24 11 2011

I need your help!

To buyers of Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs from Denmark.

Don't buy czechoslovakian wolfdog from this man
Without going into details, I had an argument with at Danish wolfdog owner this weekend.
I have known of him for while, but late Saturday he really pissed me off.
I normally don’t talk ill about other people, and especially not on the Internet, but this guy really crossed my line of decent behaviour.
We met at an exhibition and he asked if I would help changing the rules for breeders in Denmark.
In Denmark, your dog have to have certain certificates at exhibitons, in order to mate and get the puppies registered legally.
This guy wanted to mate a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog he has with a bad, bad temper and he wanted my acknowledgement to do so.
I told him I could not agree less, and that he was the worst representative for wolfdogs that I ever met.
  • His aggressive dogs are the reason that our breed are now on the observation list, in danger to be illegal in Denmark.
  • His dogs has got viewable hotspots (skin condition) and lousy fur with clear signs of neglect and bad nutrition
  • He has earlier been bragging about using electrical dog collars. They are not just forbidden in DK, they are the worst kind of abuse.
  • Everything he does he does for money, and he admits it.
  • He threatened me saying he would make illegal dogs and sell them in the capital to gang members.
    He actually said that!
If you hear of anyone buying a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog from Denmark, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll provide you with the need informations about this breeder.
He lives in the North of Jutlan (Nordjylland).
Spread the word to other wolfdog owners so we can ban and stop him from ruining our breed.

Seasons ending

7 11 2011

Deciding what to do

I still love my wolfdog. Regarding my last post.
But it has made me rethink our situation, and as it is almost the end of the season, we are considering not to attend obedience training next year. Agility on the other hand, we will definitely join, because the last two times we were there, Pandora did so well. Didn’t run away and did the rehearsals perfectly.

Now I consider trying to train Rally, which doesn’t demand a perfect obedience, but more intelligence and fun. Actually, I think Pandora would find Heelwork to Music funny, but I can’t find any courses near us. And somehow a wolfdog dancing sounds a little silly, but if she has fun, who am I to judge?
I still dream of building an action park for dogs.

Natural born leader

Two weekends ago we went to meet two Tamaskan dogs (Matsi and Sølve) and our Saarloos Wolfhound friend Loup (former mentioned here when he was a puppy) in the dog park in Odense.
Last year, Pandora would have submitted to any dog trying to dominate her. She doesn’t any more.
Among these dogs, no one else claimed the leading position, so Pandora took it her own very gentle way.

It was like she wanted the only male, Loup (the Saarloos) to join her in an alpha role, but he refused. He is young and still a little insecure.
Pandora seemed to really enjoy Matsi (the Tamaskan puppy) following her everywhere.
Oh, if Pandora and Matsi was together every day, Matsi could learn soooo many dirty trick from Pandora. Be aware, Hellan [Matsi’s daddy]. 🙂

Twice that day I saw Pandora go between first Matsi and another dog, then Loup and another dog. Like she was saying: This girl/guy is a part of my pack, don’t hurt them.
The other dogs respected that, and there were never any controversies of any kind.

I must say, I was very proud of Pandora’s ability to keep track of her own little pack and her gentle way to let the other dogs know, she was in charge.
If anything she is the smartest leader I’ve ever met. Dog or human.

It was a great day, I hope we get a lot more of those.

Here you can see a film from our trip.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog, Tamaskan dog and Saarloos wolfhound in dog park