficult. We must be a little creative.
I laid a track for her last night when we came home from work. It was at least 30 meters long and it had grown dark before we could start it. She did very well. She got a little unconcentrated the last 2 meters, but she went all the way to the end and afterwards she stuck her nose in the ground, sniffing her way through the lawn to find more treats. As we came home she slept for 3 hours – exhausted.

My friend
How come I dislike the word ‘obedience’ so much? The more I work with Pandora the more I dislike the attitude of ones dog being ones slave.
My dog is my good body and companion. I also know that a lot of people might think of me as a softie, but I have always been close to my dogs. I had a neighbour once who was almost annoyed of the fact that my dog followed me everywhere.
I would also never choose to have a dog that couldn’t stay in the same room as me. For instance denied access to the living room or have to live in the utility room. What kind of family member do you offer that to?

Future plans
We have now entered Pandora to an exhibition the 29. November in Hedensted, Jutland, Denmark. Pandora will go as a young dog (puppy) and she will probably be the only Czechoslovakian Wolfdog  there so she will get some prizes, but we are also very curious to what the judge have to say about her.

Pandoras birthday present
Thursday we will go to the dog swimming pool to teach Pandora to swim. We do that because she loves water but never got to swim this summer. This way she’ll be ready for spring as the water gets warm enough. This is not a needed thing, this is the mom and dad being curious 🙂
More about that in the next blog.

Pandora looking out of the window in the morning as we leave.

Pandora looking out of the window in the morning as we leave

Pandora and Bandit tired after playing

Pandora and her best friend Bandit tired after playing

Pandoras view these days. Autumn is here.

Pandoras view these days. Autumn is here.

Pandora in Jutland

21 10 2009

Facts: as last time

Clever girl
She is now much better at coming when she is called. Every time I call and she comes I give her a treat and/or much gratitude.

She now sits, lays down and walks by my side when told to.

A short note on BARFing
We are now BARFing (eating raw meet) or she is I should say. (See more about BARFing elsewhere at this page). It has become her well.

Holiday in Jut-land
As many will know we have a huge LEGOLAND in Billund Denmark. Me and my boyfriend and two other went there in week 42 to do a fireshow every evening that week. And of course Pandora went with us. It gave us a lot of time together. Some days I laid a track for her, and she does that very well now. The last track was 60 meters long and pretty difficult. Crossing a small street, through leaves and long grass.

When we went to do the show she slept for 40 minutes in the car. It all went very well until the second last day when she almost tore the entire car apart. She tore down the ceiling and bit in the sun screen. Luckily we are going to have a new (used) car in the spring.

Pandora in LEGOLAND
Pandora in LEGOLAND

Since then she’s been in the car alone as we were doing some shopping. No problem. I guess she got bored and perhaps she was freezing a little.

We also had a wonderful trip to a forest near the Gudenå (the longest stream in Denmark) and she enjoyed herself for an hour, sniffing, digging and chasing shadows.

A tired Czech is a happy Czech they say. So she must have been very happy.

Meeting friends
Sunday we went to a dog exhibition and met Rolf with his two Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. That was a very nice experience.

Not alone were these dogs amazingly beautiful but they also obeyed Rolf’s commands which gave me the hope that somewhere inside of Pandora there is a dog of good material 🙂
(Not that I ever doubted that).

Pandora watched the two males fight and play and several times she ran away with her tale between her legs in sheer fright of the sight of these two giant dogs growling and barking. But in the end she was also curious and couldn’t resist coming closer and join them.
The younger male (18 month old) Xtreme was the one she was less afraid of. He also invited her to play. She obvious liked him but it was like she had a secret admiring for Uno the older dog (4 years old). His ‘coolness’ made her watch him on a distance but she hardly ever went close to him. He was too unreachable. And no doubt: All the time she was the small one and Xtreme had much fun telling her, it seamed. Finally he had someone he could bully.

A hundred dogs
The played on the lawn for a good half an hour or more and then we were invited into the exhibition indoor. In LEGOLAND Pandora had done what she could trying to pull my arm off every time she met another dog. At the exhibition there were more than hundred dogs so I guess she realized that she couldn’t overcome to be ‘best friend’ with each and every one of them. The result was a calm dog laying on the floor next to Xtreme and Uno. And she was worn out. All that playing and fright took her last energy away.

It was a great day. Rolf took some great photos of the three dogs and later that day he won second place as Best Dog In Show with Xtreme. Well deserved, though he deserved no. 1 of course – but I guess everybody think that about their breed.

It was also nice to meet a person who loved and cared about his dogs so I didn’t feel stupid or too geeky talking about the love of my life all the time 😀

Pandora playing with Uno & Xtreme
Pandora playing with Uno & Xtreme

Pandora in an exhibition
We have now decided to go to the next exhibition with Pandora in November. I’m just curious to see what the judge think of her, as we – of course – think she is gorgeous. She’ll go as a puppy in the show and that’s fine as I have never done an exhibition before and I might very well be the one that screw things up.

Back home and missing someone
We went back to our own home Sunday night with a tremendously tired dog. Holiday was over – back to normal.

Monday Pandora was left alone again for 3 hours before she was picked up by my parents. She was a little sad as we left the house

in the morning, but already Tuesday she had accepted the situation just fine.

The weird part was that even though she had her playmate during Monday she seamed a little sad and apathetic Monday evening. I could swear that she missed Xtreme and Uno.

I am certain that she understood that they were of her own kind and she understood their body language so well.

I hope we meet the three guys again so we can all enjoy some time with them.

Stars rising
Talking about her ‘stars’ she has only earned stars these last few days. She has been so clever, sweet and cute.

It’s like she sometimes have days where she suffers form severe brain damage and then she turns and becomes quite fantastic. And for every time she comes back to ‘normal’ she is becoming even better.

There must be a lot of hormones racing in her body right now and there will be for a long time ahead, but it’s all right. She’s a darling and after 9 days together with her 24 hours a day I miss her like crazy when I go to work.

Sometimes I even feel a little sad that I come home to a tired dog when I would love to take her for an exploring walk, but she is young and we mustn’t wear her down. Weekends are when we have fun and quality time.

Pandora in Strib by Rolf Larsen

Pandora in Strib by Rolf Larsen