Water world

14 06 2010

Last week the summer officially started in Denmark.
Pandora ha her best friend on a visit and we all vent to the lake.
A first she didn’t want to go into the water, but as Bandit (her friend) had a very delicious sick she had to join him. And then she was swimming.
She did it several times, but she only did it for a short time. Every time she had been swimming, she hurried back to the shore, not so confident in her own abilities, but that will come. It was too cold for humans to bathe that day, but soon I’ll join her.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog swimming

Pandora swimming

Last weekend we were supposed to sail with a little ship in Svendborg called MS Helge. But unfortunately, Pandora got sick.

And to me she was VERY sick.

From friday to monday, she didn’t eat at all.
Nothing could tempt her. Not her favorite: raw chicken, nor the delicious ham pieces which we usually use as goodies.Saturday she started to have a violent diarrhea, black and thin as water. Even worse sunday.That was when we cancelled the sailing trip. For her sake and for the ships sake 🙂

Sunday night she started to throw up the water she had been drinking. That made me very nervous.
If she could not even drink without getting sick, she would dehydrate very fast. Also her sleep was light and she was somewhat uncomfortable and moaned now and then. Pandora NEVER complains so I knew she was feeling pain.

Monday morning we got up early and went to the vet before we went to work.
She had an antibiotic injection and some pills. We were told to give her boiled rice and boiled chicken, in which we agreed. I hate to drop the BARF but fer her sake I’ll do it a few days.

I must say though, that as we told the vet that she was BARFing, he had no bad comment what so ever.
I have heard horror stories about vets who have objected to the BARF but our good vets just accepted it.

Now, she is almost fine again. She lost 1,5 kilo as she was sick, but she is playing and fooling around.

It’s so good to see.

Holidays with a dog
All our holiday plans are of course included the fur child. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a holiday without her.
This summer we will most likely go to Holland by car.
We’ll travel from city to city, sightseeing and enjoying beautiful Holland. And then we’ll go to the Van Goverwelle Kennel, where  Pandora was born.
It’s going to be very exciting to see what Letty and Koos think about the young girl and of course we go to show them that we love her and that she has become a very beautiful girl.
More about that after our trip.

If any of my readers of the blog goes to the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark, please let me know.
Anyway, we are now preparing. Training a little (teaching Pandora not to bite when she runs next to us), and we are planning to make T-shirts with CsW logo and stuff.
I’ll show you the result when it’s ready.

The model
In the beginning of May we had the usual magazine from the Danish Kennel Klub (official FCI approved union for breeds in Denmark – also handling the WDS).
My husband was reading the magazine and an article about the WDS had pictures of various dogs attaining the show.
– Oh, this looks like Pandora, he said and pointed at a picture.
– It is because it IS Pandora, I replied.
And there she was. The now ‘almost-famous’ dog.

pandora in the World Dog Show commercial

pandora in the World Dog Show commercial

Recent news from Nature
Sometimes Pandora’s ears are doing mysterious things, hanging, flickering. One at a time.
She keeps shaking them and after observing this a few times I started to fear that she had an ear infection.
Then I went to the woods and I observed this:
Curious Wolfdog sniffing around, sticking her head into a thicket filled with Stinging Nettle.
(Burning Nettle).
And out came the dog head with the hanging, shaky ears. So mystery solved. No infection just irritation.

Pandora and friends bathing

Pandora and friends bathing



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