World Beauty

30 06 2010

Facts: 13,5 month old. 32 kg. 63 cm.

We went home from The World Dog Show in Herning last Friday after much excitement and many new friends.

Wednesday evening we went to the Givskud Zoo together with 10-12 other Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs (CsW) and their owners.
A woman told about the gray wolfs (North American/Canadian) in Givskud Zoo.
She didn’t tell a lot though, but our primary goal to be there was to meet other CsWs and to see the dog’s reactions to the real wolf.
Well Pandora couldn’t care less.
Whether they were dogs or wolfs, she didn’t pay attention to them at all. The wolfs weren’t too interested in the dogs either.
As we were dining a woman asked:
– Is that Pandora?
– Yes, I replied.
– Oh, how nice to meet her. We are friends at Facebook.
(To those of you who doesn’t know, Pandora has her own Facebook profile. Sometimes I help her with the writing, though.)
And then I recognised the woman, Birgitte – and we had a long, good talk.
A very nice person who had been the very first owner of a CsW in Denmark back in the days.

Canadian grey wolf

Canadian grey wolf in Givskud Zoo

Back to the camping area and enjoy the evening before Thursday morning where Pandora should attend the real WDS-show.


Here we met a lot of CsWs but we only talked to a few owners.
(It seems like it’s the owners of these dogs that are shy and reserved, not the dogs.)

Both Morten (my husband) and I were wearing T-shirt with the print: ‘Pandora van Goverwelle’ and a woman came over, poked me on the shoulder and asked:
– Is that Pandora?
– Yes, I replied.
– Oh, how very funny. I am from Holland and I used to work in the van Goverwelle Kennel. I know Pandora’s mother Kahjah.
She was very pleased to meet one of Kahjahs puppies and it was very nice to speak with her.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs everywhere

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs everywhere

After that we went in the ring and got ‘Excellent’, and no. 3 Junior (– out of three, so I don’t really know how she would rank if there had been others.)

We also saw the Saarloos Wolfhound which looks so much as the CsW that you have to look very carefully to spot the differences.
But a good trick would be to look at the tail. The CsW mostly have a straight down or happy lifted tail, while the Saarloos keeps its tail between the legs. A beautiful dog, almost as beautyful as the CsW :-).

Saarloos wolfhound

Saarloos wolfhound

We bought some goodies for the girl in some of the uncountable shops for dogs, amongst other things a big rubber ball – it was so big that she couldn’t bite in it … until we heard the well know sound psszzzee after 3 minutes. That’s how long it lasted.

Here Pandora tried a treadmill (running machine for dogs).

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in treadmill

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in treadmill

Then we went back to the campsite and enjoyed the evening.

Next morning we went to the special exhibition for Pandoras Club (cattledogs and shepherds).

Pandora attended the exhibition and the judge was very meticulous which was nice.
It was less nice that she said that Pandora were too fat and needed to loose weight.

Exhibition in KHKG, czechoslovakian wolfdog

Exhibition in KHKG

In all other descriptions she was close to perfect. That made me very happy as the judge is a CsW breeder herself, and though we only (and for the first time) got ’Very Good’, I could use this statement so much more than the one for the day before at the ‘real’ WDS.

After we had attended the ring, a woman came over and poked me on the shoulder and asked:
– Is that Pandora?
– Yes, I replied.
– Oh, how very funny. I often read her Blog.
And I was very happy and proud. How great it is that people came to see exactly her and meet the CsW.
A lot of people came just to see this breed as they had heard about it, but never seen it.

After the show we went back to the campsite, packed down and returned home.

And the weekend offered a very lovely weather and the tired Wolfdog, filled with impressions.
Her need for socialization with other dogs was covered the next few days.
She had met Divo from Germany, Azar from Sweden (whom she fell in love with), and her good friends: Cember, Xtreme and Uno.

Pandora and her new friend Azar

Pandora and her new friend Azar

Well home, the summer came and with the summer, the opportunity to swim.
But more about that in the next blog.

The world dog show

22 06 2010

A short notice.

Tomorrow, Wednesday morning, we leave for The World Dog Show in Herning.
Should any of you be there as exhibitioners as well as guests, then you can find us:

Thursday in Ring H 41 at app. 12.30 pm.

Of course we’ll wear shirts with Pandora’s name on it, so just look out for us, and come on by and say hi to Pandora and us.

All about the show on the next blog.

Water world

14 06 2010

Last week the summer officially started in Denmark.
Pandora ha her best friend on a visit and we all vent to the lake.
A first she didn’t want to go into the water, but as Bandit (her friend) had a very delicious sick she had to join him. And then she was swimming.
She did it several times, but she only did it for a short time. Every time she had been swimming, she hurried back to the shore, not so confident in her own abilities, but that will come. It was too cold for humans to bathe that day, but soon I’ll join her.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog swimming

Pandora swimming

Last weekend we were supposed to sail with a little ship in Svendborg called MS Helge. But unfortunately, Pandora got sick.

And to me she was VERY sick.

From friday to monday, she didn’t eat at all.
Nothing could tempt her. Not her favorite: raw chicken, nor the delicious ham pieces which we usually use as goodies.Saturday she started to have a violent diarrhea, black and thin as water. Even worse sunday.That was when we cancelled the sailing trip. For her sake and for the ships sake 🙂

Sunday night she started to throw up the water she had been drinking. That made me very nervous.
If she could not even drink without getting sick, she would dehydrate very fast. Also her sleep was light and she was somewhat uncomfortable and moaned now and then. Pandora NEVER complains so I knew she was feeling pain.

Monday morning we got up early and went to the vet before we went to work.
She had an antibiotic injection and some pills. We were told to give her boiled rice and boiled chicken, in which we agreed. I hate to drop the BARF but fer her sake I’ll do it a few days.

I must say though, that as we told the vet that she was BARFing, he had no bad comment what so ever.
I have heard horror stories about vets who have objected to the BARF but our good vets just accepted it.

Now, she is almost fine again. She lost 1,5 kilo as she was sick, but she is playing and fooling around.

It’s so good to see.

Holidays with a dog
All our holiday plans are of course included the fur child. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a holiday without her.
This summer we will most likely go to Holland by car.
We’ll travel from city to city, sightseeing and enjoying beautiful Holland. And then we’ll go to the Van Goverwelle Kennel, where  Pandora was born.
It’s going to be very exciting to see what Letty and Koos think about the young girl and of course we go to show them that we love her and that she has become a very beautiful girl.
More about that after our trip.

If any of my readers of the blog goes to the World Dog Show in Herning, Denmark, please let me know.
Anyway, we are now preparing. Training a little (teaching Pandora not to bite when she runs next to us), and we are planning to make T-shirts with CsW logo and stuff.
I’ll show you the result when it’s ready.

The model
In the beginning of May we had the usual magazine from the Danish Kennel Klub (official FCI approved union for breeds in Denmark – also handling the WDS).
My husband was reading the magazine and an article about the WDS had pictures of various dogs attaining the show.
– Oh, this looks like Pandora, he said and pointed at a picture.
– It is because it IS Pandora, I replied.
And there she was. The now ‘almost-famous’ dog.

pandora in the World Dog Show commercial

pandora in the World Dog Show commercial

Recent news from Nature
Sometimes Pandora’s ears are doing mysterious things, hanging, flickering. One at a time.
She keeps shaking them and after observing this a few times I started to fear that she had an ear infection.
Then I went to the woods and I observed this:
Curious Wolfdog sniffing around, sticking her head into a thicket filled with Stinging Nettle.
(Burning Nettle).
And out came the dog head with the hanging, shaky ears. So mystery solved. No infection just irritation.

Pandora and friends bathing

Pandora and friends bathing

Finally summer

4 06 2010

Summer in Denmark
Well it’s actually summer now but still not very hot.
After a long winter we hardly had any spring. Temperature these days are 18-23 C (65-73 F).

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog by the lake

Pandora by the lake. Finally summer

Nature wins
A year ago we had a dog that DIDN’T open doors, that DID come when called and NEVER left the ground without permission. That was Bella.

With Pandora it’s an eternal fight – no, competition – with nature.
It is sometimes very hard to maintain her attention if more exciting things happens around her. Like a bird flying, a tree with a certain delicious smell, a mouse in the grass … anything.
We, as humans, simply cannot compete.

I had made me wonder if it’ll ever be possible to walk Pandora without the leach or if she is forever doomed to me ’imprisoned’.
But then I know that of course she’ll be able to be let loose, as she was in Sweden. And now as it is summer and we are out door a lot, she can be let loose in the garden. We have fenced in the whole garden and she doesn’t go anywhere, although she could easily jump any fence below 2 meter (6 feet).
And last time in our club, Pandora walked a very fine ’free of leach’ next to me, with a little help from her favourite goodies.

Her fascination of nature can also be used positively:
She is very patient when she observes nature. She can sit down and watch something for at least 3-5 minutes. That must be possible to use for something.

Hormonal dysfunctions
Pandora has this odd barking-howling sound, like Wuf wauuauuau
(I’ll see if I can record it some day).
She uses it if she is being corrected for something, like trying to steal my dinner or so.
Then she objects with the ’wuf wauuauuau’.
If I’m really angry, she turns to my husband an says: Wuf wauuauuau.
It’s very amusing.

Some weeks ago we had a bunch of young boys visiting us for a BBQ-night. We were playing cards and then Pandora started to walk from one guy to the next saying:
Wuf wauuauuau.

She has never done anything like that before. My guess is that because of these young guys pheromones (the age was 18-23) she was affected and in her hormonal dysfunctions she could smell them. They have been visiting since but she didn’t react the same way.
This was also a period where she peed indoor three times in two days. She hasn’t done that since.

She still has not been in heat.

Late maturity
Now as we have had Pandora for a year, I can see that she is maturing late.
She is very sweet and intelligent, but she has these things that make it obvious that she is maturing later than my former German Shepherds for instance.
My former dogs have been able to walk free of the leach, sit, lie down and bark on command as one-year old.
Pandora looses concentration fast (though this has improved severely). She is not ready to learn a million things in one day.
It’s ok. We’ll see in a year how far she is.
She fools around like a puppy; she sleeps on her back with all the legs in the air like furry towers (my former dog stopped with that when she was around 18 month, wonder if Pandora will continue longer).
She is very happy and forthcoming, and she still jumps up as a part of her greeting ceremony (and this we struggle with).

A ’public’ track
Last Saturday we got up 8 am. in the morning to meet with the other people and dogs from our training club to do a track.
I have said in the club that Pandora could follow a trail, but now I had to prove it.
All the puppies did a track. Pandora should do hers as the final one.
I did as I always do: Take small steps, put some goodies in the step behind me (this time canned cat food), walk 50 meters (150 feet). At the end I laid her Tugger. Walked another 5 meters and turned left 90 Degrees.

20 minutes later we walked the track.
5 people was standing behind her, one should follow us closely to observe.

Pandora walked her track. Perfectly!

I think everyone was surprised. She did so good, and at the end of the track, where her tugger laid, she walk the next 5 meters and turned sharp left to follow my 90 degrees bend.

She was amazing and she loves following trails.

You have quite a tracker dog there, one said.
I just smiled. I knew she could do it.

Next time:
Pandora swimming in the lake, sailing, WDS (the World Dog Show in Denmark), Holidays and the model.