Angels, friends and The Devil’s Island

10 06 2013

About angels

Two years ago auntie B came into our lives. She send a poem about her beloved Cember, and it brought us together, that autumn, and we have been friends ever since.
(read: A poem and a goodbye)

From the first day, she was one of Pandora’s favourite humans. And Auntie B totally lost her heart to my wolf princess, and who can blame her?
This spring Auntie B decided to leave us and go back to the capital in hope of getting a job.
The financial crises which has changed the life for many people all over the world, had got to us and caused this heart-breaking farewell.
From taking really long walks two-three times a week, the three of us: Auntie B, Pandora and I, we are now just Pandora and I.
B has been gone for two months now, and really, I thought I had adjusted. Until last Sunday as I went home from training together with Pandora. I had laid a track for her, and as I drove home it was like Auntie B should be in the car seat next to me. She was there last summer.
And the memory made me cry all the way home.

Well Copenhagen, our capital is placed at the eastern side of Sjælland. The island we, in everyday speech, call The Devils Island. Actually you could translate Sjæl land into soul island, and the island stole our soul mate Ms. B
We have seen Auntie B three times since she moved to the capital, so it’s not like we’ll never see each other again. I think Pandora finds it quite weird that her favourite human has changed flat, and visiting B is a whole world of new smells.

All I can say is that Auntie B has become our angel. The one who always loved Pandora and who always listened and offered comfort or a good reply to difficult human problems.
We miss you, Auntie and you don’t have to hide your wings.

Kissing Auntie B

Kissing Auntie B

Visiting Copenhagen

As I said, we have been visiting Auntie B since she moved away.
And last time we were so lucky to meet with Rolf, Uno and Xtreme whom we haven’t seen for two years. It was so wonderful. We also met Fenrir and his ‘father’ Steen. Also Johnni and Kazan was there. It was very joyful days for Pandora who was the only girl and therefore capable of playing with all of the boys with no problems at all.
One thing that we observed with this gang was, that Fenrir, 8 month, wanted to play with Pandora. Xtreme, 5 years had a special interest in Pandora, but Pandora was only really interested (the love material way) in Uno.
Uno must be considered the Alpha male wolfdog in this pack, and Pandora considered herself as the Alpha female (there were no competitors anyway).
Whenever someone passed the garden on the sidewalk, or when Rolf and I walked with Uno, Xtreme and Pandora, only the two ‘alphas’ reacted to ‘danger’ or strangers. Xtreme and Fenrir could relax and did so, confident that the ‘alphas’ would take care of business.

A white German visitor came by

A white German
Followed by: Uno, Xtreme, Pandora and Ferir
(No dogs were harmed under photo shooting 😉 )

That’s how I interpreted it and the observation made me proud as I feel this breed still speak ‘wolfish’ and understand each other and every ones business in the pack.
The photos below are taken by Rolf who is such a clever photographer.

Auntie B, Pandora, Xtreme, Uno, Fenrir

Auntie B surrounded by: F.L.
Pandora, Fenrir, Uno and Xtreme

Pandora, 4 years, status

I can’t believe that Pandora turned 4 May the 3rd.
My girl is way too old. Soon, in 12-14 years she’ll die of age!
I hate that time takes small but deadly bites of my loved ones.

My 4 year wolfdog is so very different from her at the age of 1-2 and 3 years.
Pandora now can stay in our garden without constant observation. The garden isn’t fenced in but she stays and has done so for a year. We do of course keep an eye on her, as with a wolfdog you can never say never.
Pandora can sometimes walk without a leash in the street, but here she’s not completely stabile and never will be.
But she can be let loose and won’t run away and when I call her, she comes. Every time now. It may take a minute sometimes, but she comes.
She can do agility without running away. Actually she is pretty good.
She can leave the cats alone, even if they run in the garden.
She doesn’t often jump up of people anymore, but it slips occasionally.
Her favourite sport is still doing a track and she is magnificent.
She doesn’t really bite things to pieces in her daily two hours alone. And then … only a month ago she destroyed a plastic bowl, moved our pillows around and tore a carbon box to pieces. Nothing serious, but the restlessness in a wolfdodg will never go away I think.

Pandora van Goverwelle by Rolf Larsen

Pandora van Goverwelle by Rolf Larsen

I love my wolf princess. Every day with her is a blessing and she makes our life a lot brighter in the darker days.

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Twitter: @PandoraWolfdog




My girl and me … and Dariusz

1 03 2013

Well, not much new happens when you’ve got an almost four year old dog, but I’ll update you anyway.

A new cat

Today, this afternoon we’re going to have one more cat. We lost our beautiful Oden half a year ago and Shiva, our feline female has way too much energy for her own good. Now she’ll get at friend.

I’m very excited how Pandora will react. When she came to the house four years ago it took two YEARS to make her and the cats respect each other. Hopefully it won’t take this long this time.

Breeder? NO!

My warning on this blog, you can read under WARNING!, well it seems this guy has decided to spit out wolfdogs to complete defenceless people.

So far I have been in touch with three of his buyers. People who now have a wolfdog but think the bought a Labrador. I cannot say it clear enough: Stay away from this guy. It is so completely idiotic to sell Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs as ‘easy’ dogs. That is disrespect for the breed and a very unsympathetic way to make money, which seems to be all he wants. Thank god I also know of people who chose not to buy from him.

From now on, I’ll be in constant fear that these new owners don’t know what they are dealing with and therefore will create bad dogs with bad temper. Why the hell make puppies when all you can do is ruin the breed?

The Love

My girl has a boyfriend.

The small, cute wolfdog Dariusz is no longer a small cute puppy. He is a big, gorgeous 73 cm tall teenager.

I loooove when my girl and her boyfriend meet and they scour the areas together. Especially our grave pit is a paradise for these two.


Dariusz and Pandora scouring

Then they walk or run shoulder by shoulder, sniffing to the same plants, bath in the same small ponds and then kick each others arses.

They are the perfect couple and it is so obvious that this is the same breed, they talk the same language.

I must say though, when these two wolfs play, people around them think they are in heavy fight. They always greet each other standing on the hind legs, showing teeth and snarling. That is real lov!

Often they are misunderstood because of thier rough play and sounds, but they are really harmless.


I told about Pandora’s allergy some time ago.

By now we have tried homeopathy, change of food and lately we ended the vaccination program from te vet.

Nothing has helped.

She is now on Medrol whit is adrenocortical hormone and not very good for the body. We try to only medicate her Sunday and Wednesday, and that is perfect, the doctor says, if just the body get a free day in between, she won’t be hurt. Oh my god, my little girl.

I’ll keep looking for solutions the rest of her life. Any ideas are welcome.

I could have danced all night …

Here it comes. We are going to attend a course in Dogdancing.

People look at me and say: A wolfdog dancing??

Well I haven’t told Pandora that dancing is girlie, and that music to training sessions is a no go, so she’ll think we are doing funny things just for her so who are YOU TO CARE (husband?) 🙂

As Pandora is very good at clicker training, Heelwork to music ( which it’s also called) is going to be fun. It’s just a weekend but we look forward to it. I’ll let you know all about it when we’re done.


Two things I’ve seen since last time:

Winter, dark, almost black nights. Pandora sees all. When we go for our evening walk, at a specific point we turn left via another road. Twice this week, a person was walking behind us. Far away, hundred meters or so.

When Pandora and I turn left, she observes this person whom has not yet turned our way. She can hardly walk as she has to look at him, observe him. The exact same second that man walk straight out, NOT turning our way, she stopped paying attention to him. That means she knows he is no longer a thread and she knows which direction he is heading. Smart!!

One day we were having a cosy time on the couch.

Pandora was licking a small plastic bowl with whipped cream (Well it was weekend), the bowl starts to slip over the edge of the sofa. Then Pandora takes it in her mouth, gently, like this was the most natural thing in the world, she moves it back to sit in front of her legs.

I cannot describe how controlled this look. The movement were so gentle and conscious, like a humans controlled moves.

My girl never stops to amaze me.



Happy X-mas from Pandora

24 12 2012

I, Pandora, just wanted to say merry X-mas.
Me dad’s weird. He brought in a tree from the garden.
Since when was that smart? Is it now outdoor rules or indoor rules that count? Can I mark it with my delicate urin?

Mum’s in the kitchen making whipped cream for something the eat for christmas dinner.
In Denmark we, I mean humans, celebrate Christmas in the evening and run around the tree (I cant wait for that part) after dinner and then hand out gifts to eachother, and most importantly, me!
Mum says that some of you guys, must wait until tomorrow with the presents.
Thank the Fenris wolf it’s not me. Or I would just open them tonite when everyone’s asleep.

Target training in the kitchen

Well anyway, mum whipped cream and let me clean the bowl. After that she wanted me to do a thing she calls target training involving the broom from Hell.
God I hate that one.
Everyday this broom is staring at me from the wall near me dinner bowls and everyday I have to watch out it won’t attack me while eating. So far the broom hasn’t dared to come for me but its just a matter of time, and mum wants me to – to – to y’know TOUCH it. With me snout!


The Broom from hell

And there she stood with susages of the best kind asking, beggin’ and what did I do?
I touched it of course. Mum’s jumpin’ up and down telling me I was nice.
Hey mum, I know!
And then she said: “Tomorrow we target train on the vacuumer”.
THE VACUUMER?! Is she gone mad?
Well I did see her smile idioticly to the wall so perhaps it’s a joke. But its no fun, mum. Not at all.
But so far I conquered the broom. What will you conquer this christmas? And next year?

Czechoslovakian wolfdog sleepy

Tired and waiting for X-mas

Now I’ll take a nap and wait for me friend Lucky to celebrate X-mas with me.
So until next time: have a very happy christmas and a fantastic new year.

Pandora vG :>

Sunshine Island

31 10 2012

The trip, Part I – The Customs

Autumn. ‘All the leaves are brown …’ the song goes, and they are, here in Denmark.

Last week it was schools holiday here, and my husband and I also took some days off. To go to the island Bornholm – also called the sunshine island – together with Auntie B.
Denmark is small, but to go to Bornholm, you’ll have to sail. (Hence the island-thing.) 🙂

Czechoslovakian wolfdog

Pandora looking good

Our main focus  was to sail for as short a time as possible, ‘cos we did not know how Pandora would react to the ferry trip. This meant we had to go through Sweden, driving to the Swedish town Ystad and sail to Bornholm.
This is two hours by car and almost two hours by the ferry. And to cross the Swedish border, all Pandora vaccinations had to be in order or else we would be send back with a fine for illegal transportation of animals. So, Pandora is always vaccinated against any relevant illness inclusive Rabies which is the most important when going to Sweden.

Leaving home early Wednesday morning, we crossed the border around 11 o’clock, passing the Oeresunds Bridge into Sweden (This bridge is the actual Bridge from the tv series The Bridge, if anyone’s interested).
In the customs in Sweden, we were stopped!
The custom officer looked at Pandora and said:
–    You have to go to the people over there.
We drove the car to the ‘people over there’, which was three customs officers, four men with photo cameras, one with a movie camera and for me it felt like there was a bunch of other people running around.
A very kind guy explained that they had a campaign in Sweden regarding transportation of animals, including dogs and smaller pets. They asked to see Pandora’s passport and she was requested out of the car so they could scan her chip (placed in the neck right under the skin).
I was a little nervous. We just had a new passport made for her, as the old one has vanished into god-knows-where, and the new one therefor only have the rabies vaccination listed and the vet even made a correction at the first page with correction tape, which I hoped the Swedish customs officer wouldn’t see as an attempt of forgery.
Bringing Pandora out of the car was also kind of exciting. She hated the cameras (movie star or not) and she was very confused of all the people around her.
Luckily the Swedish customs officers were kind and helpful.
We walk away from the crowd and the guy with the chip scanner was gentle and non-threatening as he scanned Pandora.
I crossed my fingers and hoped the number on his screen was the same as the one in the passport, as we had never had it checked.
It was. Actually everything was so much in order that we were praised for the good work and was told that Pandora’s papers were better than ok.
We were ‘set free’ and could continue our trip across Sweden.

The Trip, part II – Sailing

Entering the ferry was no problem to Pandora. She showed no fear of the noise on the car deck and when we left the car to go into the ferry cantina, she was fearless. Indoor though, she stressed and gasp for breath.
The problem was to get space in the cafeteria. There was an area for people with dogs, but it was occupied by people with children. And did they make room for us when we came? NO!
Did they give us the possibility to eat our dinner at the dog-owners-table? No!
So we had to bunch together to eat and to nurse Pandora. She was a little stressed, but she took it very fine.
There were several dogs on the ferry, but Pandora just watched them, didn’t react to them, but somehow it made her more comfortable. If the other dogs didn’t die, she might not either.

Holiday, hotel and hot sun

Well arrived to our hotel, Strandhotellet, we had a small room, but it was okay. I asked if Pandora could go with us to the restaurant, and they said she could.
Great. Now we knew that if it was impossible to find other places to eat on the island we could bring Pandora with us to the restaurant of the hotel.
You see, in the summer time, it’s no problem. We can always eat outside, but in the autumn, it’s a lot colder and eating outdoor is not just a very cold experience, it might also be impossible if the restaurant won’t serve outside.
But let me say: Our four days at Bornholm turned out to be the best and most sunny days since July.
Every day except Sunday, we were able to eat outside.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog kissing human

Pandora kissing Auntie B.

Bornholm is very different from the rest of Denmark. Denmark is known to be quite flat. No hills, no mountains, no rocks. Except for Bornholm, which is solid rock all the way around.
This also makes trekking a lot harder and walking with a dog a lot more dangerous. Therefor I had brought Pandora’s harness. If she fell from a rock, I wouldn’t strangle her, but be able to lift her back to me.
But Pandora hates her harness. HATES!
Actually she gets mentally castrated by it. Seriously. The second she had it on, she went completely depressive, unhappy and definitely not in any danger – we thought.
But visiting an old ruin, a medieval fortress Hammershus, the silly dog jump up on a low wall. On the other side of the wall there was more than 10 meters drop into nothing. I tugged Pandora down quickly, and while we all got our nerves together she had an even shorter leash.
After that, the harness had to stay on her most of the time, but oh dear, did she hate it.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog at Hammershus

Pandora at Hammershus, frustrated by the harness.

We had many nice walks during the days. The weather was fantastic and both at middays and in the evening we were able to go to restaurants and eat outside. Pandora behaved like an angel.
Every day we bought raw biodynamic beef for her in the supermarket so she was quite spoiled.

The Opal lake

One day we took a walk around an artificial lake called the Opal Lake.

The Opal lake and czechoslovakian wolfdog

The Opal lake seen from above

It’s very beautiful and the colour of the wather is opal blue. I guess perhaps there is 2-3 kilometres all the way around and again, Pardora was in the harness as the edge was a steep fall at more than 20 meters.
As we got all the way around, there was a path where we could go to the lakeshore and let Pandora free.
She went completely crazy-happy. Running around and jumping into the lake swimming. Those of you who follow this blog, might know that Pandora swims, but not much.
She did that day. Obviously she needed to cool down. And after her swim, she found a spot in the lake and there she stood relaxing. Observing her surroundings, not moving at all. She might have needed to cool down. She was sooo sweet, just sitting there.
After that, she seemed refreshed and we found another sport where she could let out some steam before we had to go back to the hotel.

Czechoslobvakian wolfdog bathing in the Opal Lake

Pandora relaxing in the Opal Lake


The next day we went to Dueodde.
This is a very different landscape than the rest of the island. This is a beach with white sand as far as the eye can see. Here we had yet another chance to let Pandora be free and we took a lot of photos there, as the colours were so beautiful.
It was a great day.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog at Dueodde

Pandora at Dueodde

Czechoslovakian wolfdog at Dueodde II

Pandora at Dueodde, II

The last day we were at the island, we took a long walk into the rocky landscape. The rocks were ascending and the higher we went, the more careful we had to be with Pandora. As we went back down, we found a sort of natural bay, where Pandora could run free. She was so funny, blowing out steam again, jumping around from rock to rock, bathing and playing.
It was obvious that she missed her time off the leash.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog blowing out steam

Pandora blowing out steam


We eat several different places during the holidays, but I’ll recommend these:
At the Strand Hotel (Strandhotellet) in Sandvig we could bring the dog to the restaurant. Pandora was even offered water to drink.
At the cafe ‘Margeritten’ in Allinge, we ate outside, but we were treated very kind and Pandora was offered water
At the cafe ‘Det Gamle Posthuset’ also in Allinge, we went for lunch and Pandora was invited in. Great!

The trip, part III – Going home

The trip home was actually the hardest.
I’m not sure why, but Pandora was so stressed on the ferry this time. It took at least half an hour before she could relax, but finally she did. I think she might have been tired, as she didn’t want strange people to touch or caress her, just the three of us in her pack.

We came home Sunday night. Monday Pandora slept like a baby, eyes hard shut and dreaming.
I guess the trip had made an impact on her after all, or perhaps she was just having nightmares because of the harness.

PS. Looking at all the holiday photos when we came home, it appears that in 90 out of 100, a wolfdog is showing. How can that be?

It’s all in the pack

4 08 2012

Quite a long time since I wrote last time, but here we go.

Guard and Pandora
In May, we were dog sitting the wonderful Guard that we met at the Medieval market (see last post). For 12 days the boy stayed with us, keeping Pandora company.
It was so great, though the logistics around it was a little difficult.
Everyday someone was with the dogs. I took two days off. My boyfriend took one day off, another friend was dog sitting for two days, and Bethina, now called Auntie Bethina, took care of the dogs for four days.
It went very well.

Chechoslovakian wolfdogs sleepiong together

Guard and Pandora sleeping together

The first two-three days they were playing all the time. Like they couldn’t get enough of each other. After that, they spend time together as old friends.
Lucky with the wether, both dogs could stay out almost all day, and Guard, who usually live in Copenhagen in the city, enjoyed the garden and the ability to stay out all day.
After a few days he also whined in joy when I came home, just as they were both looking out of the window at the same time when I left.

Chechoslovakian wolfdogs in window

Guard and Pandora in the window

The hard part, was when Guard was picked up and the dogs had to say goodbye. Pandora was very quiet for days, and Guards mum wrote that Guard seemed heartbroken. I hope we can see them soon again as they really enjoyed and respected each other.

Nose jobs
Apart from that Pandora has attended a nose working course. Here we were doing tracks, Identity search and field search.
Tracking was the best part. She loves that so much and is extremely good at it.
Field search is a little too boring for her, and identity search was also, I think, a piece of cake and therefor boring.

Later we went to a scent discriminating course. The idea was to make the dog prefer an orange to an apple and a tomato.
Pandora did fine, but the days were long. Maybe a little too long. But we learned a lot, and mostly we became very good at using the clicker.
(Search the internet for clicker training if this makes no sense to you.)

Now it is summer holiday and we have just been camping near the western sea (Rømø). Last year Pandora was afraid of the big waves. She wasn’t this year. She even learned to jump over them to swim further out.
She is not a big fan of swimming though. She’ll swim for 15-20 minutes, then she want’s to go back to shore.
But it was fine and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.
Apart from that, she has matured so very much within the last 3-6 months.
Going on camping with her was so easy and relaxing.
In a leash she was laying outside the tent of the camper and slept or just relaxed looking a people and dogs passing by.
No problem what so ever.

Chechoslovakian wolfdog on camping

Pandora sleeping on camping while we unpack

Surprisingly we met another wolfdog there, but the owners weren’t into talking, and they shortly said that their dog was a Lukanish wolf dog (I have no clue of what that is, does anyone of you?).
After that we met a dog, a breed between a Husky and a white german shepherd. It looked very much like a wolf dog, very beautiful.

Dariuz and Pandora
A this very moment, we are dog sitting little Dariusz. (See earlier post).
He is now 4 month old, and growing like weed.
He is 53 cm tall, and weighs 25 kilo. That is 10 cm taller than Pandora was when she was 4 month old. He is going to be major.
Pandora seems to find it a little annoying having him around all the time, but there’s no doubt the she likes him.
She doesn’t complain when he is rough with her, and only once has she told him to lay low or else …
It is so great to have wolf dog friends around, ‘cos they play in such a special way.
Tonight the two dogs will be tired and wasted in the exact right way 🙂

Chechoslovakian wolfdog, puppy and Pandora

Pandora and Dariusz playing in the lake

The danger in a wolfdog
One day as my boyfriend took Guard and Pandora for a walk, they were attacked by a Jack Russell. How stupid is that?
The Russell bit Pandora near the eye, and both wolf dogs got angry, of course, but they never hurt the little s###.
Did I call the police? No, I did not.
I know it would be a good idea to report it, just for the statistics, and also because I know who would be blamed had Pandora bit the Russell when it passed OUR house. But the owners are also neighbors, and if anything happens another time, the wolf looking dog will surely be blamed.

Two days later, people living up the street, have a White German shepherd. This dog is beyond crazy. It barks and growl when they pass our house.
Guard and Pandora was standing in our entrance behind our small fence, when the teenage daughter came walking with the white idjet. She couldn’t hold the dog, and tadaa, it bit Pandora in the lip.
I’m sorry but that dog really pisses me off.

Last week, I was walking Pandora alone and I had to pass their house.
I’m always on alert when I reach their house. And then the white killer came around the corner, growling in anger at me and Pandora.
I moved Pandora behind me to defend her, and took a step toward the dog, yelling NO!
It turned around, disappeared, but then came back.
Growling, snaring in anger it tried to block the way for us. Hello, we were standing in the middle of the road!
Again I took a step in front of Pandora to dampen her and protect her.
I growled back at the dog, and shout: If you touch my dog, you bastard, I’ll kill you, I swear.

Someone in the house called the dog and it left. As I walked on, passing their entrance, the woman of the house was standing in the entrance and said: Sorry about that.
I bit me theeth hard togehter and spit: It’s ok.
But it wasn’t! The dog is utterly crazy. And the fault? It’s only based on the owners.
How I hate to see through the fingers with dogs like that, just to move attention away from my own dog.
In fear that the CzW will be forbidden in DK if ANY bad attention is paid towards this breed.
God I hate that stupid dog law that we have.

End of the holidays
Next week the holiday is over and Pandora will go back to be alone a couple of hours a day.
And then school starts. All the training starts in the same week.
Rally on tuesdays, agility on thursdays and nose work on sundays. It’s gonna be hard for the small PAndora, but it is so good for her.

Chechoslovakian wolfdog sleepy head

Yours sincerely

If it looks like a wolf …

3 06 2012

Pandora comes when I call.
Forget about guys walking on the moon, this is a much greater step for mankind.
My little girl has grown up obviously, and I still don’t trust her 100 %, but she has been so clever these last couple of weeks.

Apart from that, we had a great wolfdog week last week.

Thursday we met a little Wolfdog boy, Darius, 8 weeks old and just arrived to Denmark to live with his daddy.
Pandora was a little rough with him at first, but as she figured out that he was in fact a baby, she treated him nice and started to teach him to dig holes.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs digging holes

Darius and Pandora digging holes

He was already capable of killing plastic bags and hide under the chairs.
He was such a darling, and I hope to see him  again soon.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog puppy sleeping

Tired puppy Darius

Medieval Days
Saturday we went to the Medieval market in Copenhagen. Bethina joined us this year and we all went by car together with my boyfriend.
As we arrived a little to ten o’clock Saturday morning, Pandora immediately hated to be there. Too many people, too many smells, too much smoke coming from campfires and grills. She was shaking. Terrified and wildly stressed.
She didn’t want to talk to anyone apart from me, Bethina and Morten.

Later in the day she calmed down somewhat, but she hated every minute there. Again and again people in ‘our’ camp, tried to caress her, but she growled at all the men, so did she as we walked around in the market to see all the tents where stuff was sold.
A few selected (what they were selected by I have no clue) was allowed to touch her and had Pandora-hugs (those where you face gets all wet).
All people coming towards her saying:
– What a cute little dog, bending over her, dressed in armour, weird hats etc. were all stopped by her growling.
She never bared her teeth, but she did warn them all.

In the evening we had the first Wolfdog date. We met with Kasan, a 15 month old male outside the market area.
Pandora and Kasan played so well together. Pandora lured him to the little pond where they could bath, and afterward we went to Valby Stadion where these two dogs had all the play room they could ever dream of. Not a person or dog in sight. And so they played.
It was a positive end of the day for stressed out Pandora, and Kasan’s dad said he was very happy with their play, too.


Crazy guys playing

Kasan is a little uptight towards people, but has a lot of self-confidence towards other dogs. I think his self-confidence will grow when he gets older. All he needs is a lot of trustworthy people around.
Kasan is a tall boy, and he is very good looking.
Thanks to his daddy for a couple of great hours.


Kasan is a tall boy, and very good looking :>

As we came back to the market, all tourists were gone, it was turning dark and I sat down quietly with Pandora nest to me. Now she relaxed completely. And she was so tired.
She fell asleep, and some people sat next to us and caressed her. Now the fear was gone, she didn’t growl at anyone.

At night we slept in a tent. It was freezing cold and I woke up several times during the night shaking of cold. Finally I fell asleep, but was awaken by one of the attendances in the camp:
– Pandora is running around at the parking lot! Hurry up and get her, seven people are out there but they cannot catch her.
No of course they couldn’t.
In panic I hurried to the parking lot and saw Pandora trying to get away from everyone.
I had 1 tiny snack in my hand, and when she saw me, she ran away into a small wooden area.
I followed her, having flash backs to when she was two years old and was an expert in staying an arm’s length away from me.
She wouldn’t let me near this morning, so instead I went ‘normal’.
– Come on, Pandora let’s take a walk.
I turned away from her and started to walk.
She came running after me.
We came to a meadow and I found a small branch so we could play.
– Are you ready, girl?
I tossed the stick and Pandora ran for it. She returned it and I tossed it again. I could almost see normality seeping back into her body.
She returned once more and I could grab her and caress her.
My little girl hated the market.

But we had to go back for a short while, and as the number of visitors increased Pandora got more and more uncomfortable.
But luckily we had one more Wolfdate.
At one o’clock we met with Guard. This means, Guard was this crawling excuse for himself. His mum said that he was  always this submissive in the beginning, and he especially had some fear for female dogs as he had been attacked by some not long ago.
But Pandora is a heroin and a kind one. We started walking with the dogs side by side and before we had reached the Stadion from the day before, Pandora had charmed herself into Guards heart.
As we let them loose on the lane, they played with fun and much respect. Guard no longer feared her and they had such a good time.
Actually the dogs were together for almost five hours and I swear, when we finally separated them, they were in love.
Guard was the most kind dog towards people. Everyone could caress him, but he hated other male dogs.
Somehow this was complete upperset of Kasan from the day before.

Czechoslovakian-wolfdogs greeting each-other

Hello Guard. Hello Pandora.

This just shows that no wolfdogs are alike. And you’ll never know what you get.
Socializing is very important, both with other dogs and with people.
And still your dog can change into a wild animal if he or she is frightened.
They all showed us that.


We are friends, yes we are!

Is one enough?
It was a great experience to meet all these dogs. Unfortunately Pandora seamed a little sad being without friends monday when we returned home.
I seriously think that if Bethina (now auntie B), wasn’t going to have a puppy this summer, I would get one myself. I am a little insecure wether I have done the right thing only having one wolfdog in a country where this breed is so rare that there’s months between they meet their own kind.
It makes my heart bleed to think she is lonely.


A wasted Wolfdog, full of good experiences

Call of the wild

2 04 2012

The reason I don’t write so often anymore is not that nothing happens, it’s more like I running out of pictures with interesting motives. (I love them but don’t you just get bored ..?)
Anyway here’s some news from Pandora world.

Just in the beginning of January, Pandora started to scratch herself all the time. After a few days, it became pretty tiresome and I know that if I had the same itch, I would go insane.
Pet vet: I was told that it could be hormones, it could be fleas, it could be too much protein, it could be anything, it could even be water.
Or, just to make me feel completely bad it could be a tumour in the womb.
Maybe the itch could be treated, maybe not.
Thanx a lot, pet vet.
The blood work show allergies to dust mites and flour mites.
Medicine the rest of her life or antibody injections for the next 6 months. Hopefully it would help.
Worst case, she would grow resistant and she would have to be ’put down’ in two-three years.
Thanx again, pet vet.
We went to a homeopath.
And here we are now receiving treatment not knowing if it’ll help. So far it doesn’t look promising, but the homeopath is optimistic. She said something smart though:
— If you are allergic to dust, it doesn’t matter whether you get small dozes or bigger dozes. You’ll still react.
Together with the homeopathic pills Pandora gets medicine containing adrenocortical hormone and I hate that. But we are patient as we want the girl to feel fine.
I’ll update you on this story until at cure is found. But put down, she isn’t!
It does make me think: A dog so close to her origins, maybe it is wrong to keep her indoor. Perhaps she would feel better living outside? I bet she will, but I’d miss her terrible in my bed and she would miss sleeping there on her bag all legs pointing in the air. Future will show us the right way I hope.


Pandora Sleeping, don't ask how!

One day I drove through the city and saw a Golden Labrador and remembered my old dog, Bella.
When my husband and I for a short while lived in this traffic hell ten years back, Bella was always taking walks with us in the pedestrian zone of the city. Often she carried my wallet which made people smile and point at her: Wow, no one will ever take your money, huh?
She never wore a leash.
Pandora has been with us for three years. I have actually grown to accept that it will never happen to her. She’ll never bee free in the middle of the city as she would live for two minutes and then be run over by a car.
It’s weird that I have forgotten about this other dogs’ calm and easy-to-handle abilities.
Do I miss them? Sometimes.
Have I regretted getting a wolfdog? NO! Never!
There may be pain and suffering and even — the bad one — facing up to the fact that even I can’t change the nature of my wolfdog, but I never regretted getting this difficult dog. I only had to swallow my pride now and then. We are now trying to be realistic abiut the obedience training.
Last time they started to debate whether this or that cost 1 point at a competition. What if the dog didn’t look up, what if the dog lost the apport object, what if bla bla bla …
That’s when it hit me: I don’t care anymore.
I once started this kind of training to show that a wolfdog is trainable. I didn’t do it to get points for best slavery performance.
I really do not care if she looks at me or the birds, as long as she behaves decently. I do not care whatsoever if she hand me her ball sitting or standing, as long as she hands me the ball on request.
And I don’t care if she prefers a branch with leaves, birds and butterflies in contrary to a human made polished tree-something-unsexy thing.
And that is why we are stepping out. Slowly, discreetly we are about to drop obedience training.
But but. Last Wednesday we (Pandora, Bethina and I) started at a track course. It is only 8 times (once a week), but Pandora loves it and we were given difficult tracks as homework.
We did a homework track yesterday, and at 100 meter with 5 bends, small circles, slalom and few goodies, she did so well, she is in the champion class. All we need to know is: can we train this somewhere else after this course is over?
Tomorrow we also start Agility again. Here we’ll never be the fastest but we are definitely amused.

I have to tell this again. Pandora has the best night vision I have ever experienced in a dog.
One night we went out for our night walk at around 11 pm.
It was dark, cloudy. No starts, no street lights, no buildings to guide us, but we know the area so it’s not a problem.
Suddenly Pandora stopped, looking intensely over the meadow, ears raised, snout vibrating in the wind.
Then she sat down, observing, as she does when she is insecure whether to examine or to run.
I couldn’t see anything.
Her attitude wasn’t fear so I didn’t feel any fear either. I turned on my flashlight and looked at the meadow. A hare perhaps, or a dear?
Far far away, we could see the faint light from a window, and at that specific time I suddenly saw the smallest silhouette towards these windows. A guy running.
Pandora continued observing, so did I. It took the guy about two minutes before he crosses our street, still 15 metres away.
How far away was he when she observed him? 100-200 meters away. It was pitch black!
She might have heard him, but I think not, She might have smelled him, that’s more likely. But she new exactly where he was. And even her nose couldn’t tell her that. She SAW him.
A week later she did the same. Almost at the same spot. Again, a dark silhouette against a dark background.
With my former dogs it was like, if you stood hundred meters away in DAYLIGHT, you’d have to waver your arms, as dogs normally can only see moving targets.

And I think we forget that when we play hide and seek with Pandora. We think we are hidden when we go behind a tree wearing flowered trousers and a big hat, and Pandora think we are complete idiots as she won’t even have to use her nose to find us.

I love my crazy Czechoslovakian wolfdog.


Pandora enjoying the upcoming spring