A dog hidden in a wolf

31 07 2009

Since last week, following has happened:
This morning Pandora tried to exit the kitchen via the cat flap and found herself in trouble. It seems that she almost over night gained two centimeters. Her weight since last friday has raised to 8,5 kilos so she is growing.
Five days ago we let her alone in the house 15 minutes for the first time. As we came back, she was climbing the windows in our outdoor room. Next day we let her alone for half an hour.
When we returned, everything was quiet. Too quiet. As we opened the door no dog came to greet us. Actually there was no dog in the entire house!
The little fur ball had managed to exit the house through two cat flaps at each end of the house, and the neighbor came to ‘deliver’ her after a few minutes. Embarrassing and worse: something could have happened to her. Awful!
Next day the cat flaps were sealed as we went of.
As we returned after 30 minutes, Pandora was staying in the living-room window trying to get out. Nothing was torn apart, but the food that we spread all over the floor had gone. Today we’ll try again.
Making a lot of activities inside the house with food and her toys.
This might be one of the issues where we cannot succeed and will have to make a special room for her, but we will try.

Almost everything else is successful.
She walks beautifully in a line now, as she has learned the command: STAY.
She hardly ever runs after the cats anymore.
She now understands that she cannot bite our hands all the time, but this has been the hardest so far.
She is often eating her dinner at the lawn to activate her nose. This morning she was even trying to spread her own meal in the bowl, so she loves the challenge of finding the food herself.
She gets a mix between discipline trips (learning how to walk, sit, lay down etc.) and activity (smelling, climbing, running, playing) and the  mix makes her tired. She can now walk app. 3 kilometers, but then she is tired and thirsty.
Her constant biting in our hands is punished by holding her nose or putting a finger deep down her throat so she fills like puking.
Sometimes when she understands a command but doesn’t really want to obey, she barks! It’s like she is saying: on no it’s so unfair, I was having such a good time. It is quite amusing as she should not be able to bark and it sounds so sweet. Our reaction is encourage her saying: BARK, come on BARK. And as if her protesting isn’t heard she stops barking and give up. Idiotic human beings, doesn’t understand a word.
She’ll probably stop barking at a time, as she is not supposed to be a barking dog, but IF she can learn to bark at command, it would be very cool.

She has now been a guest in a lot of different houses, met 30-40 people who talked to her, at least 10 dogs that she has played with, and everything with success and without problems. She loves all other dog. All! And she has made her own personal human-friends.

She has been swimming, but so far she doesn’t love it.
She’s had a shower, and HATED it. I have never heard that many different sounds from anything. Not even my stereo-player. She did a very convincing cat imitation though.

There’s no more diarrhea and if we wake up a little fast in the morning, we can almost avoid accidents in the house. Peeing and pooing is now outside 85 % of the time.

The wolf and the dog
As she walks next to me, like this morning, she is a little wolf. Her entire bodylanguage is a wolf. The elegant but low shoulders, the almost elastic way of moving her legs, the snout in the dirt and her awareness and very fast reactions to ‘dangerous’ things. She is very observant when she is looking at new potential dangerous things, like big cars, cows and horses. Her reaction is to sit down, look at it and uuhhh … think about it? She doesn’t chase it and she doesn’t run away. That is a very cool reaction I think.

But the dog part in her is almost the rest. She’s not difficult, and she does want to learn. She has stopped chasing the cats, she sleeps at night (and during the day). She gets tired after a short time and she isn’t that persistent or challenging.
Are we just lucky or is it because she is constantly stimulated? Either way, I don’t find her problematic or difficult.
And everybody she meets says she is such a sweet dog.
I guess I expected more problems, and they can come, but for now, her settling down in our small family has been successful and that is great.

The little wolf seaching for her food at the lawn

The little wolf seaching for her food at the lawn

First week with Pandora

17 07 2009

It’s friday and seven days ago we saw Pandora for the first time.

Today she went to the vet and got her last vaccination and a worm cure and the chip was written into our system in Denmark.

She’s still got diarrhea so now she is getting boiled chicken and rice witch transformed her form a dog into a wild tiger. Wauw did she love it!

She now knows her name, come when we call and we are adding small training words like: jump, seek, find, clever, and so on. No she also knows quite well. And she’s obeying it. She is so clever and intelligent. But also calm, trustful and sweet.

Today it’s been very hot and rain was expected. So she was all most sleeping for 6 hours only awake shortly. We got a little nervous. But now it’s evening and she is coming to life.

The cats are still afraid of her though she almost never pays attention to them. Instead she’s sitting on a sun chair watching the cows at the field next to us. Very interested.

She doesn’t walk away from the lawn and the street is sooo scary. Thank god.

She’s been in the car a lot these last two days but she doesn’t seem to mind. The car is OK and she jumps in herself.

She still sleeps all night which amazes me.

She is now 36 cm high and weighs 6,6 kg.

Everybody loves her and she has a fabulous temper and seems to feel good and safe. Right now she is playing with her activity ball at the lawn. She has already figured out that treats are coming out of the hole. She is really smart 🙂

Pandora plays with her activity ball

Pandora plays with her activity ball