The ghost in the cabin

1 03 2011

Well I guess I’ve mentioned it before, but this crazy dog of mine? She is intelligent!

She’s got this weird affection for toothpaste. As we brush our teeth in the evening, the dog is standing on her hind legs, hoping to get a taste of this peppermint stinking cleaning thing.
Delicious: If I drool a drop in the sink, she’ll eat it. I’m just saying. She’s so delicious, right?
Well, one night I sneaked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and I almost succeeded to get away. As I spit out the rest of the toothpaste into the sink, Pandora stood next to me, and quickly I turnen on the water so the tooth paste would be washed out – and then this happened:
Next to the sink, behind a glass wall, is the shower cabin.
This means that the plumbing from the sink, runs under the floor into the shower cabin, so water from there, will run down to the same plumbing tubes. When you let the water run into the sink, you can faintly hear it passing under the shower cabin passing the drain under the floor.
Pandora stood there, watching me washing out the tooth paste she so wanted. Then she tilted her head a little, left the sink and went to the shower cabin. She stared down the drain, listening to the water passing, probably able to smell the peppermint.
Do I have to tell I was gobsmacked? How the h… did she figure out where the water went? I know children at the age of eight that would never have made that conclusion.

The new sofa
It was with much excitement we went to buy a new sofa in January.
I wanted one so bad as the pieces of the old one was nothing less but embarrassing. That is, if people would have actually discovered that it was the leftovers of a sofa and not some weird ‘wood and textile art Deco’.
Last summer we made the deal: In January we buy a new sofa and take the chance that Pandora will not eat this one. And do you know? The last three-four months she’s not been tearing anything apart being home alone.
New sofa in the beginning of January. NOT an expensive one. We’re not that much idiots.
The wolfgirl has been alone with it for two months now, and nothing has happened … until yesterday.
My mom called and said that Pandora had been eating the sofa as they went to pick her up in our house.
Knowing it could happen I still cursed her sitting at my job not able to see how bad it was.
When we came home it turned out that she had made a little hole in one of the pillows and nothing more.
It’s repairable, but the thing is:
Why does she suddenly bite in something? How come she forgets about it for months and then she suddenly has to chew in something again.
One of her weaknesses is, like with many humans: if she finds something that is sticking out, a threat, a little patch, y’know something that you can fiddle with, well Pandora starts to fiddle.
Just a little bit. With her teeth.
Perhaps there was a fiddling feature on the new pillow. Perhaps she was just bored that day. But she fiddled. A little too much.

New old friends
Something else has changed radically.
Since the beginning of December, Pandora and the cats, mostly the male cat (Odin, the guy from Lost I and II), have accepted each other in a very profound way. Now they greet each other as the cat enters the room. He is cuddly and rubs himself against her legs, and Pandora sniffs and licks him.
Sometimes they fall asleep next to each other on the sofa and there seem to be a new acceptance between them.
Like: If I can’t get rid of him/her, I might as well use it for my advantage.
I have never had a dog that couldn’t get used to cats. But I have also never tried that it took almost 2 years.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog and a cat

Pandora and Odin, can you see Odin?