Pandoras blog by Pandora III

12 08 2011

Oops I did it again
Found this completely gorgeous dead fish on the river bank.
It smelled soooo delizious that I just had to roll me delicate body in it … to make it even more delicate.
Mum tried to stop me, but I refuzed. I rolled intenzely, all the way down the small hill where I fell into the stream.
I totally ignored the barking sound me mummy made.

Her crazy grinning stopped as she petted me and her fingerz got glued together with me sticky perfume. I’ve got the feeling she didn’t love me too much on the way home.

Then I had a bath.

Mud bathing
Me mummy and daddy took me to a nice area where we often come. There’z a small bridge crozzing a minor stream. I usually bath in it. It’s refreshing, cool and zmells devine.

This day, the water was very dark. Black, ya could even zay.
So, I left the bridge to dip me delicate feet in the water, and well, ehem … I … eh … fell in mud to me neck.
I mean, me hind legs were still on the bridge but me front legs were GONE!
First mummy looked very frightened, but then she started the barking sound again. When she does that, I know I should be happy ‘coz she is.

I used all me strength to get out of the mud and climb to the shore.
Mum laughed even more, and then she offended me big time:

All me beautiful legs, black to me very stomach … and then she said:
– Pandora, you look like a fox.

A FOX! Really! I do no such thing.

What does she look like? A naked monkey? Huh?

Back home I had  bath.

I miss winter
Seriously. Snow I tell ya, ya can do all sorts of thingz in it. Dig, dig, and dig even more.
So I figured: Why not make snow me self?

The characteristics ’bout snow is: White, fluffy, light.
Light as a feather, actually. Light as me mummy’s pillow.
See what I mean?

So, left alone in the house I decided to let it snow.
It took to minutes to spread them!
Mum claims it took her an hour to get all the feathers away from the bedroom. Yeah right!

And then she had a bath.

Feather snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I am a herding dog, got it?
Ev’ry time we have to leave home, before we walk out of the door, I do me usual round into daddy’s workshop.
Ev’ry time he calls me back.
– Pandora, get back here!

When we come back to the house, I do me round again.
And again daddy calls me back.
– Pandora, get back here. What is it with you, are you developing an OCD?

OCD? Humanz! *sigh*

Until one day I did me round and I caught the neighbours enormouz, big, dangerouz, red cat below daddy’s working table. The cat hissed like a idjet and ran off. Frightened to death seeing me.

After that mum said I should alwayz be allowed to do me rounds whenever I want.
Finally she got it.

I have to do my rounds, not coz I got OCD, but ‘coz I have to herd the catz back into the house. Get it?

I have to know where ev’rybody is. That’s me job. I’m a herding dog, y’zee?

Czechoslovakian wolfdog on Fanoe

Me dad thinkz I've got OCD!

Ce ya zoon,

hot licks from Pandora