Bitter sweet doggy days

31 01 2012

Happy New Year to all of you and your dogs

New Years Eve
As I told in the last entry, Pandora spent her New Years Eve together with two of her best friends. Neither one of them showed any fear or anxiety when the clock turned midnight. The two friends were asleep and Pandora went outside with me staring at the fireworks, and if she could have shrugged she would have. It was perfect for all three dogs.

Visiting the wolf boy
Some weeks ago we went to Saarloos Wolfhound Loup and his family’s house in Jutland together with the Tamaskan Matsi.
It was great fun. Loup lives together with 7 Husky’s.
It was so funny as we arrived and turned around the corner, Loup stood there with the seven Husky’s behind him. And though they were behind a fence, he knew he was cool and superior in dog power compared to his two visitors, Pandora and Matsi.
It was a wonderful day. The seven Husky’s had their own area for the day so only Loup, Matsi and Pandora played together.
And I must say, Pandora fell completely in love with Loup, and this time he was not uninterested in her. He had got so much self-confidence since last time we met him and as he was feeling at home and comfortable he had a lot of energy. It was really great.
Pandora on the other hand, was not very comfortable near the seven Husky’s. It was a little more than she could handle.
Matsi, as always was playfull and crazy-happy and she has grown into a beautiful girl.
A warm thank you to Loups family for having us that day. We hope to see you again in the summer time so we can enjoy the dogs outside for more than one freezing hour 🙂

Loup Saarloos_wolfhound

Loup bragging about his Husky friends

Infected womb
Pandora went into heat in the end of November.
In the beginning of December she was quite tired and seemed a little sad. Then I smelled a certain odour from her. I went to the veterinarian and she had a blood test. Then a scanning.
She had a beginning infection in the womb. It is one of my most feared illnesses as it kills several dogs every year if it isn’t treated very fast.
Luckily it was a small infection and Pandora had penicillin for 10 days, and then she was okay.
But I wonder what would have happened had I waited till Monday the following week.
Always pay attention to you female dog’s odour, even though it’s very rare that a young dog get this infection.

Czechoslovakian_wolfdog_Pandora smiling

Pandora smiling

Training season
We started training the 7th of January. And I must say that there is a major difference from last year even though it was in November.
Pandora did all, and I mean ALL of her tasks.
Of course she walked fine in her leash, she can do that pretty well now, but she also did the jump and did NOT run away on the other side but returned on my command (or begging).
She DID the ‘fetch’ thing three times. Not with enthusiasm but she did it, and she DID come back with the object every time.
I was thrilled at first.
Then I was surprised.
Then I got a little scared.
I know, I was an unthankful bastard, but really. Was my little girl done with the fun?
One night she returned to me three times, when I called. One of the times we heard a dog bark, but she chose me and not the barking dog. Fascinating, but it worried me.
I didn’t know whether it was because or the ending heat, the former infection in the womb or just plain maturity.
It turned out to possibly be something completely different.

She started scratching herself all the time. I woke up at night because she was scratching herself.
We went to the vet and had blood test and pills to calm the iching skin.
Now I’ve got an answer:
She is allergic to house dust mites and flour mites.
The pills worked and last Sunday the snow had fallen and that med Pandora so crazy-happy at training, that she ran away a few times, but she also did her tasks, so I was okay with that.
Now she doesn’t get any kind of flour or corn, gluten and stupid fillings in conventional dog food, event goodies. No problem as she is BARFing, but we also have to do something seriously about the dust. For starters I bought two anti-allergy duvets.
A got a scary scenario from the vet explaining that the treatment might be prednisolone and that the affection could wear off over time and then there would be only one way. Death!
This gives me the bad feeling, but hopefully that’ll never be the consequence of the allergy. We’ll try everything before that.

BARF and the killer food
Before Pandora was diagnosed allergic I started to search for things in her food that could be cause her tiredness. Perhaps too little Carbohydrate?
I never considered that as she is a BARF dog, but a friend of mine said: Oh but she needs carbohydrates or she’ll get very ill!
It turned out to be wrong. I knew, I just forgot.
The less carbohydrate there is in your dog’s food the better the quality.
Less than 20 % Carbohydrate is recommended and it should never come from:
Corn, maize, wheat or soy.
Preferable from potatoes, fruit and greengrocers.

Oh why do we spend money on such bad quality food for our dogs!
All these so called quality brands with a little mark on the bag saying:
Now with fresh maize and wheat for you dogs health!
Get out of here. Why pay for it?
It is known that especially maize, corn and Gluten, are the main reasons for food allergic dogs.
Is it completely rubbish to think, that if a dog doesn’t need these substances in their body, they get allergic? And fat?
The body has to do something with these unusable things that enter the system and the dog cannot process carbohydrates very well. A reaction must come, and then it comes in the form of allergy.

I get more and more anti ‘processed food’ as the only ones who really get something out of processed food are the dealers. Not the dogs.
Well that was my religious input for today 🙂

Czechoslovakian_wolfdog Pandora between oak trees

Pandora camouflaged between trees


19 04 2011

Pandora: 63 cm, 32 kg, 23 month old

My girl has grown up
She is sneaky and smart and funny and crazy … and very neat.
Just by coincidence did I see her discreetly licking the floor and then herself. By luck I found out that she was in heat!
My little puppy is no longer a little puppy.
Now I have to protect her from all the big, bad, ugly boys out there.
She hasn’t seen uncomfortable up to her heat or anything. I mean, Pandora always act a little silly and unpredictable. So it has not affected her much.
If you think I’m a little crazy here, I can tell with my old dog I always knew when she was getting in heat. She seemed in pain and unhappy a couple of weeks before.

Pandora Czechoslovakian wolfdog and wiener dog kissing

Big, bad boy kissing my girl!

As Pandora is weighing a little too much, we talked to our BARF advisor in the barf shop about it. He suggested that we tried to feed Pandora every other day instead of every day. She would then have to have the double amount of food, but chances were that she would start to burn off fat from her body.
It didn’t work very well and the change in her everyday life made her uncomfortable. That was when she took another bite of the new sofa.
She seems to be a little autistic when it comes to major changes in her life.
So we went back to the old way. She is just getting an even smaller amount of food every day. Unfortunately she also gets a lot of goodies as we train so much, but I’ve found my bike in the back of the barn, we train obedience and agility now, so perhaps we can get her (and our self) more fit.

Insecure or deaf
A change was actually five steps backward.
During the winter she got so good at the call back commands. It felt almost like an ordinary dog, y’know Labradors and Shepherds. The breeds that stick around and find their human interesting.
Now it’s spring. The snow is finally gone and all the great smells are back, birds are twittering and nature is calling. Calling a lot louder than me, ‘cos it gets harder and harder to call Pandora back when we are out for a walk. For half a year we have been training with other dogs and her ‘escape when you can attitude’ was almost gone. Well, now it’s back.
She chases birds, deer, hares and catches mice, worms and what-have you. And she give a … whether we call or not.
And then I had an experience.
Last time we went training she had to do a ‘search’ for a man.
The guy stood in the rim of a small forest and I send Pandora forward with a ‘search’.
The goal is to make her bark, and I don’t have to tell you that barking is not a wolfdog’s preferred language, so she didn’t bark.
He tried to tease her with some goodies, but didn’t give her any. I stood ten meters away, and then Pandora turned her head looking at me as if she needed help. I wasn’t fast enough so she looked at me again. Insecure of what this strange man wanted from her. Too late I walked towards her. She gave up on me and on him, like she was thinking: I can’t trust my mom, she won’t help. I leave!
And that was exactly what she did.
Ran off. It took half an hour to get her back. All the time she was like five meters away from us, but didn’t react to me offering goodies, smacking my lips, turning my back to her, fiddling with toys, trying to look like I just caught a rabbit. Nothing. She stared at me like I was an idiot.
We got hold of her because she wanted to play with another dog and the owner grabbed her.
Was she disappointed in me?! Lousy leader, I was, letting her down like that.
And I learned that though she is a tough little one, she’s not that tough at all.
I know it from when I get angry at her in the house. I point my mouth and open my eyes wide and stare at her. Not a sound is uttered, and she gets very submissive. I just never thought of her insecurity out in the field.

But she has good days too. And there are more of them than bad once.
Remember in the beginning when she was coming 20-30 % of the time? Now she’s coming 85-90 % of the time.
Last week we started at agility again.
Pandora wasn’t at all as crazy when we met with the other dogs as she was last autumn.
A small dog , about half of Pandora’s size, quite cute, is a little aggressive. Emma, her name is, would very much like to be the queen of the team. And she was last autumn. Last autumn, Pandora would have laid herself flat on the grass in submissive attitude. But not this spring.
Pandora took a look at Emma, sticking her nose to Emma’s nose and said: Yeah, you might wanna be in control, but you won’t control me.
No aggressiveness, no growling, snarling or anything. Just Pandora’s self-awareness and self-confident attitude. Then Pandora turned her back to Emma, and the ‘never spoke again’.
The trainer looked at Pandora and said: Wauw has she matured since last autumn.
And she has, of course.

To the story comes, that last summer, our wonderful breeders, van Goverwelle, warned us that a mature female wolfdog, can change temper severely. A wolfdog who’s been kind and sweet can become a very aggressive grown up female.
We have feared Pandora changing her gentle disposition, but now I don’t think it’ll happen. She must be in her most vulnerable stage right now been in heat.
The agility field wasn’t very difficult, and too easy means too boring, to Pandora.
She did the first run perfectly, the next she skipped a few jumps. Then we tried to run from the other end. Twice she skipped a few things. But I knew she could do the field, so it was okay.
And yes she did it without a leash. And yes she ran away once, and hey! I could call her back! With goodies and a luring voice she came back within a minute.
– Wauw has she matured, the trainer said again.
Pandora will never be a fast agility runner, but when it comes to intelligence, she might be the cleverest.
The challenges in the agility sport is very much her style.

I promised pictures of the toothpaste sessions. Here they are.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog watching with crooked head

Hey man, can I join ya?

Czechoslovakian wolfdog licking round sink for toothpaste

This taste good, dad, real good!

Fat winter or?

3 02 2011

About food and weight
I recently read an article about obedient cats and dogs.
The article was about the ‘eating disorder’ we almost all get in December.
According to statistics, dogs also gained weight in December.
I wonder why?
Pandora didn’t gain any weight!

Reason? She gets the same food as any other day. Except Christmas evening, when she tasted a little bit of turkey.
Pandora is a BARF-dog, though some of her goodies are ‘processed’, such as boiled chicken, salmon or sausage.
This stuff will never exceed more than 1-3 % of her main food, the BARF.
Occasionally she is allowed to lick the plate from my breakfast, soured whole milk. Milk can be good for a dog in small doses.
She never gets any human food like potatoes, sauce or bread.
Her friend, Bandit, only gets dried (processed) dog food, and nothing else. He has recently been allowed to get sausages as goodies. But nothing else.
None of these two dogs suffers from neglect – or obedience.
Pandora NEVER gets any kind of candy. All she ever learned about chocolate was the day she took a well-aimed lick at all the filled chocolates in the box on the table.
I’m serious! She never gets candy or anything with sugar.
Be determined! It helps your dog.

BUT that said, I think that it is quite normal to gain a little weight in the winter months. That’s nature.
Birds, squirrels, bears and so on, eat a lot of food in the late autumn to get more fat on the body to get through the winter.
So do humans (we just lay flat on the sofa and keep eating the entire winter – which makes us even fatter), but the dogs, some dogs, also need at little more fat to get through the winter.
Pandora didn’t gain any weight, but she is definitely hungrier. To stay warm when she’s out in the snow (did I mention that it is the first time in more than 100 years that Denmark had white Christmas two years in a row?) or when  she sleeps on the rather cold floor, she needs a little more energy.
That’s natural.

But don’t let your dog gain more than 2-5 % of its basis weight. It’ll be too hard, to loose again when spring finally comes.
And that is hopefully soon.

We attended a small exhibition Saturday the 17. January.
We met 2 other wolfdogs from northern Denmark. Very pretty dogs, but very dark and German shepherdlooking.
Pandora got no. 2 and got an Excellent.
Actually, we had a nice day but my thoughts was constanlt returning to my friend who’d lost Cember.
(Cember is mentioned several times earlier in this blog)

Few days ago, another of our friends, the German Shepherd Arthur (also mentioned earlier in this blog) had a turned stomach.
A very serious condition which can kill a dog within 2-3 hours. Luckyli his ‘mother’ got him to tyhe doctor in time, and he lives, but he is still in bad condition, cannot play or exersise for long.

These accidents makes me appreciate my lovely girl even more (shouldn’t think it possible), but ooh I don’t know how sad I’d be if anything happened to her.
Sometimes I think: a wolfdog can get about 14 years. Pandora is almost 2 years old. I’ll only have her 7 times as long as I have already had. That’s awful.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog looking out

The love of my life



Pandoras Box

24 03 2010

Pandora has a box.
She ’must have’, right?
Actually she’s got two.
In the boxes, all kinds of good stuff are waiting to be picked up by Pandora. The boxes are filled with goodies like dried pigs ear, dried lounges, salmon chips and so on.
The fur kid doesn’t want any of it.
Sometimes she takes an ear, starts to walk around in the house. Frustrated and unhappy.
She is whining and complaining.
Then she wants to go out, and outside she’ll dig a hole, put the treat in it and cover it again.
What she cannot eat, she stores until another day (when a green, bad-smelling ear is delicious).
Sometimes she stores raw meet in the corner of the sofa!

The bone yard
These mornings it’s getting light outside earlier and earlier. Pandora rises with the sun, and sometimes I can hear her, in my light sleep, that she is chewing a bone somewhere in the house.
This morning as I got up and went to the kitchen, Pandora had collected all her accessible bones and spread them on the kitchen floor. I’m impressed. She has never done that before, but she must have had a great time finding them.

(She has approximately 117 more in the Pandora Boxes).

Pandoras boneyard

Pandoras boneyard

We have been to the training lessons three times now in the boxer club.
We have also been training a little in between and it is obvious now that she has learned stuff.
Sit, walk in leach and following in all directions, slow walking, running, stand.
All these things are getting so much better by the day.

Two days ago when I came home from work I laid a track with some cat food. We discovered by coincident that cat food was perfect for recall, so why not use it now and then.
The only problem is that she is barfing and mainly eats raw meat and I don’t want to ruin her stomach.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog walking a track

Pandora's tracking

I hope I don’t jinx anything, but I have a vague feeling of her recall improving.
I cannot call her in if I’m standing upwards and bend over, reaching for her.
But if I sit on my knees she puts down her ears, smacks her lips, eyes get small and she comes.
Big thing.
All signs of subjecting are there which in the end should also go away and be replaced by a self-confident dog.

Holiday and a new car
Next week it is Easter holiday.
This will give us time to fence the entire ground to stop the out-breaking dog from … breaking out!
Wednesday next week, will go get a new car with room for the fur kid in the back. It’s going to be so nice to have a car where the ceiling ain’t eaten 😉


13 11 2009

Facts: 60 cm, 24 kg.

The BARF-page has been updated with Pandoras notes.

Barfing  for a month – Status
Last weekend it was 1 month ago since Pandora stated BARFing. We went to a 1 month-check with a vet. Not the same vet as first time, but with a guy who, himself have a Saarloos (a wolfdog originated from a Eurasian wolf and a German shepherd, but breeded in Holland).
It was nice to meet a vet who understood and knew the wolfdog breed. He said Pandora was very beautiful, no longer too thin, great temper (trustful and sweet) and the lack of muscles that had a comment the first time was all right, she is still young.
Her fur was a little dry so we increased the amount of lamb fat in her food. Everything else was fine.
“Remember, he said, you’ll have to have one more before Pandora gets 22 month old.”
We told him that she is socialized a lot and have other very good friends to play with, but the vet said that it would be good for her to have one of her own breed to be with.
I think that this rule is more important to the Saarloos Wolfhound than to the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog who has a different temper and better socialization skills.
“Also remember, he pointed out, you have two month left to teach her to go by train and bus and all the rest of the things she has to get to know.”
All righty then … we’ll have a train ride and a bus ride next weekend.

Swimming again
After last weeks disastrous experience in the swimming pool it was with a certain kind of scepticism we went to the pool again yesterday. But hey! She swam!
After one more try and without anyone in the basin as we thought was needed, she began to swim.
She only panicked for a few seconds.
Still we were all to busy to take pictures, but soon she’ll be calm enough I think. We’ll go swimming next Thursday, too, and then I think she’ll be more self confident, and she might even begin to like it.
It’s going to be nice to have a dog that can swim next year when the water in the lake and the sea gets warm enough.

Safety in the dark
As winter comes closer and the days get shorter, the need of safety increases. Pandora now wears a safety waistcoat with reflectors and also a collar with blinking red lamps when we go out at night. The latter makes her look like a UFO or a selfmoving Christmas tree, but it is nice to be able to locate her in the dark as she is set free to run in the fields.

The Ripper
This last week she has been destroying a lot of paper. Paper is her favourite and boxes, magazines, kitchen paper – you name it – are torn to little pieces. She is also still biting our hands if she is excited or plays. She doesn’t bite hard but her grown-up teeth don’t give one a lot of pleasure.

Otherwise she is just plain beautiful and teenager crazy.

Pandora ripping paper

Pandora ripping paper

Pandora in the eveningsun

Pandora in the eveningsun

Pandora mornings

Pandora mornings

Is there a human inside?

23 10 2009

The temperature in Denmark is dropping.
It’s autumn now, the leaves are turning into yellow-brownish and the days are short.

We can no longer let the door be open all day, it’s too cold.
Yesterday Pandora barked for the first time because she wanted to go out and pee. Great!

Our two cats are now coming into the house again although Pandora is there. She still chases Shiva the female cat occasionally, but the other cat Odin has figured out that if he lies still (superciliously on the dinner chair) Pandora simply do not know what to do with him so she leaves him alone.

Dominant brute
These days I am studying a lot of wolf background to get to know my dog better. I see the ‘light’ over and over again as the books describe the almost exact way I have trained my dogs so far. Not being a dominant brute seems to be the main keywords which suits me fine as it was never my style.
I have always trained my dogs by playing with them. I feared in the beginning that Pandora would need a tougher way of training, but it’s not the case. All the things the ‘old psychology’ dictated to show your domination, turns out to be rubbish. Such as:
Eat before your dog – well we don’t and we never did. It makes no sense anyway.
Make forbidden areas/furniture in the house – Pandora can be where she wishes to be except on the tables. Just like any other ‘animal’ in the family.
Walk through the door before your dog – Why? I couldn’t wrap my mind around that and remember it even if my life depended on it.

And I could go on. In my life with animals mutual respect has always been the issue. I don’t do things TO my dog I do things TOGETHER WITH my dog. To get her respect I have to be exciting and inspirational, just as other people have to be exciting and inspirational to get my attention. It’s quite logical.

The ‘difficulties’ with Pandora is her individuality. She’s not stupid but she can ignore things totally if she’s on to something else. Certain things are easy to teach her, other things seams to be so not interesting that she plays deaf. But with ‘tricks and treats’ I can lure her into the game.
I would never ever punish her physically and I discovered that starring into her eyes is enough punishment.
Another important thing is the way we socialized her from day one. She has met more than 30 dogs she could ‘talk’ to and she has at least 3 regular play pals. She has also been socialized with as many people as possible, and she meets other people every day and has at least 10 people who’s not afraid of her and can handle her – also playing a little roughly.

The human in the dog
Let me point this out: THERE IS NONE!
As mammals we have similar behaviour in many ways. This gives us a good base for understanding each other. But we have different bodies and therefore different body languages and visual appearance. Showing my teeth means smiling, when the dog shows its teeth it’s almost never a ‘smile’ etc.

Your dog never gets in the ‘assertive age’ or does things to provoke you; your dog is maturing and trying to stand on its own four feet just as any other teenager.
(See the sub site: Chronological Stages)

Your dog doesn’t need cakes, ice cream, chocolate, candy or any of those things it would never find in nature.
Confession: My old dog loved pizza, but Pandora has never tasted it and she never will.

A dog has fur!
Which is smart, it’ll make the dog resist cold wind, snow and rain. Your dog DOES NOT NEED clothes!
(Except for few breeds that needs a little help in the winter). Your dog DOES NOT see itself as cute in at pink pyjamas or a laced skirt.

Your dog doesn’t need to be carried around in a bag. It has four super designed legs to walk on. Let it!

Conclusion: There is just as much human in a dog as there is dog in a human. We are individual beings, behaving differently. Respect that!

We’re all in a box
A funny thing about humans is that we are just as predictable as any dog or breed.
Looking at which people chooses which dog breeds, tells us a lot of things.
It seams like those who chooses the ‘natural’-looking dogs (with long snouts, upright ears and long tales) almost never buy pink collars with rhinestones, fluffy footwear or velvet leaches to their dog.
On the other hand a lot of moloss owners buy a huge leather collar with spikes, call their dog Tyson and cut their bleached hair short. It’s really funny. Just go to dog exhibitions and see for yourself.

This was a bit different blog and I might have offended some people with my opinions, but I’ve seen so many pictures of dogs dressed up to amuse people and it disgusts me. Sorry.


Pandora watching washing machine

Pandora watching washing machine

Pandora watching a stuffed wild boar

Pandora watching a stuffed wild boar

Pandora hiding – tired of people!

Pandora hiding – tired of people!

Pandora in Jutland

21 10 2009

Facts: as last time

Clever girl
She is now much better at coming when she is called. Every time I call and she comes I give her a treat and/or much gratitude.

She now sits, lays down and walks by my side when told to.

A short note on BARFing
We are now BARFing (eating raw meet) or she is I should say. (See more about BARFing elsewhere at this page). It has become her well.

Holiday in Jut-land
As many will know we have a huge LEGOLAND in Billund Denmark. Me and my boyfriend and two other went there in week 42 to do a fireshow every evening that week. And of course Pandora went with us. It gave us a lot of time together. Some days I laid a track for her, and she does that very well now. The last track was 60 meters long and pretty difficult. Crossing a small street, through leaves and long grass.

When we went to do the show she slept for 40 minutes in the car. It all went very well until the second last day when she almost tore the entire car apart. She tore down the ceiling and bit in the sun screen. Luckily we are going to have a new (used) car in the spring.

Pandora in LEGOLAND
Pandora in LEGOLAND

Since then she’s been in the car alone as we were doing some shopping. No problem. I guess she got bored and perhaps she was freezing a little.

We also had a wonderful trip to a forest near the Gudenå (the longest stream in Denmark) and she enjoyed herself for an hour, sniffing, digging and chasing shadows.

A tired Czech is a happy Czech they say. So she must have been very happy.

Meeting friends
Sunday we went to a dog exhibition and met Rolf with his two Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. That was a very nice experience.

Not alone were these dogs amazingly beautiful but they also obeyed Rolf’s commands which gave me the hope that somewhere inside of Pandora there is a dog of good material 🙂
(Not that I ever doubted that).

Pandora watched the two males fight and play and several times she ran away with her tale between her legs in sheer fright of the sight of these two giant dogs growling and barking. But in the end she was also curious and couldn’t resist coming closer and join them.
The younger male (18 month old) Xtreme was the one she was less afraid of. He also invited her to play. She obvious liked him but it was like she had a secret admiring for Uno the older dog (4 years old). His ‘coolness’ made her watch him on a distance but she hardly ever went close to him. He was too unreachable. And no doubt: All the time she was the small one and Xtreme had much fun telling her, it seamed. Finally he had someone he could bully.

A hundred dogs
The played on the lawn for a good half an hour or more and then we were invited into the exhibition indoor. In LEGOLAND Pandora had done what she could trying to pull my arm off every time she met another dog. At the exhibition there were more than hundred dogs so I guess she realized that she couldn’t overcome to be ‘best friend’ with each and every one of them. The result was a calm dog laying on the floor next to Xtreme and Uno. And she was worn out. All that playing and fright took her last energy away.

It was a great day. Rolf took some great photos of the three dogs and later that day he won second place as Best Dog In Show with Xtreme. Well deserved, though he deserved no. 1 of course – but I guess everybody think that about their breed.

It was also nice to meet a person who loved and cared about his dogs so I didn’t feel stupid or too geeky talking about the love of my life all the time 😀

Pandora playing with Uno & Xtreme
Pandora playing with Uno & Xtreme

Pandora in an exhibition
We have now decided to go to the next exhibition with Pandora in November. I’m just curious to see what the judge think of her, as we – of course – think she is gorgeous. She’ll go as a puppy in the show and that’s fine as I have never done an exhibition before and I might very well be the one that screw things up.

Back home and missing someone
We went back to our own home Sunday night with a tremendously tired dog. Holiday was over – back to normal.

Monday Pandora was left alone again for 3 hours before she was picked up by my parents. She was a little sad as we left the house

in the morning, but already Tuesday she had accepted the situation just fine.

The weird part was that even though she had her playmate during Monday she seamed a little sad and apathetic Monday evening. I could swear that she missed Xtreme and Uno.

I am certain that she understood that they were of her own kind and she understood their body language so well.

I hope we meet the three guys again so we can all enjoy some time with them.

Stars rising
Talking about her ‘stars’ she has only earned stars these last few days. She has been so clever, sweet and cute.

It’s like she sometimes have days where she suffers form severe brain damage and then she turns and becomes quite fantastic. And for every time she comes back to ‘normal’ she is becoming even better.

There must be a lot of hormones racing in her body right now and there will be for a long time ahead, but it’s all right. She’s a darling and after 9 days together with her 24 hours a day I miss her like crazy when I go to work.

Sometimes I even feel a little sad that I come home to a tired dog when I would love to take her for an exploring walk, but she is young and we mustn’t wear her down. Weekends are when we have fun and quality time.

Pandora in Strib by Rolf Larsen

Pandora in Strib by Rolf Larsen

Short update

20 10 2009

Pandora facts: 58 cm tall and weights 20 kg

New banner:
I have change the banner a little, mainly because Pandora herself is now a part of it in the right side.

New sub page:
In the top of this site you can now find a sub page about BARFing. We started BARFing 10 days ago and not to let it take over the entire blog I have made the sub page dedicated to BARFing.

Portrait picture
Pandora met two other Czechoslovakian wolfdogs two days ago and thanks to their owner Rolf Larsen I got these wonderful pictures. Here’s one of them.
More about the meeting in the next blog.


Pandora by Rolf Larsen

Sleeping beauty and the track

14 10 2009

(This blog is written a week ago and a lot have happened since. Next blog will be about BARFing)

Facts: As last time
We love mornings
Waking up with a sleepy dog. Mostly she’s lying in the foot end of my bed. Lazy, small eyes, yawning. Everything stupid she did yesterday is forgiven. The night takes the badness away. She is gorgeous.
And now, as we leave her in the morning, there’s no panic. Actually this morning she would hardly get out of bed.

Ten days ago I laid a track for her. All made up be shrimps and salmon.
(Before we started at all, Pandora tried to wear her track harness half an hour or so, to get comfortable with it so it wouldn’t distract her on the track.
Careful if there is a lot of wind the track will actually blow sideways (or wherever the wind comes from)
Leave it for at least 15-20 minutes the first time to make the grass leave some smells as it starts to putrescent. When the dog gets older and hard core to do tracking a track can be several hours old, even days.
Don’t EVER punish your dog, don’t shout, don’t do ANYTHING negative as the dog follows the track. You can ruin months of work, or even destroy the dogs ability to walk a track ever again!

Without the dog

The track was app. 10 meters (30 feet) long.
 I use wooden Chinese chopsticks to mark my track (natural smell, no bright colours) which is important so I can guide the dog in the EXACT direction in the beginning.
 At this first track, I took very small steps so that one footstep would touch the next. I did it at a lawn with well grown green grass. No obstacles were distracting (such as dead birds or more exciting obstacles – whatever would be more interesting than salmon?). For every 5-6 steps I put shrimps or salmon on the ground. As I know that she is very good at using her nose, I bend the track just a little. When I left the track, I made sure not to cross it again.

With the dog

After 15 minutes or so I returned to the track with Pandora wearing her track harness.
I showed her the beginning of the track and just few centimetres in I had left the first piece of goodie. Now she kind of understood that here was something exciting.  All the time, I showed her with my hand near the grass saying: seek, seeeeek in a soft tone, but animating.
 At this first track I almost showed her every bite I had put on the grass. She was a little unconcentrated, but then again she had no idea of what was expected from her. She ran around, and crossed her own track a couple of times.
The last few metres she started to react as she had understood the deal, but then the track ended. 
At the end of the track, a little more salmon was waiting, and she had millions of praises. Good dog, so clever, beautiful …

Track no 2

Yesterday I laid a new track. 15 metres long. Salmon and raw beef. Again marking every 1-2 meter with a wooden chopstick.
First she was a little confused again, then it was like she remembered! Ouh, meet!
And then she did an almost perfect track. Finding every bite on the ground. Of course she ran around herself a few times, but she didn’t miss a bite, she walked the exact perfect direction (and for every finding  I ‘clicked’ the clicker). A the end of the track a huge bite of salmon was put, but she didn’t want to end the track, so she follow my footsteps for several metres where I had walked as I left the track.
All the way home we walk in the side of the street and she couldn’t stop sniffing in the grass. It was like she suddenly had an urge to use her best ability. Sniffing. Using the nose.

The rest of the evening she was relaxed and calm. I had a walk with her later and she walk perfectly in the leach.
Right by my side, and sitting everytime we stopped to cross the street.
 It was obvious that the stimulating track gave her something important, and that it kind of took the stress out of her.
From now on I’ll lay tracks for her often.
The next 10 days we’ll be away from home together with her, so there’ll be lots of time to play, lay tracks and so. I’m really looking foreward to that.

Worries and food
I have made a discition to change Pandoras food as soon as we get home form our holyday.
 Right now she is getting dry food. Expensive, with the right amount of protein and stuff, but she drinks so much water and she pees indoor. Last night and the night before, she peed indoor 5 times – in the evening!
 That’s crazy. That’s too much. I’m afraid that she’s getting ill and loose too much weight.
I’ll look a little more into BARF (raw meet). It kind of appeals to me because she’s ‘half’ wolf. More about that next time.

A tired dog

A tired dog