Moviestar in Copenhagen

23 09 2011

Just a very short post to tell that the beautiful girl is now the movie star with the leading role in the art movie KILL, which can be seen in the gallery Gl. Strand (Gammel Strand) in Copenhagen.

The movie is very cool, and the other leading role is a truck, so Pandora is very much in the spotlight.

This is the movie I wrote about a 16. june called ‘Going to Hollywood.’

Pandora in the art movie KILL

If you get near Copenhagen, do go see the movie. It’s very short, like 7 minutes but is’t so well made.

You can see Gl. Strand webpage here. The exhibiton is called: FILM/KUNST (Film/art) and the artist behind it is my farvorite artist Ingvar Cronhammar and the super talented fim director Christoffer Boe.

Poster from the FILM/KUNST artmovie: KILL

Poster from the FILM/KUNST artmovie: KILL




4 responses

8 10 2011
championne jetski

Very well written blog

10 10 2011

Thank you very much 🙂 I do my best.

18 04 2012

Is tere any chance I could find the movie (or a preview) on the internet…somewhere? It looks very artsy and neat.

3 06 2012

Hi Roguecris
NO unfortunately the stupid film company won’t let me have even a private copy of the film. Which freaks me out. If the film ever gets released on YouTube, I promise you EVERYONE will know, ha ha.

Regards, Kim

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