Book about Czechoslovakian wolfdog … and a poll

26 06 2013

Hello dear wolfdog fan.

Just want to you tell you, that our book, which I have talked about for more than a year, is now available in Danish.

The Danish title is: Tjekkoslovakisk ulvehund – manualen vi ikke fik med.

In English it would be: Czechoslovakian wolfdog – the missing manual.

Tjekkoslovakisk ulvehund, manualen vi ikke fik med

Book in Danish: Tjekkoslovakisk Ulvehund, manualen vi ikke fik med

The book is written together with Auntie B, and it’s humouristic and very different.

Should it be translated?

Help us, dear reader, would you like to see this book translated?

Please let me know in the poll below.

Farewell 2011

19 12 2011

One morning I was up earlier than my boyfriend and Pandora of course, she never gets out of bed if anyone is still in it.
After half an hour, my boyfriend came toddling out of the bedroom with sleepy eyes, yawning.
Right behind him, almost snout to his leg came Pandora toddling with sleepy eyes. Yawning.
I couldn’t help laughing at them.

Soon we have Christmas holidays, and one of these days are reserved for writing a book.
Bethina (I usually call her Pandoras friend, though she is a dear friend of the house) and I, have begun a project and it seams to grow almost by itself.
We have decided to use a day to get hold of all our notes, and now I have no doubt that a book is coming to life.
What it is about?
Well, something called a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, ya ‘c.

The reason I wanted to do this project was – and is – that there is so little literature about this breed. And there is ZERO literature in Danish. And over the years, mainly this year, it seams like the interest in the breed has increased.
That’s not necessarily bad, I would just like to inform people who has put their eyes on this kind of dog, what they can expect.
I suggested to Bethina that we wrote a book together, and she didn’t even hesitate a minute.
So here we are. Planning this book in Danish to come out in the first half part of next year (2012).
In the near future, I’ll make a poll on this site and ask if you think, that a book about a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is needed in other languages.

Since the beginning, May 19th 2009 until today December 19th 2011, this blog has reached:
26.365 visitors
This year alone:
17.658 visitors

The reason I mention this, is because I see there is a need of information on this relatively rare breed. And the interest seams to be increasing.
The number of visitors also encourage me to continue writing about the Wolfdog and share my experiences with you.
Write me if you have questions. As always, I’ll try to help and share whenever I can.

Thank you all for comments, e-mails and support until now.
It’s so nice to get to know so many great people.

Leaving the year
Our new years eve is dog’s night this year.
Two of Pandora’s friends, Bandit and Susy, are coming to spend the day and as Pandora doesn’t have any fear for fireworks, we hope she can show the others her confidence.

Weather you have a Wolfdog or another breed as your companion, remember to treat it with dignity and respect.
Take good care of it New Years Night, and remember, if you show fear, your dog will read your fear and become fearful itself. Therefor you have to show all the confidence you have in your bone.
Be a good leader, show strength  and by no means let you dog alone.

Also remember: love does not come in the form of unhealthy food, not even at Christmas. But a raw bone or a small slice of Turkey is fine.

For now:
Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

With all the love and good wishes from, Pandora and family.

NB! Remember: A tired CsW is a happy CsW 🙂


The Christmas Pandora Sleeping Collage