… a great taste in shoes

27 09 2010

It’s a long time since I wrote last time.
Summer is over, so no more swimming in the lakes and soon we’ll have to keep the door shut if we shouldn’t let the heat out. But for now the weather is still fine, and the door is open all day so Pandora can go in and out. And for the last two months, she hasn’t been wearing the long leash that used to keep her in the garden.
Now she can go free and she doesn’t jump the fence to escape or anything. We are very proud of her. The fence is so low (60 cm/24 inches) that it is no challenge for her to jump. But she doesn’t. Great!

Training camp
Pandora is a teenager and that means: rebuilding the top floor.
Some days she trains perfectly. She is clever and learns a lot. The next day I can’t get her attention at all.
Most of the things she learns right now, stays in her head, though.
And that’s a relief.
Two days ago I went training with her near by. Just me and her at a huge football lane. She was very good. First we trained all the sit, stand, lay down-things and afterwards I took off her leash and did all the same things again and she did so fine.
The goodies theses days are chicken cubes which she likes very much, but soon we’ll have to learn to train without as many goodies.
Now we have been training obedience in the new club for 6 weeks. The 7th November we are going to a ‘test test’. Meaning we should try what it’s like to go to at competition. Hence the intensive training these days.
I did that a lot many years ago so I am familiar with it, but it’s good to try again.

Three weeks ago I said: No more agility after this season.
She understands all the obstacles but she is not interested in doing the exercises fast.
She is slow, curious about the objects and takes her time to do stuff.

The tunnel for instance.
She had been running through it four or five times, but then she decided that it was boring.
She stopped in the middle of it to examine the material, the smells and ‘what is in this tunnel for ME’.
This made the tunnel roll sideways. That seemed to frustrate her.
She left the tunnel, but after that, she didn’t want to go back in. She wasn’t afraid but it was like she said: I’ve been there, it’s not for me.
I managed to get her through a couple of times but she was reluctant, as if I had tried to feed her with fruit instead of meat.
I don’t need to tell that the Labrador, the Border collie and the German Shepherds are doing very well. But Pandora is neither, so it takes a lot of patience.
I need to tell myself that she’s doing well for a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Sometimes I forget that I have trained German Shepherds and it was a lot easier. And if I compare Pandora with other CsW’s I’m sure she’s doing excellent, actually.

The last few times she has been doing better and better. At the final lesson for this season she was so clever and could do things I didn’t she could.
She did a whole ‘beginners’ field and didn’t run away or try to avoid any of the obstacles. She did it perfectly twice. Then she ran away, but came back and did it very well one more time.
So wolfish, actually. 🙂
The season is now over. No more agility before spring.

Right now I don’t know if we’ll join the team again, but after much consideration I think we will. Not because we want to go to competitions, but because it was very good for Pandora’s obedience skills, too. The agility taught her to work on ‘her own’, several meters from me. And that was quite amazing to see her graduating from ‘running away’ dog to ‘I can do this if I like’ girl.


Czechoslovakian wolfdog agility training

Pandora agility training, A board



Czechoslovakian wolfdog agility training

Pandora agility training, jump



Czechoslovakian wolfdog agility training

Pandora agility training, the tunnel


Talking wolfish
Pandora is a fresh little one. Especially as we go to bed in the evening, she wants to play, bite our hands and won’t go to sleep.

Here’s the trick:
Tummy rubbing
I cuddle and caress Pandora in a calm, slow and gently way on the bare skin on her tummy. That relaxes her a lot.

Mommy sounds
I also make small, squeaking sounds like if you are really satisfied or pleased, like lying in a wonderful soft bed. These sounds remind the dog of the mother comforting the puppy and it works very well on Pandora.

Alone at home
Pandora is still home alone the first three hours a day. And sometimes she still bites things to pieces.
If she has been playing or training hard the evening before, she doesn’t.
If she had a quiet and a little too boring day the day before, she will find stuff to bite in.
Now my husband makes a little treasure hunt every morning by wrapping some goodies in a cardboard box and put it somewhere in the house for Pandora to find.
It is shredded when we come home and it obviously keeps her occupied, as we no longer find any other things bitten and torn apart anymore.

Girls like shoes
A have a little riddle here:
Who’s walking with shoes but do not wear them? Well you guess.
About the eating things stuff, Pandora has managed to ruin at least 5 pair of shoes this summer.
The shoes stand on the floor in our utility room. Once in a while, she has stolen a single shoe and brought it to the lawn at the back of the house for further examination. She enjoys the dissection of the leather.
It’s our own fault if we forget to remove the shoes out of her reach.
But the weirdest part is that last month she stole a shoe (I didn’t see it, though) and now it’s gone. Completely gone. We usually find the shoe or pieces of it, but this shoe is gone. Vanished.
I wonder if I’ll find it next summer buried somewhere between the roses and the lavender.