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14 10 2016

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15 02 2015

Hi loyal blog reader. You want more Czechoslovakian Wolfdog?

I have moved Pandora’s blog to her own home.

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There is still hope … and such

6 08 2014

Summer. The hottest in many years. Wolfdog owners will know that this is not the favourite season of the year for our breed.
It’s quite a while since my last post. The more stable and reliable Pandora gets, the more difficult it is to find crazy stories to tell.
This should actually be a comfort for those with young (below 3 years old) wolfdogs. Are you struggling with your dogs obedience, have patience. There will come a day.

czechoslovakian wolfdog watching at lake




For about 3 years we have been doing clicker training. The basics of this kind of training is using only positive learning.
Never on the training court have I needed to verbally correct, yank or otherwise stop Pandora during these training sessions. Therefore both Pandora and I are always looking forward to the training sessions, and Pandora is so vigilant and observant, that you could almost think she was a ‘normal’ dog. Meaning: easy trainable.

Actually the last couple of times the instructor has wanted to show something in ‘class’, she has asked Pandora and I to show how it should be done! Crazy! We are in the top of the class, who would ever have thought that? 3 years ago we were the absolute bottom of any class!

And then … sigh. Our clever and wonderful instructor Lene Frahm is taking a break for the rest of the year.
To train her own dogs! What’s that about?? 🙂
Anyway, there’s a small risk that she takes an even longer leave and what are we supposed to do then, Pandora and I? I have to train now and then with others.
I mean, we train almost every day on smaller bases. In the kitchen, on the walks, whenever. But now and then we need company and inspiration.
So I have decided to participate in a course which will make me an instructor in clicker training.
It is quite expensive, but guess what? I may bring the girl with me, and that makes it worth all the money.
I’m supposed to start in September, and after that, I’ll let you know.

Too much of a bone

Now and then Pandora gets a HUGE bone. It must be the thigh of a cow or something, dried or smoked. Anyway, she doesn’t really get happy for these. She gets worried. She starts crying and you can actually see the concern in her eyes.
‘What am I supposed to do with this, y’think? Where should I put it?’
She’ll enjoy it for one day or so, and then – if she gets the chance – she’ll dig it down.
That’s what happened one day we were sitting at the terrace. She had found the bone in the living room and now she came into the garden with it.
Sneaking. In stealth mode, she hid behind a bush and started digging. The logic is: If she can’t see us, we can’t see her.

After the digging she used her snout to cover the bone in the dirt. This took quite a while as it was a big bone.
The work done, she walked away and came over to us, sitting on the terrace, just to make sure we hadn’t seen anything.
Her snout was very dirty so I brushed it and discovered a huge abrasion on the rubbery part of her nose. All the black was gone and the blood was oozing through. Poor girl. So much hard work and then an ugly and annoying wound.
For two weeks she had a scar in bright pink. Luckily it finally turned black as it should, but now we are very aware when she gets a bone.

three czechoslovakian wolfdogs with bones in the garden

Friends and bones


Summer and camping. First we went to the western ocean, to Rømø (Roemoe) a small island with the best beach in the world. We have been there many times before.
Last year Pandora was afraid of the waves. This summer she didn’t care.
Do notice that, as we are talking about a change in self confidence even after she has turned 4 year.
Anyway, we had the camper very near a water post. This meant that people were constantly stopping near our place to pick up water. Also a lot of dogs walked by.
This was a great exercise for the girl, as after 5 hours she didn’t bother about anything any more.
As you can see on the picture (of our very lopsided tent) Pandora is lying in front of the tent with no leash, just relaxing.
So wolfdog owners: there is still hope!

czechoslovakian wolfdog in front of tent

Rømø Camping, no leash

Camping 2.0

The week after we went camping with Rolf, Uno and Xtreme. We went to the Scandinavian Animal Zoo to see wolves amongst other things. The goal was Kaloe and Kaloe Cove, to see and photograph the castle ruin there.
This time we were just camping with a tent, not the camper.

3 dogs and 3 humans in the tent at night and it all went very well. The only downside was the heat. It was so hot that we hardly managed to do anything in the middle of the day, but I hope it’s not the last time we are taking a trip like that together.

czechoslovakian-wolfdog at top of the castle

A princess at the top of the castle at Kalø Vig (Kaleo Cove)

Friends – not for the touchy

We socialize all the time. With wolf dogs, other dogs and people.
Dariusz is Pandoras’ ‘baby’. She’s known him since he was a little one, now he is a BIG one.

One day when Dariusz was visiting, Pandora got ill and was vomiting.
What are friends for? Dariusz and Pandora shared the puke and ate it all up. Cheers!

Mouth water, the best there is

We went for a swim in our lake. On our way back we met some people with 3 dogs. One of them was a New Foundlander. The big dog sweat and was drooling, heavily dripping on the ground.
We nodded ‘hello’ and walked on, Pandora next to me in her leash. You could actually follow the trace back from the New Foundlander as its mouth water was visible pools at the side of the road. Pandora saw some mouth water hanging from the grass and took a big ‘slurp’ and ate (drank?) it.
No wonder dogs get ill!

Visit from Freybug

We met him last year as a small puppy, now he was a young boy about Pandoras’ size.
Neither my husband or i was there when Freybug arrived to our place. It was Auntie B who welcomed Freybug and his ‘dad’.
For some reason Pandora got extremely angry at Freybug. If she was insecure without her humans or something tricked her, we don’t know, but he was told to ‘stay away’ in a very harsh tone. Snarling and barking at him.
As I arrived a few minutes later, we decided to take the dogs for a walk. And within 5 minutes there was no longer any problems. Some misunderstanding had happened when they met, and then it was over.
It was nice to meet Freybug and his ‘dad’, who (the human) has a very positive attitude towards his dog.

czechoslovakian wolfdogs, male and female

Meeting Freybug


In June we were invited to a camp arranged by Auntie B and Johnni from Sealand.
We were in need of time as we (Cirkus Sort, our fire show) had been performing at the big CopenHell festival. For 3 days Pandora was taken care of by Auntie B. It’s the first time we have been away from Pandora for so long. Luckily we knew she were in the best of hands and the solution was so much better than bringing her to a kennel.
After three days we met our girl at the camp, where Auntie had taken her.
It was a very happy – but tired – girl that met us.
That day I had promised to tell about clicker and motivation training. I used Pandora to show what we could, but she was extremely lazy. She did a ‘fetch’ in the slowest possible way, but she did it.
I hope the people participating did understand the effect of clicker training after all. They seamed positive, at least.
The next day I told about doing tracks, and everybody did a track with much success.
The camp also had a visit from a well know wolf expert Freddy Worm. He told about his wifes training of a wolf, which she had brought to obedience training.
Freddy is such a nice person, and his stories about wolves, you could listen to forever.

Back to work

Now our holiday has ended and I am back to work with Pandora by my side.
It’s still hot outside so she is pretty relaxed. all in all it has been a wonderful dog summer. with lots of friends and socialization. The most important thing in a wolf dogs life.

Bye for now, I’ll write soon I hope. Enjoy the rest of  your summer out there.

czechoslovakian wolfdog upside down



PS. Photos

I’m actually very bad at remembering taking pictures. Especially because my husband takes photos on all our trips. If you want to see more pictures from our holidays and daily life, please visit Pandoras’ Facebook, where you can see all the gorgeous photos of her and her friends.


Goodbye to loss and sorrow

17 03 2014

This blog post has been on its way for some time, but as I am not a complainer, I  have hesitated. But just to set facts straight, this is my first post this year. Pandora took care of the former.

Goodbye in 2013

The year 2013 was pretty hard for me.

I lost a friendship with someone I thought was the closest person to me.
I lost my mom into the haze of dementia.
I lost my job in the end of November because I said to my boss I needed to recover from stress. Slam! Next day I was sacked.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog Pandora at Fynshoved

Pandora at Fynshoved Beach

Hello destiny 2014

Raising myself in January 2014 I started my own business.

The greatest thing about that is, that my darling princess Pandora is with me every day.
I work with Content Marketing  and I love it. I want to work 24/7 but I have to relax once in a while.

Pandora and I go to work every morning joining in at someone else’s office. And see! In that office is a White German Shepherd, Blanco, and these two dogs can enjoy each others company every day.
My business is in Danish, but do visit my homepage WWW.ZIGNS.DK  just to see the look of it (and for Google to see me), and by that,
support my business so Pandora can continue to go to work with me.

CsW under the office table working for Zigns

Pandora at the office ‘working’ for Zigns

It’s not all black.

We have spend a lot of time together with our good friend Rolf and his darling dogs Uno and Xtreme.

I’ll post a single picture here, but Morten, my husband and Rolf are having good times photo battling almost every weekend, and you can see the photos on Pandora’s Facebook.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs Pandora Uno and Xtreme

Xtreme, Uno and Pandora

Pandora’s blog by Pandora IV

7 02 2014

Humanz are trainable

Mum sayz its difficult to write to the blog, as I am alwayz the same.
Perfect, wonderful and good.
She calls me The Princess except this morning when I licked her eyelids to make her wake up. Then she called me something else.
I do other tricks to make’em pay attention. Like when mum and dad are sitting in the living-room, looking at that stupid box with the soundz and moving pictures …
If they are too cosy, with blankets and stuff, I grab the corner of the blanket with me teeth and start pulling. The more I pull the more they complain.
Well, get it human! Move your bum and take a walk … with me.
It seams to work ‘cos although the scream like kittenz, they also smile and do something to satisfy me. That means walk or goodies!
They are easy trainable.

Guard, Mila and the treasures

I meet up with me friends now and then. I mean, I have friends all over the world but lately I met up with Guard and Mila from Cow-bone-haven. Guard told me that he didn’t succeed much in training his humanz.
Julia, Guards mum, went abroad, and Guard and Mila spend time alone with daddyPatrick.
One morning when Patrick woke up, he waz buried in empty salmon bags, empty pate boxes and other empty food containers. I guess the problem waz, that Patrick perhapz did not appreciate the gifts as much as Guard and Mila had expected.
He didn’t understand that me two furry friendz brought these fine gifts to their Master. Instead he complained about the fact that Guard and Mila had emptied the treasure bin – uh, garbage bin.
No, not easy trainable Guards humanz.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog and cross breed

Guard and Mila, photo by Yule Fudakowska

Daddy and the ice lolly

But people. Y’know those on two legs. They don’t get it.
It’s winter here. Snow finally. It took for ever to come.
Well me and me dad went out one night for a walk. Dad wore all his clothes. Hat, gloves, jacket, muffler – you name it. I wore me fur!

Along the road I found thiz amazing frozen, little, delicious cat pooh. I totally forgot daddys denial of this delicacy, so I grabbed it and sucked, enjoying the sharp, wonderful taste of the yellow-brown ice melting.
I almost fell out of me fur when daddy started jumping up and down, waving his hands in the air, shouting and complaining.
“Pandora, don’t eat that shit. Come on spit it out!”
I refused. This waz sooooo good and just because he is vegetarian I don’t have to be!
So I kept sucking.
“Pandora, spit! It’s disgusting.”
The he did the most awful thing:
He bend down over me, forcing me jaw to open and then he put hiz fingers in me mouth and pulled out what waz left of me little ice lolly.
Imagine having these woollen, hand-knitted, sticking gloves in your mouth. Well who’s is disgusting now Mister?

On our way home dad talked to him self as he walked with his hands far away from his nose. Fingers sticking out like an idjet.
I had no compassion for him. He stole my ice lolly.

Blanco or shopping

Yesterday mum went to an appointment. Not important, just something about a new costumer.
Anyway, meanwhile I waz to stay with me new friend Blanco. I cried a little. Not because I missed mum, but because Blanco’s humanz shouldn’t forget me y’know.

Finally they decided to let my out into the garden.
I got the idea that perhaps mum waz just down the street, so … I ran to the street.
As I couldn’t see her, I continued down the road. I turned the corner and hey! There waz the shop that mum often goes to. Perhaps she waz there?
So I went to the shop, took a stray between the shelves (and didn’t even stop at the dog accessories department), but mum wasn’t there, so I left the shop and went back towards Blanco’s home.
A car stopped and a woman called me. It waz Blanco’s mummy human. She waz out looking for me.
Really? I waz just on my way back home. No big deal, huh?
When mum finally came back I waz a little exhausted.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog and white german shepherd

Blanco and me

Humanz. They are so concerned. I mean, as long as there is mice and garbage in the roadside, I don’t see the problem. I could easily do on my own for a week or two, although mums bed is preferable for a good nights sleep.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and remember, a wolfdog is a wolfdog is a wolfdog!

Sleeping czechoslovakian wolfdog


I have to tell you this!

21 08 2013

Sometimes fantasy cannot compete with reality.

I our nearest city we have a shopping area. Stores lie side by side. Car equipment, clothes, Pet shops, furniture etc.

Today my husband went into the city to buy a (for a man very important) gismo in the car equipment store. He brought Pandora along, leaving her in the car as he went for the shopping spree.

Pandora is in heat. When in heat I feel instinctively that I cannot trust her the same way as usual.
She gets a little restless, lacks attention and seems to have her mind somewhere else. Probably in the neighbours garden.

Break out

This afternoon, she complains a little as my husband leaves the car, Pandora often whimpers a little when left.
But today, as soon as ‘daddy’ is out of sight, she starts working.

Throwing herself against the cage door several times to shake the handles loose. She has succeeded once before a couple of month ago, so why not again?
Soon she’s out of the cage and in the main of the car.
A small opening between the window and the doorframe has been left open. She starts to work on that, too, and finally the window opens enough to let her out.

The nearest shop? The Pet shop!
The well-known paradise with all the goodies, bones and toys. Pandora’s been there many times.
She enters and before anyone understands that this dog is WITHOUT a human, she steals the biggest goody in the shelf and runs back to the parking lot.
People from the shop follow her as she crosses one of the biggest and heavily trafficked roads in town, and vanishes into a small wood.

My husband leaves the car shop and is surprised to meet three people in the parking lot that ask him:
– Do you by any chance own a dog that looks like a wolf?

After chasing the crazy girl for a couple of minutes, my husband finally succeeds and captures the culprit.

I am now indifferent whether I should laugh at the theft in the pet shop or feel terrified because she crossed a potentially deadly road.
I think I’ll choose the first as nothing happened.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog Pandora van Goverwelle

Pandora van Goverwelle, thief and culprit

New training and experiences

Though Pandora is in heat, she did surprise me last night as we went to training and she was so very alert and clever.
We started this seasons ‘click and motivation’, tricks and positions based on Dog dancing themes.
We tried dog dancing in the spring and found it challenging and educational. (The correct term is actually Heelwork To Music — HTM)
Pandora found it funny too, and since we haven’t been training for about two month, Pandora is now very motivated.
Everything went well last night, she obviously learned stuff and went all the way without getting unconcentrated after half an hour.
I was proud as a Olympic winner when we went home with a fabulous experience.

Wolfdog camp and rescue training

In June we had a private wolfdog camp. The first in Denmark in many years.
Me and Dariusz’ daddy Arne planned the camp with help from Auntie B.
Everything went very well. The dog owners thought it all worked out well.

The highlight of the weekend was a surprise event I had arranged Saturday afternoon.
All dog (we were about 13) went to a Rescue training site for rescue dogs.
I can still feel the longing for that day.

This was Pandora’s training paradise. Climbing into burned out cars and houses, finding people buried in piles of bricks, searching rooms filled with soot and old stuff. All these things she did so well. No fear of heights or moving platforms. It was like a miracle.
The combination of using: the snout, the intelligence and the body, was like she was made for exactly that.
Oh, how I wish we could train that way instead of obedience and meaningless stuff.


Lately we have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time together with Rolf and his two gorgeous dogs, Uno and Xtreme.

Pandora, Uno and Xtreme by the lake

Pandora, Uno and Xtreme by the lake. Photo: Rolf

Uno being 8 years old and Xtreme 5, is great company for Pandora. She has now reached adulthood herself and doesn’t need to play all day long. A few minutes of trying to kiss the boys every now and then, and an occasionally running in the meadow is perfect. These three dogs together hands found peace and relaxation between them. They enjoy each other’s company but can also work separately.
They have been swimming, playing, traveling, been with us at museums, in parks, in the forest and so on. Treetop walking was a funny experience and again Pandora did it without hesitation.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog tree top walking

Pandora, tree top walking. Photo: Rolf

It’s very exciting to watch the differences between the three dogs. The quiet and calm Xtreme, the energetic and ‘I’m right here’ Uno. Pandora is something in between.
But also what differs the sexes. What the boys do and what the girl does. How they interact and what sort of signals they use.
It has been a very entertaining and educational time.

Two weeks in June, we took care of Dariusz. For a while we had four dogs under our roof and it wasn’t always easy, especially as the two males, Dariusz and Xtreme didn’t actually love each other. But it went out fine, also.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs sleeping

Pandora and Dariusz sleeping on the sofa

Now we’re back to normal. My husband goes back to work in September and Pandora will go back to her routines.
May you all enjoy the late summer.

REMEMBER you can follow Pandora on:

Facebook: Pandora van Goverwelle
Twitter: @PandoraWolfdog

Book about Czechoslovakian wolfdog … and a poll

26 06 2013

Hello dear wolfdog fan.

Just want to you tell you, that our book, which I have talked about for more than a year, is now available in Danish.

The Danish title is: Tjekkoslovakisk ulvehund – manualen vi ikke fik med.

In English it would be: Czechoslovakian wolfdog – the missing manual.

Tjekkoslovakisk ulvehund, manualen vi ikke fik med

Book in Danish: Tjekkoslovakisk Ulvehund, manualen vi ikke fik med

The book is written together with Auntie B, and it’s humouristic and very different.

Should it be translated?

Help us, dear reader, would you like to see this book translated?

Please let me know in the poll below.