In the memory of Cember

17 01 2011

Saturday morning I had the saddest message.

Pandora’s playmate, the fabulous Czechoslovakian wolfdog Cember has passed away.

He was hit by a car on the highway and died 5 years old.

I was fighting the tears all day long, and still is while writing this.

I’m so sorry for his owner. Those two were best palls and I feel so sad for his loss. Goodbye to Cember  who died way too young.

Cember, czechoslovakian wolfdog

In the memory of Cember



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23 05 2011
A poem and a goodbye « Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

[…] told in a former entry on this blog, we lost our dear friend and play mate Cember in January I got this poem from his ‘daddy’ which […]

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