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Please contact:
Kim Hansen
Tlf.: +45 28 43 37 38


Kim Hansen
Tlf.: +45 28 43 37 38

Other contact:
Kim Hansen

10 responses

20 12 2011
Alyssa larson

I’ve always want Czechoslovakian wolfdog. I was just wondering if you by chances know if I can get one in Washington or near Washington?

20 12 2011

Hi Alyssa
Unfortunately I know nothing about CsW’s in America. To mu knowledge they are rare, and many Americans have wolf hybrids and when I read about them, I’m never really sure if they talk Czechoslovakian wolfdogs, Saarloos or hybrids – or any other breeds for that matter.
I suggest that you writ to: which is the biggest knowledge database at all about CsW’s.
You can also contact Nicole Wilde (search her on Facebook under Pandora’s FB profile: ). I don’t know if she knows anything about the CsW, but she just might.
Otherwise, contact me again and I’ll send out a request in my Wolfdog network.

Kind regards,

28 05 2012

I enjoy reading your blog and it has some very useful information in it. I have 2 Czech wolfdogs and 1 of them is the offspring of Amor van Goverwelle. Are you on
I took a very long time to choose my dogs as many breeders in the U.K mix Czech wolfdogs with Inuit,Saarloos,husky, German Shephard etc and I do not agree with that so took time to make sure the breeder was not just interested in making money by cross breeding dogs for a wolf lookalike but keeping the dogs pure. I will never cross my dogs with another breed, they are stunning just as they are.
Kind regards

4 06 2012

Hello Lee

Thanks for your kind words.
And yes, I am at wolfdog.ord with Pandora.
Amor van Goverwelle is Pandoras grandad at her mothers side 🙂
And I totally agree with you. This breed is way too fantastic to mix with other breeds, and the risky part is, that you just don’t know what you get.
Keep up keeping the breed clean 😉
Kind regards, Kim and Pandora

26 06 2012

hello im from cornwall and am thinking of getting a 10 week old male csw. it has been brought up around children and other dogs but just wondering if u could lay my mind to rest. i havetwo children 2 and 6 2 cats and 2 others dogs a neutered male border terrier cross patterdale and a rottweiler cross bitchon frise (very odd i know only comes up to my kness) at such a young age being brought int the house i know it should be fine but wondering about bringing in a new baby in a few years? can it be trrustworthy in being with my children alone or if my youngest grabs the muzzle pulls the tail pulls him around by the collar? i know it is more on the way we bring him up but as he will have the wolf in him can he be as trustworthy? also chewing we are very fussy about toys and furniture being chewwed and as he would be on his own sometimes would my kitchen survive if put in there? and toilet training jus got my rottwieller x trained after a year wot would my chances of getting this male csw quickly trained in the toilet department. love this dog, the looks, the sound of them but just concerned about trust, chewing and toiletting? with all the replys and questions you have i have found this the best place so far to get ‘real’ information about this gorgeous breed you have proberly answered some of these questions already to others but would just like ur thoughts on my personal situation please?

27 06 2012

Dear Kelly

Hmm, first I thought that the children wouldn’t be a problem. The cats don’t HAVE to be a problem. Then you mention a male dog, and then your concerns regarding you kitchen and house training, and finally the worries of letting the dog be alone.
If I was you, I would wait. Wait till I really had the time to focus on this difficult breed. Are you really capable of handling a Wolfdog baby together with 2 children, dogs and cats? A wolfdog is a ‘child with special needs’.
I honestly think that you’ll end up hating the dog, or at least hate that you chose that dog at this time of your life.
When the children are old enough to be left alone in the evening, they are old enough to take care of them selves, and you’ll have the time to take care of a wolfdog.
A wolfdog is not hack work. It really takes a lot of time. Some days it takes ALL your time. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again:
This breed can NOT be left alone in the house. It may howl, it may tear you home apart or it might do both!
Let me ask you some questions:
How are you going to handle two kids (and one more coming up, if I understand you right), without ever letting your wolfdog be alone?
How are you going to train the dog every day, with two other dogs in need for training and two children who’ll soon want to joint the football team, take dancing lessons and you’ll have to attend school meetings?
A wolfdog sometimes needs rest and quietness, can you give him that?
How would you feel if you kitchen was scratched and scored after three month?
What if it pees and poos indor and the children toches it? Pandora was house trained when she was 9-10 month.

I’m not saying you can’t do this, but really, then you are a super woman.

I love my dog, I still think it’s sometimes difficult. I am considering having one more, but I may choose not to, because I don’t want to take any attention away from Pandora, and hey, we are two grown ups with NO children.
What also comes to my mind, is that a Wolfdog is a great fan of hunting. And small children, running in the garden, may be run down. I’m not talking about any aggressiveness, just playfulness, but if your child falls and gets hurt, the dog will be appointed guilty.

And then you say a male wolfdog? Well 90 % of all the male Wolfdogs I’ve met are pretty dominant towards other males. It takes even more skills to plan training a male dog if you cannot be around other males.
Again, I don’t say you can’t do this, but I wouldn’t.
Wouldn’t risk it with the children, with the other dogs and wouldn’t rely on my ability to constantly have this level of energy it takes to raise five ‘kids’ (fur or no fur) where one of them is actually ‘autistic’.
I cannot bring your mind to rest. Sorry.
If I was you, and I really wanted a wolfdog, not because of what it looks like, and not because what it sounds like, but because I wanted new challenges in my life, a new difficult baby, I would wait, lets say 8 years. At that time, I would know everything about the breed, everything about wolves and everything about the best kennels in the world. THEN I would consider what to do.
A wolfdog changes your life, and both you and the dog, deserves better than if you, as the Alpha wolf, change your mind in 6 months because this was too big for your family.
My heart bleeds for wolfdogs brought to families because it wasn’t well thought through. And wolfdogs like that, may get frustrated and aggressive, and if it harms anyone, especially your children, then the dog will be blamed, and the breed it self will be under observation in the future.
What I’m saying is, you are not just responsible for your family, but also for the new dog and for the reputation of wolfdogs all over the world.
Did I put a lot of weight on your shoulder? Good. 🙂
I really want you to think this through one more time. This is serious business.

Kind regards, Kim

12 10 2012

Hello Kim,
I’ve been looking into the CzW breed lately, as my boyfriend and I agree that this is a breed we can both agree on. Neither of us are first-time owners, and we’ve agreed to obedience classes if we did decide to get a dog (both for the obedience and for the socialization it would provide), but we aren’t sure if there are any breeders in Canada (that keep the breed pure). Would you know of any breeders in Canada? Or if not, where I could find out? After all, it would be best to meet a CzW beforehand to really be sure if this is the breed for us. =)
Thank you so much

31 10 2012

Hello Amie

Unfortunately I don’t know of any breeders in Canada, but I suggest you use Facebook to find information. THere are several gruops regarding the CsW on Facebook, and it is far the best way to spread the question.
Also may have som information.
I hope you find the right dog.

Lots of good thoughts from me

17 11 2013
Jean-Paul Warwick

hi i have a czw called lola she is 17 months old but only weighs 18 kg it seems to be a constant battle with her weight have tried everything and im fully aware of all the allergies of the breed. i was wondering if you had any usefull tips or ideas that would be great

9 12 2013

Hi Jean-Paul
You don’t write weather the weight problems are over weight or the opposite.
I BARF Pandora and it seems to stabilize her weight pretty much.
Have you tried BARFing?
You could also ask you local veterinarian.
Please write again, if you want to.
Best regards, Kim

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