Happy X-mas from Pandora

24 12 2012

I, Pandora, just wanted to say merry X-mas.
Me dad’s weird. He brought in a tree from the garden.
Since when was that smart? Is it now outdoor rules or indoor rules that count? Can I mark it with my delicate urin?

Mum’s in the kitchen making whipped cream for something the eat for christmas dinner.
In Denmark we, I mean humans, celebrate Christmas in the evening and run around the tree (I cant wait for that part) after dinner and then hand out gifts to eachother, and most importantly, me!
Mum says that some of you guys, must wait until tomorrow with the presents.
Thank the Fenris wolf it’s not me. Or I would just open them tonite when everyone’s asleep.

Target training in the kitchen

Well anyway, mum whipped cream and let me clean the bowl. After that she wanted me to do a thing she calls target training involving the broom from Hell.
God I hate that one.
Everyday this broom is staring at me from the wall near me dinner bowls and everyday I have to watch out it won’t attack me while eating. So far the broom hasn’t dared to come for me but its just a matter of time, and mum wants me to – to – to y’know TOUCH it. With me snout!


The Broom from hell

And there she stood with susages of the best kind asking, beggin’ and what did I do?
I touched it of course. Mum’s jumpin’ up and down telling me I was nice.
Hey mum, I know!
And then she said: “Tomorrow we target train on the vacuumer”.
THE VACUUMER?! Is she gone mad?
Well I did see her smile idioticly to the wall so perhaps it’s a joke. But its no fun, mum. Not at all.
But so far I conquered the broom. What will you conquer this christmas? And next year?

Czechoslovakian wolfdog sleepy

Tired and waiting for X-mas

Now I’ll take a nap and wait for me friend Lucky to celebrate X-mas with me.
So until next time: have a very happy christmas and a fantastic new year.

Pandora vG :>