A poem and a goodbye

23 05 2011

As told in a former entry on this blog, we lost our dear friend and play mate Cember in January
I got this poem which brought tears into my eyes.
There’s not much to say except:
Dear B.
I hope you’ll one day consider getting a new wolfdog. Not as a replacement for Cember but as an heir to your love.
I my opinion (and here I might offend some, sorry), but there are very few capable Wolfdog owners out there, but you’re one of them, and there are a lot of wolfdog puppies who need a good human.
My best and kindest regards,

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Cember

Cember †

By B. H.
“My dearly beloved Cember”

Before I am able really to let you go,
there are a few things, I need you to know,
you taught me so much, now I can see,
I hope it will still grow deep inside of me.
You taught me a special kind of love,
the one, that is known in heaven above,
you showed me trust, joy and play,
everything you did was in your own way.

I will never forget the look in your eye,
when I left that day without a goodbye,
I´m deeply sorry, I hurt you, I wish I never did,
I hope you forgave me – maybe just a little bit.
I wonder, if you understood from the tone of my voice,
when later I told you, leaving was not my choice,
and I prayed, that the sound would reach your ear,
all the times at night, I whispered: “Baby, I´m right here!”.

However, I was grateful more than ever felt before,
for our last time together, and I loved you even more,
a welcome as yours will be nowhere else to find,
I even loved the blue marks your happiness left behind.
I enjoyed every minute, every step and every mile,
I was proud and save around you – you gave me reason to laugh and smile,
I remember your sound, your fur, smell and your touch
when you lay your head towards me – I will miss it all so much.

The lost of you only time can heal,
but life must go on – it´s a damn spinning wheel,
so, now you rule in the sky, sure as happy as can be,
“the king of doggy-heaven” – baby, run wild and free.
I am so blessed to have known you – and now I let you go,
but when my time comes, I will stop by you to say “hello”.
Forever you are printed in my heart, soul and mind,
my dearly beloved Cember – you were really one of a kind!

Thank you so much for this great homepage, written with humour, honesty and humility, but most of all love.
That beautiful Pandora, she is obviously a lucky girl!