Pandora’s blog by Pandora IV

7 02 2014

Humanz are trainable

Mum sayz its difficult to write to the blog, as I am alwayz the same.
Perfect, wonderful and good.
She calls me The Princess except this morning when I licked her eyelids to make her wake up. Then she called me something else.
I do other tricks to make’em pay attention. Like when mum and dad are sitting in the living-room, looking at that stupid box with the soundz and moving pictures …
If they are too cosy, with blankets and stuff, I grab the corner of the blanket with me teeth and start pulling. The more I pull the more they complain.
Well, get it human! Move your bum and take a walk … with me.
It seams to work ‘cos although the scream like kittenz, they also smile and do something to satisfy me. That means walk or goodies!
They are easy trainable.

Guard, Mila and the treasures

I meet up with me friends now and then. I mean, I have friends all over the world but lately I met up with Guard and Mila from Cow-bone-haven. Guard told me that he didn’t succeed much in training his humanz.
Julia, Guards mum, went abroad, and Guard and Mila spend time alone with daddyPatrick.
One morning when Patrick woke up, he waz buried in empty salmon bags, empty pate boxes and other empty food containers. I guess the problem waz, that Patrick perhapz did not appreciate the gifts as much as Guard and Mila had expected.
He didn’t understand that me two furry friendz brought these fine gifts to their Master. Instead he complained about the fact that Guard and Mila had emptied the treasure bin – uh, garbage bin.
No, not easy trainable Guards humanz.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog and cross breed

Guard and Mila, photo by Yule Fudakowska

Daddy and the ice lolly

But people. Y’know those on two legs. They don’t get it.
It’s winter here. Snow finally. It took for ever to come.
Well me and me dad went out one night for a walk. Dad wore all his clothes. Hat, gloves, jacket, muffler – you name it. I wore me fur!

Along the road I found thiz amazing frozen, little, delicious cat pooh. I totally forgot daddys denial of this delicacy, so I grabbed it and sucked, enjoying the sharp, wonderful taste of the yellow-brown ice melting.
I almost fell out of me fur when daddy started jumping up and down, waving his hands in the air, shouting and complaining.
“Pandora, don’t eat that shit. Come on spit it out!”
I refused. This waz sooooo good and just because he is vegetarian I don’t have to be!
So I kept sucking.
“Pandora, spit! It’s disgusting.”
The he did the most awful thing:
He bend down over me, forcing me jaw to open and then he put hiz fingers in me mouth and pulled out what waz left of me little ice lolly.
Imagine having these woollen, hand-knitted, sticking gloves in your mouth. Well who’s is disgusting now Mister?

On our way home dad talked to him self as he walked with his hands far away from his nose. Fingers sticking out like an idjet.
I had no compassion for him. He stole my ice lolly.

Blanco or shopping

Yesterday mum went to an appointment. Not important, just something about a new costumer.
Anyway, meanwhile I waz to stay with me new friend Blanco. I cried a little. Not because I missed mum, but because Blanco’s humanz shouldn’t forget me y’know.

Finally they decided to let my out into the garden.
I got the idea that perhaps mum waz just down the street, so … I ran to the street.
As I couldn’t see her, I continued down the road. I turned the corner and hey! There waz the shop that mum often goes to. Perhaps she waz there?
So I went to the shop, took a stray between the shelves (and didn’t even stop at the dog accessories department), but mum wasn’t there, so I left the shop and went back towards Blanco’s home.
A car stopped and a woman called me. It waz Blanco’s mummy human. She waz out looking for me.
Really? I waz just on my way back home. No big deal, huh?
When mum finally came back I waz a little exhausted.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog and white german shepherd

Blanco and me

Humanz. They are so concerned. I mean, as long as there is mice and garbage in the roadside, I don’t see the problem. I could easily do on my own for a week or two, although mums bed is preferable for a good nights sleep.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and remember, a wolfdog is a wolfdog is a wolfdog!

Sleeping czechoslovakian wolfdog