It’s all in the pack

4 08 2012

Quite a long time since I wrote last time, but here we go.

Guard and Pandora
In May, we were dog sitting the wonderful Guard that we met at the Medieval market (see last post). For 12 days the boy stayed with us, keeping Pandora company.
It was so great, though the logistics around it was a little difficult.
Everyday someone was with the dogs. I took two days off. My boyfriend took one day off, another friend was dog sitting for two days, and Bethina, now called Auntie Bethina, took care of the dogs for four days.
It went very well.

Chechoslovakian wolfdogs sleepiong together

Guard and Pandora sleeping together

The first two-three days they were playing all the time. Like they couldn’t get enough of each other. After that, they spend time together as old friends.
Lucky with the wether, both dogs could stay out almost all day, and Guard, who usually live in Copenhagen in the city, enjoyed the garden and the ability to stay out all day.
After a few days he also whined in joy when I came home, just as they were both looking out of the window at the same time when I left.

Chechoslovakian wolfdogs in window

Guard and Pandora in the window

The hard part, was when Guard was picked up and the dogs had to say goodbye. Pandora was very quiet for days, and Guards mum wrote that Guard seemed heartbroken. I hope we can see them soon again as they really enjoyed and respected each other.

Nose jobs
Apart from that Pandora has attended a nose working course. Here we were doing tracks, Identity search and field search.
Tracking was the best part. She loves that so much and is extremely good at it.
Field search is a little too boring for her, and identity search was also, I think, a piece of cake and therefor boring.

Later we went to a scent discriminating course. The idea was to make the dog prefer an orange to an apple and a tomato.
Pandora did fine, but the days were long. Maybe a little too long. But we learned a lot, and mostly we became very good at using the clicker.
(Search the internet for clicker training if this makes no sense to you.)

Now it is summer holiday and we have just been camping near the western sea (Rømø). Last year Pandora was afraid of the big waves. She wasn’t this year. She even learned to jump over them to swim further out.
She is not a big fan of swimming though. She’ll swim for 15-20 minutes, then she want’s to go back to shore.
But it was fine and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.
Apart from that, she has matured so very much within the last 3-6 months.
Going on camping with her was so easy and relaxing.
In a leash she was laying outside the tent of the camper and slept or just relaxed looking a people and dogs passing by.
No problem what so ever.

Chechoslovakian wolfdog on camping

Pandora sleeping on camping while we unpack

Surprisingly we met another wolfdog there, but the owners weren’t into talking, and they shortly said that their dog was a Lukanish wolf dog (I have no clue of what that is, does anyone of you?).
After that we met a dog, a breed between a Husky and a white german shepherd. It looked very much like a wolf dog, very beautiful.

Dariuz and Pandora
A this very moment, we are dog sitting little Dariusz. (See earlier post).
He is now 4 month old, and growing like weed.
He is 53 cm tall, and weighs 25 kilo. That is 10 cm taller than Pandora was when she was 4 month old. He is going to be major.
Pandora seems to find it a little annoying having him around all the time, but there’s no doubt the she likes him.
She doesn’t complain when he is rough with her, and only once has she told him to lay low or else …
It is so great to have wolf dog friends around, ‘cos they play in such a special way.
Tonight the two dogs will be tired and wasted in the exact right way 🙂

Chechoslovakian wolfdog, puppy and Pandora

Pandora and Dariusz playing in the lake

The danger in a wolfdog
One day as my boyfriend took Guard and Pandora for a walk, they were attacked by a Jack Russell. How stupid is that?
The Russell bit Pandora near the eye, and both wolf dogs got angry, of course, but they never hurt the little s###.
Did I call the police? No, I did not.
I know it would be a good idea to report it, just for the statistics, and also because I know who would be blamed had Pandora bit the Russell when it passed OUR house. But the owners are also neighbors, and if anything happens another time, the wolf looking dog will surely be blamed.

Two days later, people living up the street, have a White German shepherd. This dog is beyond crazy. It barks and growl when they pass our house.
Guard and Pandora was standing in our entrance behind our small fence, when the teenage daughter came walking with the white idjet. She couldn’t hold the dog, and tadaa, it bit Pandora in the lip.
I’m sorry but that dog really pisses me off.

Last week, I was walking Pandora alone and I had to pass their house.
I’m always on alert when I reach their house. And then the white killer came around the corner, growling in anger at me and Pandora.
I moved Pandora behind me to defend her, and took a step toward the dog, yelling NO!
It turned around, disappeared, but then came back.
Growling, snaring in anger it tried to block the way for us. Hello, we were standing in the middle of the road!
Again I took a step in front of Pandora to dampen her and protect her.
I growled back at the dog, and shout: If you touch my dog, you bastard, I’ll kill you, I swear.

Someone in the house called the dog and it left. As I walked on, passing their entrance, the woman of the house was standing in the entrance and said: Sorry about that.
I bit me theeth hard togehter and spit: It’s ok.
But it wasn’t! The dog is utterly crazy. And the fault? It’s only based on the owners.
How I hate to see through the fingers with dogs like that, just to move attention away from my own dog.
In fear that the CzW will be forbidden in DK if ANY bad attention is paid towards this breed.
God I hate that stupid dog law that we have.

End of the holidays
Next week the holiday is over and Pandora will go back to be alone a couple of hours a day.
And then school starts. All the training starts in the same week.
Rally on tuesdays, agility on thursdays and nose work on sundays. It’s gonna be hard for the small PAndora, but it is so good for her.

Chechoslovakian wolfdog sleepy head

Yours sincerely