Call of the wild

2 04 2012

The reason I don’t write so often anymore is not that nothing happens, it’s more like I running out of pictures with interesting motives. (I love them but don’t you just get bored ..?)
Anyway here’s some news from Pandora world.

Just in the beginning of January, Pandora started to scratch herself all the time. After a few days, it became pretty tiresome and I know that if I had the same itch, I would go insane.
Pet vet: I was told that it could be hormones, it could be fleas, it could be too much protein, it could be anything, it could even be water.
Or, just to make me feel completely bad it could be a tumour in the womb.
Maybe the itch could be treated, maybe not.
Thanx a lot, pet vet.
The blood work show allergies to dust mites and flour mites.
Medicine the rest of her life or antibody injections for the next 6 months. Hopefully it would help.
Worst case, she would grow resistant and she would have to be ’put down’ in two-three years.
Thanx again, pet vet.
We went to a homeopath.
And here we are now receiving treatment not knowing if it’ll help. So far it doesn’t look promising, but the homeopath is optimistic. She said something smart though:
— If you are allergic to dust, it doesn’t matter whether you get small dozes or bigger dozes. You’ll still react.
Together with the homeopathic pills Pandora gets medicine containing adrenocortical hormone and I hate that. But we are patient as we want the girl to feel fine.
I’ll update you on this story until at cure is found. But put down, she isn’t!
It does make me think: A dog so close to her origins, maybe it is wrong to keep her indoor. Perhaps she would feel better living outside? I bet she will, but I’d miss her terrible in my bed and she would miss sleeping there on her bag all legs pointing in the air. Future will show us the right way I hope.


Pandora Sleeping, don't ask how!

One day I drove through the city and saw a Golden Labrador and remembered my old dog, Bella.
When my husband and I for a short while lived in this traffic hell ten years back, Bella was always taking walks with us in the pedestrian zone of the city. Often she carried my wallet which made people smile and point at her: Wow, no one will ever take your money, huh?
She never wore a leash.
Pandora has been with us for three years. I have actually grown to accept that it will never happen to her. She’ll never bee free in the middle of the city as she would live for two minutes and then be run over by a car.
It’s weird that I have forgotten about this other dogs’ calm and easy-to-handle abilities.
Do I miss them? Sometimes.
Have I regretted getting a wolfdog? NO! Never!
There may be pain and suffering and even — the bad one — facing up to the fact that even I can’t change the nature of my wolfdog, but I never regretted getting this difficult dog. I only had to swallow my pride now and then. We are now trying to be realistic abiut the obedience training.
Last time they started to debate whether this or that cost 1 point at a competition. What if the dog didn’t look up, what if the dog lost the apport object, what if bla bla bla …
That’s when it hit me: I don’t care anymore.
I once started this kind of training to show that a wolfdog is trainable. I didn’t do it to get points for best slavery performance.
I really do not care if she looks at me or the birds, as long as she behaves decently. I do not care whatsoever if she hand me her ball sitting or standing, as long as she hands me the ball on request.
And I don’t care if she prefers a branch with leaves, birds and butterflies in contrary to a human made polished tree-something-unsexy thing.
And that is why we are stepping out. Slowly, discreetly we are about to drop obedience training.
But but. Last Wednesday we (Pandora, Bethina and I) started at a track course. It is only 8 times (once a week), but Pandora loves it and we were given difficult tracks as homework.
We did a homework track yesterday, and at 100 meter with 5 bends, small circles, slalom and few goodies, she did so well, she is in the champion class. All we need to know is: can we train this somewhere else after this course is over?
Tomorrow we also start Agility again. Here we’ll never be the fastest but we are definitely amused.

I have to tell this again. Pandora has the best night vision I have ever experienced in a dog.
One night we went out for our night walk at around 11 pm.
It was dark, cloudy. No starts, no street lights, no buildings to guide us, but we know the area so it’s not a problem.
Suddenly Pandora stopped, looking intensely over the meadow, ears raised, snout vibrating in the wind.
Then she sat down, observing, as she does when she is insecure whether to examine or to run.
I couldn’t see anything.
Her attitude wasn’t fear so I didn’t feel any fear either. I turned on my flashlight and looked at the meadow. A hare perhaps, or a dear?
Far far away, we could see the faint light from a window, and at that specific time I suddenly saw the smallest silhouette towards these windows. A guy running.
Pandora continued observing, so did I. It took the guy about two minutes before he crosses our street, still 15 metres away.
How far away was he when she observed him? 100-200 meters away. It was pitch black!
She might have heard him, but I think not, She might have smelled him, that’s more likely. But she new exactly where he was. And even her nose couldn’t tell her that. She SAW him.
A week later she did the same. Almost at the same spot. Again, a dark silhouette against a dark background.
With my former dogs it was like, if you stood hundred meters away in DAYLIGHT, you’d have to waver your arms, as dogs normally can only see moving targets.

And I think we forget that when we play hide and seek with Pandora. We think we are hidden when we go behind a tree wearing flowered trousers and a big hat, and Pandora think we are complete idiots as she won’t even have to use her nose to find us.

I love my crazy Czechoslovakian wolfdog.


Pandora enjoying the upcoming spring