Fat winter or?

3 02 2011

About food and weight
I recently read an article about obedient cats and dogs.
The article was about the ‘eating disorder’ we almost all get in December.
According to statistics, dogs also gained weight in December.
I wonder why?
Pandora didn’t gain any weight!

Reason? She gets the same food as any other day. Except Christmas evening, when she tasted a little bit of turkey.
Pandora is a BARF-dog, though some of her goodies are ‘processed’, such as boiled chicken, salmon or sausage.
This stuff will never exceed more than 1-3 % of her main food, the BARF.
Occasionally she is allowed to lick the plate from my breakfast, soured whole milk. Milk can be good for a dog in small doses.
She never gets any human food like potatoes, sauce or bread.
Her friend, Bandit, only gets dried (processed) dog food, and nothing else. He has recently been allowed to get sausages as goodies. But nothing else.
None of these two dogs suffers from neglect – or obedience.
Pandora NEVER gets any kind of candy. All she ever learned about chocolate was the day she took a well-aimed lick at all the filled chocolates in the box on the table.
I’m serious! She never gets candy or anything with sugar.
Be determined! It helps your dog.

BUT that said, I think that it is quite normal to gain a little weight in the winter months. That’s nature.
Birds, squirrels, bears and so on, eat a lot of food in the late autumn to get more fat on the body to get through the winter.
So do humans (we just lay flat on the sofa and keep eating the entire winter – which makes us even fatter), but the dogs, some dogs, also need at little more fat to get through the winter.
Pandora didn’t gain any weight, but she is definitely hungrier. To stay warm when she’s out in the snow (did I mention that it is the first time in more than 100 years that Denmark had white Christmas two years in a row?) or when  she sleeps on the rather cold floor, she needs a little more energy.
That’s natural.

But don’t let your dog gain more than 2-5 % of its basis weight. It’ll be too hard, to loose again when spring finally comes.
And that is hopefully soon.

We attended a small exhibition Saturday the 17. January.
We met 2 other wolfdogs from northern Denmark. Very pretty dogs, but very dark and German shepherdlooking.
Pandora got no. 2 and got an Excellent.
Actually, we had a nice day but my thoughts was constanlt returning to my friend who’d lost Cember.
(Cember is mentioned several times earlier in this blog)

Few days ago, another of our friends, the German Shepherd Arthur (also mentioned earlier in this blog) had a turned stomach.
A very serious condition which can kill a dog within 2-3 hours. Luckyli his ‘mother’ got him to tyhe doctor in time, and he lives, but he is still in bad condition, cannot play or exersise for long.

These accidents makes me appreciate my lovely girl even more (shouldn’t think it possible), but ooh I don’t know how sad I’d be if anything happened to her.
Sometimes I think: a wolfdog can get about 14 years. Pandora is almost 2 years old. I’ll only have her 7 times as long as I have already had. That’s awful.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog looking out

The love of my life