Finally summer

4 06 2010

Summer in Denmark
Well it’s actually summer now but still not very hot.
After a long winter we hardly had any spring. Temperature these days are 18-23 C (65-73 F).

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog by the lake

Pandora by the lake. Finally summer

Nature wins
A year ago we had a dog that DIDN’T open doors, that DID come when called and NEVER left the ground without permission. That was Bella.

With Pandora it’s an eternal fight – no, competition – with nature.
It is sometimes very hard to maintain her attention if more exciting things happens around her. Like a bird flying, a tree with a certain delicious smell, a mouse in the grass … anything.
We, as humans, simply cannot compete.

I had made me wonder if it’ll ever be possible to walk Pandora without the leach or if she is forever doomed to me ’imprisoned’.
But then I know that of course she’ll be able to be let loose, as she was in Sweden. And now as it is summer and we are out door a lot, she can be let loose in the garden. We have fenced in the whole garden and she doesn’t go anywhere, although she could easily jump any fence below 2 meter (6 feet).
And last time in our club, Pandora walked a very fine ’free of leach’ next to me, with a little help from her favourite goodies.

Her fascination of nature can also be used positively:
She is very patient when she observes nature. She can sit down and watch something for at least 3-5 minutes. That must be possible to use for something.

Hormonal dysfunctions
Pandora has this odd barking-howling sound, like Wuf wauuauuau
(I’ll see if I can record it some day).
She uses it if she is being corrected for something, like trying to steal my dinner or so.
Then she objects with the ’wuf wauuauuau’.
If I’m really angry, she turns to my husband an says: Wuf wauuauuau.
It’s very amusing.

Some weeks ago we had a bunch of young boys visiting us for a BBQ-night. We were playing cards and then Pandora started to walk from one guy to the next saying:
Wuf wauuauuau.

She has never done anything like that before. My guess is that because of these young guys pheromones (the age was 18-23) she was affected and in her hormonal dysfunctions she could smell them. They have been visiting since but she didn’t react the same way.
This was also a period where she peed indoor three times in two days. She hasn’t done that since.

She still has not been in heat.

Late maturity
Now as we have had Pandora for a year, I can see that she is maturing late.
She is very sweet and intelligent, but she has these things that make it obvious that she is maturing later than my former German Shepherds for instance.
My former dogs have been able to walk free of the leach, sit, lie down and bark on command as one-year old.
Pandora looses concentration fast (though this has improved severely). She is not ready to learn a million things in one day.
It’s ok. We’ll see in a year how far she is.
She fools around like a puppy; she sleeps on her back with all the legs in the air like furry towers (my former dog stopped with that when she was around 18 month, wonder if Pandora will continue longer).
She is very happy and forthcoming, and she still jumps up as a part of her greeting ceremony (and this we struggle with).

A ’public’ track
Last Saturday we got up 8 am. in the morning to meet with the other people and dogs from our training club to do a track.
I have said in the club that Pandora could follow a trail, but now I had to prove it.
All the puppies did a track. Pandora should do hers as the final one.
I did as I always do: Take small steps, put some goodies in the step behind me (this time canned cat food), walk 50 meters (150 feet). At the end I laid her Tugger. Walked another 5 meters and turned left 90 Degrees.

20 minutes later we walked the track.
5 people was standing behind her, one should follow us closely to observe.

Pandora walked her track. Perfectly!

I think everyone was surprised. She did so good, and at the end of the track, where her tugger laid, she walk the next 5 meters and turned sharp left to follow my 90 degrees bend.

She was amazing and she loves following trails.

You have quite a tracker dog there, one said.
I just smiled. I knew she could do it.

Next time:
Pandora swimming in the lake, sailing, WDS (the World Dog Show in Denmark), Holidays and the model.



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