Goodbye to loss and sorrow

17 03 2014

This blog post has been on its way for some time, but as I am not a complainer, I  have hesitated. But just to set facts straight, this is my first post this year. Pandora took care of the former.

Goodbye in 2013

The year 2013 was pretty hard for me.

I lost a friendship with someone I thought was the closest person to me.
I lost my mom into the haze of dementia.
I lost my job in the end of November because I said to my boss I needed to recover from stress. Slam! Next day I was sacked.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog Pandora at Fynshoved

Pandora at Fynshoved Beach

Hello destiny 2014

Raising myself in January 2014 I started my own business.

The greatest thing about that is, that my darling princess Pandora is with me every day.
I work with Content Marketing  and I love it. I want to work 24/7 but I have to relax once in a while.

Pandora and I go to work every morning joining in at someone else’s office. And see! In that office is a White German Shepherd, Blanco, and these two dogs can enjoy each others company every day.
My business is in Danish, but do visit my homepage WWW.ZIGNS.DK  just to see the look of it (and for Google to see me), and by that,
support my business so Pandora can continue to go to work with me.

CsW under the office table working for Zigns

Pandora at the office ‘working’ for Zigns

It’s not all black.

We have spend a lot of time together with our good friend Rolf and his darling dogs Uno and Xtreme.

I’ll post a single picture here, but Morten, my husband and Rolf are having good times photo battling almost every weekend, and you can see the photos on Pandora’s Facebook.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs Pandora Uno and Xtreme

Xtreme, Uno and Pandora