… and the teenager

5 05 2010

1 year old, 63 cm. And app. 32 kg.
I don’t think this will change from now on.

Pandora’s birthday was celebrated with cake and goodies in the Boxer training club.
“Oh, no” one said, “now that you come here with a new tradition, we’ll have to follow up.”
That’s right buddy. Celebrate your dog, what else have you got I for?

Anyway. One year makes you think.
I just cannot seam to recall how far other dogs were in their mental state as one-year old, but I guess that Pandora is still very much a puppy most of the time.
She jumps up of people as always, but last night we trained saying Hallo, and shaking hands with each other on the training field and both with dogs by our side, and Pandora managed quite well.
These two last times at the training she has improved severely.

The baby inside
Or rather, the teenager inside …
Last weekend we had three young men visiting.
Pandora had seen them before, but this night she couldn’t rest.
She walked from one guy to the next and howled her special ‘I’m not satisfied with the situation-howl’.
As she has not yet been in heat, my guess is that all these young men’s testosterones tricked her sexuality and she was just so ‘hormonal’.
The howling lasted almost all evening until she went to sleep in our bedroom by herself.

Training and the teenager
Twice now as we have trained, she behaves perfectly for 30 minutes or so, and then everything changes. She starts biting our legs, hands or even in the back.
It’s like she looses concentration for and has to DO stuff. Has to get RID of the extra energy.
After five minutes, she’s back to normal.
We went to the dog forest last weekend and she every time we called her. Amazing!
She joined 6 Jack Russels as company instead of the bigger dogs.
Sometimes she is a little weird, but as long as she is amused.

Pandora, czechoslovakian wolfdog and Jack Russells

Pandora and Jack Russells in the dog forest

The sleep and the teenager
She often goes to bed by herself if she’s tired.
In the bedroom it’s dark, and there is quiet and peaceful.
The wasted and worn out wolf sleeps until the sun raises, gets up, count her meat bones (by throwing them up in the air and let them land on the wooden floor) until her mommy and daddy wake up because of the noise.
Tired I walk to the kitchen, curse the not-so-ergonomically bone as I step on it – and make breakfast.
The wasted and worn out wolf GOES BACK TO BED!

The future training (and the teenager)
She loves training. And within the last two weeks she has improved so much.
It’s time to figure out if there’s any other training opportunity we should check out. She is now old enough to train agility, so I guess that’ll be the next step.
I would also like to know a little more about Rally as it contains a lot of ‘fun’ stuff for the dog. We’ll go search new challenges soon as we wait for the water in the sea to get warm enough to go swimming.



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