Call of the wild

2 04 2012

The reason I don’t write so often anymore is not that nothing happens, it’s more like I running out of pictures with interesting motives. (I love them but don’t you just get bored ..?)
Anyway here’s some news from Pandora world.

Just in the beginning of January, Pandora started to scratch herself all the time. After a few days, it became pretty tiresome and I know that if I had the same itch, I would go insane.
Pet vet: I was told that it could be hormones, it could be fleas, it could be too much protein, it could be anything, it could even be water.
Or, just to make me feel completely bad it could be a tumour in the womb.
Maybe the itch could be treated, maybe not.
Thanx a lot, pet vet.
The blood work show allergies to dust mites and flour mites.
Medicine the rest of her life or antibody injections for the next 6 months. Hopefully it would help.
Worst case, she would grow resistant and she would have to be ’put down’ in two-three years.
Thanx again, pet vet.
We went to a homeopath.
And here we are now receiving treatment not knowing if it’ll help. So far it doesn’t look promising, but the homeopath is optimistic. She said something smart though:
— If you are allergic to dust, it doesn’t matter whether you get small dozes or bigger dozes. You’ll still react.
Together with the homeopathic pills Pandora gets medicine containing adrenocortical hormone and I hate that. But we are patient as we want the girl to feel fine.
I’ll update you on this story until at cure is found. But put down, she isn’t!
It does make me think: A dog so close to her origins, maybe it is wrong to keep her indoor. Perhaps she would feel better living outside? I bet she will, but I’d miss her terrible in my bed and she would miss sleeping there on her bag all legs pointing in the air. Future will show us the right way I hope.


Pandora Sleeping, don't ask how!

One day I drove through the city and saw a Golden Labrador and remembered my old dog, Bella.
When my husband and I for a short while lived in this traffic hell ten years back, Bella was always taking walks with us in the pedestrian zone of the city. Often she carried my wallet which made people smile and point at her: Wow, no one will ever take your money, huh?
She never wore a leash.
Pandora has been with us for three years. I have actually grown to accept that it will never happen to her. She’ll never bee free in the middle of the city as she would live for two minutes and then be run over by a car.
It’s weird that I have forgotten about this other dogs’ calm and easy-to-handle abilities.
Do I miss them? Sometimes.
Have I regretted getting a wolfdog? NO! Never!
There may be pain and suffering and even — the bad one — facing up to the fact that even I can’t change the nature of my wolfdog, but I never regretted getting this difficult dog. I only had to swallow my pride now and then. We are now trying to be realistic abiut the obedience training.
Last time they started to debate whether this or that cost 1 point at a competition. What if the dog didn’t look up, what if the dog lost the apport object, what if bla bla bla …
That’s when it hit me: I don’t care anymore.
I once started this kind of training to show that a wolfdog is trainable. I didn’t do it to get points for best slavery performance.
I really do not care if she looks at me or the birds, as long as she behaves decently. I do not care whatsoever if she hand me her ball sitting or standing, as long as she hands me the ball on request.
And I don’t care if she prefers a branch with leaves, birds and butterflies in contrary to a human made polished tree-something-unsexy thing.
And that is why we are stepping out. Slowly, discreetly we are about to drop obedience training.
But but. Last Wednesday we (Pandora, Bethina and I) started at a track course. It is only 8 times (once a week), but Pandora loves it and we were given difficult tracks as homework.
We did a homework track yesterday, and at 100 meter with 5 bends, small circles, slalom and few goodies, she did so well, she is in the champion class. All we need to know is: can we train this somewhere else after this course is over?
Tomorrow we also start Agility again. Here we’ll never be the fastest but we are definitely amused.

I have to tell this again. Pandora has the best night vision I have ever experienced in a dog.
One night we went out for our night walk at around 11 pm.
It was dark, cloudy. No starts, no street lights, no buildings to guide us, but we know the area so it’s not a problem.
Suddenly Pandora stopped, looking intensely over the meadow, ears raised, snout vibrating in the wind.
Then she sat down, observing, as she does when she is insecure whether to examine or to run.
I couldn’t see anything.
Her attitude wasn’t fear so I didn’t feel any fear either. I turned on my flashlight and looked at the meadow. A hare perhaps, or a dear?
Far far away, we could see the faint light from a window, and at that specific time I suddenly saw the smallest silhouette towards these windows. A guy running.
Pandora continued observing, so did I. It took the guy about two minutes before he crosses our street, still 15 metres away.
How far away was he when she observed him? 100-200 meters away. It was pitch black!
She might have heard him, but I think not, She might have smelled him, that’s more likely. But she new exactly where he was. And even her nose couldn’t tell her that. She SAW him.
A week later she did the same. Almost at the same spot. Again, a dark silhouette against a dark background.
With my former dogs it was like, if you stood hundred meters away in DAYLIGHT, you’d have to waver your arms, as dogs normally can only see moving targets.

And I think we forget that when we play hide and seek with Pandora. We think we are hidden when we go behind a tree wearing flowered trousers and a big hat, and Pandora think we are complete idiots as she won’t even have to use her nose to find us.

I love my crazy Czechoslovakian wolfdog.


Pandora enjoying the upcoming spring

… and then she saw the light!

12 07 2010

‘Facts about the wolfdog’ has been updated with a lot of information.

Finally last Saturday morning she saw the light of the God of Swimming. And she was swimming like she’d never done anything else.
So now we can go to the lake and swim all three of us whenever we want, and so we do.

After playing with her mates  Arthur , Thor and Cirkeline – who luuuves water, she didn’t recognise how deep in the water she was, so next day as we went to the lake, she just started to swim.
And Sunday she took her first jump from the wooden pier by her own free will.
It’s so great and I am so proud of her.
She is a fantastic swimmer, thanks to all the swimming lessons last winter, I suppose.
Now we have been swimming 5-8 times since and now she starts to whimper when we arrive to the lake.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog swimming

Pandora swimming

Soon our vacations starts and we will go to Holland and visit the Kennel van Goverwelle.
We talked a lot about going to Italy and visit Venice, Florence and Pisa, but ended up with Holland. I hope we’ll go to Italy next year and it’s good to wait until Pandora has matured a little more. But vacation without Pandora is not an issue.
I would probably never do that. What kind of holiday would it be if I missed her every day, which I do even if I’m without for a day?
No, no, future holidays will be with the girl.

Today we will go to the vet and get her 1-year vaccination and she’ll have a health check.
I’m also excited to see how much she weighs as she has now been reduced in her daily food. It has not been a problem as she doesn’t eat much in this heat.
We cut her down to 500 grams, but these last days she haven’t been eating more than 250 grams, and she eats it late in the evening when it’s no longer so warm outside.
We also recently changed the habit of feeding her twice a day to only feeding her in the evening.
Now we have to convince ourselves that she should also have 1 fasting day a week.

Fur and summer heat
Pandora’s winter fur is gone but she is still shedding. It’s like these very hot days (30 °C/86 °F) makes her loose even more fur. Her total coat is still very thick and the hair strands are long (7-8 cm on the back). She really is suffering in the heat and always finds a place in the shadows. Unlike many other dogs I have had, she knows to look for the shadow or a cold floor.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog a rose among roses

A rose among roses

The tale
I have a little completely unimportant observation here.
When ever I brush Pandora’s tale or just touch it, she is never reacting weirdly. I can touch her tale, brush it and play with it, she doesn’t care.
All other dogs I have had, had a weird relationship to their tales. Like their tales wasn’t part of them. If I brushed them a little hard, the dog would turn its face to my hand to watch what I was doing or even look like if I was rougher they would bite (None of them ever did though). It’s difficult to explain the awkwardness the other dogs showed to their tale, but to Pandora her tale is just as much a part of her as her legs or ears. She seems to be aware of her tale and she is of course very dependent on it for her super balancing acts.

Digger dog
Our entire garden is filled with little holes that Pandora has made over the time. But they are small, like half a football or something.
Lately, as we have gone to the beach and to our favourite lake, she has been digging holes in a different scale.
One of the wolfdogs trademarks are exactly that. Digging.
There are at least two reasons for the wolf to dig.
The female digs dens to have a place to hide  when the she’s in labour. The den will hide and protect the puppies until they are old enough to see daylight the first time. The other reason to dig dens is to create a hiding place in the shadow. The depth of the den in the ground offers coolness on hot days.
I wonder if Pandora’s urge to dig has increased because of the heat.
Nevertheless she has been digging like a maniac the last few times we have gone to the sea or the lake. The soil here is gravel and grit.
And she digs extremely fast.
It’s fascinating to watch.
She digs with a lot of energy. Stop, takes 2-3 steps backward, move the dirt she has just loosened another two metres away.
Back to the hole, digs, stop for 10-20 seconds to catch her breath, digs, 2-3 steps backward to move the loosened dirt.
This is really fascinating. She continues with this for 20-30 minutes. Along the way she also extends the den sideways and one day she managed to dig horizontally so she kind of made a roof on the den.
She never finishes it, though. I hope one day she’ll finish one of her dens. The last two she made was almost big enough to fit her own body.
I have tried to film it and will put it on YouTube soon.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog digging

diggin' diggin' diggin' done

… and the teenager

5 05 2010

1 year old, 63 cm. And app. 32 kg.
I don’t think this will change from now on.

Pandora’s birthday was celebrated with cake and goodies in the Boxer training club.
“Oh, no” one said, “now that you come here with a new tradition, we’ll have to follow up.”
That’s right buddy. Celebrate your dog, what else have you got I for?

Anyway. One year makes you think.
I just cannot seam to recall how far other dogs were in their mental state as one-year old, but I guess that Pandora is still very much a puppy most of the time.
She jumps up of people as always, but last night we trained saying Hallo, and shaking hands with each other on the training field and both with dogs by our side, and Pandora managed quite well.
These two last times at the training she has improved severely.

The baby inside
Or rather, the teenager inside …
Last weekend we had three young men visiting.
Pandora had seen them before, but this night she couldn’t rest.
She walked from one guy to the next and howled her special ‘I’m not satisfied with the situation-howl’.
As she has not yet been in heat, my guess is that all these young men’s testosterones tricked her sexuality and she was just so ‘hormonal’.
The howling lasted almost all evening until she went to sleep in our bedroom by herself.

Training and the teenager
Twice now as we have trained, she behaves perfectly for 30 minutes or so, and then everything changes. She starts biting our legs, hands or even in the back.
It’s like she looses concentration for and has to DO stuff. Has to get RID of the extra energy.
After five minutes, she’s back to normal.
We went to the dog forest last weekend and she every time we called her. Amazing!
She joined 6 Jack Russels as company instead of the bigger dogs.
Sometimes she is a little weird, but as long as she is amused.

Pandora, czechoslovakian wolfdog and Jack Russells

Pandora and Jack Russells in the dog forest

The sleep and the teenager
She often goes to bed by herself if she’s tired.
In the bedroom it’s dark, and there is quiet and peaceful.
The wasted and worn out wolf sleeps until the sun raises, gets up, count her meat bones (by throwing them up in the air and let them land on the wooden floor) until her mommy and daddy wake up because of the noise.
Tired I walk to the kitchen, curse the not-so-ergonomically bone as I step on it – and make breakfast.
The wasted and worn out wolf GOES BACK TO BED!

The future training (and the teenager)
She loves training. And within the last two weeks she has improved so much.
It’s time to figure out if there’s any other training opportunity we should check out. She is now old enough to train agility, so I guess that’ll be the next step.
I would also like to know a little more about Rally as it contains a lot of ‘fun’ stuff for the dog. We’ll go search new challenges soon as we wait for the water in the sea to get warm enough to go swimming.

Winter wonder land

22 02 2010

From last time
Pandora went to the vet last Monday and had her stitches removed.
This caused her to shiver and shake, like never before.
She is now officially afraid of the vet.
The doctor said her wound looked fine but she have bandages on a few days more.
She isn’t licking her wound but she now hates the bandages and tears it off.

We went back to ring training last Tuesday and it was like starting all over again.
She hadn’t seen these dogs for more than 20 days so she was absolutely crazy.
It was a hard evening!

Into the dog woods
Yesterday (Sunday) we went to one of Denmark’s dog woods. This one actually doesn’t contain a single tree, but is a huge field for dogs to run in without a leach.
It was paradise.
Every time we go to the ring training Pandora meets a lot of dogs, but she is only allowed to play with the Irish Wolfhound Otto.
In the dog wood she was let loose from we arrived and until two hours later when we went home.
S met so many dogs and she was so good and kind to them that she got herself 8-10 new friends.
She ‘lost’ her hearing occasionally but she also managed to come several times as we called her.
It was a wonderful day for her. Finally she could play with everybody and just enjoy it.
We’ll go next Sunday again.

Pandora meet new friends in dog woods

Pandora met new friends in the dog wood

Crazy little things
This is a small follow up on what Pandora does and doesn’t do.

  • She stopped biting for fun a while ago. Now she has begun again.
    Our hands, feet, clothes and so on. I guess this habit will pop up once and again over the next two years.
  • She opens doors. Also inward. This makes us lock all the doors, or she’ll enter the garden by herself and as she now runs away (visits the neighbour) she cannot go out alone.
  • She checks all the rooms in the house when she comes home. At least once a day she has to go to the first floor to sniff around. She needs her surveillance in order.
  • The cats are still extremely interesting. To see them run or watch them eat is major. But she doesn’t hurt them. She still tries to figure out what kind of toy they are.
  • She tears all her toys apart. Any toy she is given she rips into peaces. All plastic animals with a sound, every rope-like tugger or cloth like activity she has shredded. She is a great fan of rubber ducks, but we are now on no. 6 and the nearest 3 stores are out of rubber ducks!
    The only thing she hasn’t been able to modify into ‘dog art’ is her Kong.
  • One of the new things that is frightening, is the invisible woman in the box near a well know burger restaurant. She speaks, but can’t be seen. That’s odd!
  • And this comes in handy to the humans:
    When ever Pandora gets the ‘good idea’ of what to do next (hunt the cat, sneak up on the table, steal something) her tales raises to horizontal level and she gets this ‘innocent’ look on her face. Horizontal tale equals ‘Sneaky pie’ tricks.

Winter boredom
As mentioned earlier: Winter is a real challenge to train a dog in.
As it is sometimes so cold outdoor that we prefer to be inside, I played with Pandora the other night.
Now she has an intelligent box with three rooms and 6 lids. It is the toughest challenge I’ve seen yet to a dog. It takes least three minutes to solve it!
Uuh, what to do then?
Well I found eight old kitchen towels, spread them on the floor and put goodies beneath them. At the meantime Pandora was put out of the way.
Called back she could sniff the towels to find all the little ham pieces under them.
A good alternative to use the nose.
Another enjoyment we gave her was an ice cube. She played with it until it melted. She loved it and it’s cheap.

The future
Almost 10 month old and getting smarter and more focused, I’ll have to find some training for her.
I’d prefer defence, obedience (I still hate that word) and track work. But I would also like to observe Rally, Music to Heelwork, Agility and Rescue work.
We haven’t been swimming for a while because of Pandora’s accident, but we’ll soon start again.

The fur girl has a lot of energy to burn and her humans are sick and tired of snow. (Have I said that before?)

A tired wolfdog sleeping

It was a good day. Goodnight.

Hallow wedding and birthday

3 11 2009

Today it is Pandoras 1/2 year old birthday!

Facts: 59 cm and 23,5 kg.

Hallow wedding
Last Saturday the 31. October my boyfriend and I got married.
In the daytime Pandora was taken care of by a very good friend of mine. It all went well according to my friend. Nice day and evening.
Pandora’s best friend Bandit came in the afternoon with his ‘parents’ so they could play all evening. We had 17 guests but the dogs were behaving very good and well-mannered.
Late in the night both dogs were very tired and fell asleep almost in each others legs.

It is now obvious that Pandora only plays with bigger dogs like a Rottweiler, a Labrador and likewise. When she meets smaller dogs, she so wants to play but she is too rough. She is now 59 cm and looking quite grown up.

Her grown up looks even fools me. Sometimes I forget that she is just a little puppy inside, though she is so tall. She still has a lot of puppy behaviour and I think she cannot figure out why she is so big when she is so small inside.

It seems like the little changes we have had in the training routine: sometimes using the clicker, almost never shout, always trying to be ‘worthy’ of her attention, has given us an even better dog. She is happy all the time, and she is much better at coming when called.

Last weekend we played RETRIEVE with a ball and GO FIND with my boyfriend. Each of these exercises we only did 3 times. But she loved the GO FIND-rehearsal though she cannot yet bark on command.
This weekend we played SEEK with a ball hidden in her lamb skin carpet. It took her one try to understand what the deal was. Then we played it three times but stopped before she got bored.  We also played ROLL AROUND last night using goodies. As she lay down I moved the snack just in front of her nose and over her back so she had to roll to reach it. 4-5 times, then I stopped. Now she knows what that is and we can play it again soon.

The dark time
In Denmark we changed back to ‘wintertime’ last weekend which means that it’ll be dark even earlier the coming months, so now we have to do our evening walks in complete darkness making playing more difficult. We must be a little creative.
I laid a track for her last night when we came home from work. It was at least 30 meters long and it had grown dark before we could start it. She did very well. She got a little unconcentrated the last 2 meters, but she went all the way to the end and afterwards she stuck her nose in the ground, sniffing her way through the lawn to find more treats. As we came home she slept for 3 hours – exhausted.

My friend
How come I dislike the word ‘obedience’ so much? The more I work with Pandora the more I dislike the attitude of ones dog being ones slave.
My dog is my good body and companion. I also know that a lot of people might think of me as a softie, but I have always been close to my dogs. I had a neighbour once who was almost annoyed of the fact that my dog followed me everywhere.
I would also never choose to have a dog that couldn’t stay in the same room as me. For instance denied access to the living room or have to live in the utility room. What kind of family member do you offer that to?

Future plans
We have now entered Pandora to an exhibition the 29. November in Hedensted, Jutland, Denmark. Pandora will go as a young dog (puppy) and she will probably be the only Czechoslovakian Wolfdog  there so she will get some prizes, but we are also very curious to what the judge have to say about her.

Pandoras birthday present
Thursday we will go to the dog swimming pool to teach Pandora to swim. We do that because she loves water but never got to swim this summer. This way she’ll be ready for spring as the water gets warm enough. This is not a needed thing, this is the mom and dad being curious 🙂
More about that in the next blog.

Pandora looking out of the window in the morning as we leave.

Pandora looking out of the window in the morning as we leave

Pandora and Bandit tired after playing

Pandora and her best friend Bandit tired after playing

Pandoras view these days. Autumn is here.

Pandoras view these days. Autumn is here.

Is there a human inside?

23 10 2009

The temperature in Denmark is dropping.
It’s autumn now, the leaves are turning into yellow-brownish and the days are short.

We can no longer let the door be open all day, it’s too cold.
Yesterday Pandora barked for the first time because she wanted to go out and pee. Great!

Our two cats are now coming into the house again although Pandora is there. She still chases Shiva the female cat occasionally, but the other cat Odin has figured out that if he lies still (superciliously on the dinner chair) Pandora simply do not know what to do with him so she leaves him alone.

Dominant brute
These days I am studying a lot of wolf background to get to know my dog better. I see the ‘light’ over and over again as the books describe the almost exact way I have trained my dogs so far. Not being a dominant brute seems to be the main keywords which suits me fine as it was never my style.
I have always trained my dogs by playing with them. I feared in the beginning that Pandora would need a tougher way of training, but it’s not the case. All the things the ‘old psychology’ dictated to show your domination, turns out to be rubbish. Such as:
Eat before your dog – well we don’t and we never did. It makes no sense anyway.
Make forbidden areas/furniture in the house – Pandora can be where she wishes to be except on the tables. Just like any other ‘animal’ in the family.
Walk through the door before your dog – Why? I couldn’t wrap my mind around that and remember it even if my life depended on it.

And I could go on. In my life with animals mutual respect has always been the issue. I don’t do things TO my dog I do things TOGETHER WITH my dog. To get her respect I have to be exciting and inspirational, just as other people have to be exciting and inspirational to get my attention. It’s quite logical.

The ‘difficulties’ with Pandora is her individuality. She’s not stupid but she can ignore things totally if she’s on to something else. Certain things are easy to teach her, other things seams to be so not interesting that she plays deaf. But with ‘tricks and treats’ I can lure her into the game.
I would never ever punish her physically and I discovered that starring into her eyes is enough punishment.
Another important thing is the way we socialized her from day one. She has met more than 30 dogs she could ‘talk’ to and she has at least 3 regular play pals. She has also been socialized with as many people as possible, and she meets other people every day and has at least 10 people who’s not afraid of her and can handle her – also playing a little roughly.

The human in the dog
Let me point this out: THERE IS NONE!
As mammals we have similar behaviour in many ways. This gives us a good base for understanding each other. But we have different bodies and therefore different body languages and visual appearance. Showing my teeth means smiling, when the dog shows its teeth it’s almost never a ‘smile’ etc.

Your dog never gets in the ‘assertive age’ or does things to provoke you; your dog is maturing and trying to stand on its own four feet just as any other teenager.
(See the sub site: Chronological Stages)

Your dog doesn’t need cakes, ice cream, chocolate, candy or any of those things it would never find in nature.
Confession: My old dog loved pizza, but Pandora has never tasted it and she never will.

A dog has fur!
Which is smart, it’ll make the dog resist cold wind, snow and rain. Your dog DOES NOT NEED clothes!
(Except for few breeds that needs a little help in the winter). Your dog DOES NOT see itself as cute in at pink pyjamas or a laced skirt.

Your dog doesn’t need to be carried around in a bag. It has four super designed legs to walk on. Let it!

Conclusion: There is just as much human in a dog as there is dog in a human. We are individual beings, behaving differently. Respect that!

We’re all in a box
A funny thing about humans is that we are just as predictable as any dog or breed.
Looking at which people chooses which dog breeds, tells us a lot of things.
It seams like those who chooses the ‘natural’-looking dogs (with long snouts, upright ears and long tales) almost never buy pink collars with rhinestones, fluffy footwear or velvet leaches to their dog.
On the other hand a lot of moloss owners buy a huge leather collar with spikes, call their dog Tyson and cut their bleached hair short. It’s really funny. Just go to dog exhibitions and see for yourself.

This was a bit different blog and I might have offended some people with my opinions, but I’ve seen so many pictures of dogs dressed up to amuse people and it disgusts me. Sorry.


Pandora watching washing machine

Pandora watching washing machine

Pandora watching a stuffed wild boar

Pandora watching a stuffed wild boar

Pandora hiding – tired of people!

Pandora hiding – tired of people!

Sleeping beauty and the track

14 10 2009

(This blog is written a week ago and a lot have happened since. Next blog will be about BARFing)

Facts: As last time
We love mornings
Waking up with a sleepy dog. Mostly she’s lying in the foot end of my bed. Lazy, small eyes, yawning. Everything stupid she did yesterday is forgiven. The night takes the badness away. She is gorgeous.
And now, as we leave her in the morning, there’s no panic. Actually this morning she would hardly get out of bed.

Ten days ago I laid a track for her. All made up be shrimps and salmon.
(Before we started at all, Pandora tried to wear her track harness half an hour or so, to get comfortable with it so it wouldn’t distract her on the track.
Careful if there is a lot of wind the track will actually blow sideways (or wherever the wind comes from)
Leave it for at least 15-20 minutes the first time to make the grass leave some smells as it starts to putrescent. When the dog gets older and hard core to do tracking a track can be several hours old, even days.
Don’t EVER punish your dog, don’t shout, don’t do ANYTHING negative as the dog follows the track. You can ruin months of work, or even destroy the dogs ability to walk a track ever again!

Without the dog

The track was app. 10 meters (30 feet) long.
 I use wooden Chinese chopsticks to mark my track (natural smell, no bright colours) which is important so I can guide the dog in the EXACT direction in the beginning.
 At this first track, I took very small steps so that one footstep would touch the next. I did it at a lawn with well grown green grass. No obstacles were distracting (such as dead birds or more exciting obstacles – whatever would be more interesting than salmon?). For every 5-6 steps I put shrimps or salmon on the ground. As I know that she is very good at using her nose, I bend the track just a little. When I left the track, I made sure not to cross it again.

With the dog

After 15 minutes or so I returned to the track with Pandora wearing her track harness.
I showed her the beginning of the track and just few centimetres in I had left the first piece of goodie. Now she kind of understood that here was something exciting.  All the time, I showed her with my hand near the grass saying: seek, seeeeek in a soft tone, but animating.
 At this first track I almost showed her every bite I had put on the grass. She was a little unconcentrated, but then again she had no idea of what was expected from her. She ran around, and crossed her own track a couple of times.
The last few metres she started to react as she had understood the deal, but then the track ended. 
At the end of the track, a little more salmon was waiting, and she had millions of praises. Good dog, so clever, beautiful …

Track no 2

Yesterday I laid a new track. 15 metres long. Salmon and raw beef. Again marking every 1-2 meter with a wooden chopstick.
First she was a little confused again, then it was like she remembered! Ouh, meet!
And then she did an almost perfect track. Finding every bite on the ground. Of course she ran around herself a few times, but she didn’t miss a bite, she walked the exact perfect direction (and for every finding  I ‘clicked’ the clicker). A the end of the track a huge bite of salmon was put, but she didn’t want to end the track, so she follow my footsteps for several metres where I had walked as I left the track.
All the way home we walk in the side of the street and she couldn’t stop sniffing in the grass. It was like she suddenly had an urge to use her best ability. Sniffing. Using the nose.

The rest of the evening she was relaxed and calm. I had a walk with her later and she walk perfectly in the leach.
Right by my side, and sitting everytime we stopped to cross the street.
 It was obvious that the stimulating track gave her something important, and that it kind of took the stress out of her.
From now on I’ll lay tracks for her often.
The next 10 days we’ll be away from home together with her, so there’ll be lots of time to play, lay tracks and so. I’m really looking foreward to that.

Worries and food
I have made a discition to change Pandoras food as soon as we get home form our holyday.
 Right now she is getting dry food. Expensive, with the right amount of protein and stuff, but she drinks so much water and she pees indoor. Last night and the night before, she peed indoor 5 times – in the evening!
 That’s crazy. That’s too much. I’m afraid that she’s getting ill and loose too much weight.
I’ll look a little more into BARF (raw meet). It kind of appeals to me because she’s ‘half’ wolf. More about that next time.

A tired dog

A tired dog