Happy Birthday Pandora

3 05 2010

3. May is Pandora’s birthday, and we will celebrate it with cake, coffee and doggy goodies in the training club.
I won’t say much today. Just that I love my wolfdog and I (or we, my husband, too) have never regret our choice of this dog.

Happy birthday Pandora (Danish flag.)

Happy birthday Pandora (click the flag to see it move.)

The 19. May 2009 I started the blog and wrote:
“I decided a while ago that I would create a blog if I got this dog, so from now on I’ll share my experiences all the way from now and hopefully a year ahead.”

The blog will continue
I kept the promise, but it doesn’t end here. I know I’ll continue this blog in the future because it has also been a good diary for me to remember stuff that happened and to enjoy the moments we have had with Pandora so far.

Thanks to all of you who follows us here. The number of visitors has been increasing and we have had a lot of positive comments on and about this blog.
Keep sending comments. It’s good to hear that we are of some help, and we it’s nice to know that there are other dog lovers out there. (Yeah, all right. I knew there were, but anyway.)

That’s all for today. Today is Pandora’s day.
May the sun shine wherever you are.




4 responses

29 07 2010
Ágúst Berg

I love your blog its really good. I have been wanting to have a dog for many years now and last two years I have decided that it will be a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Its nice to be able to get some insight in a live with a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

Im gonna finish my studies at least get some degree and save up some money so i can get one myself (really exspensive because we dont have any here, Im from Iceland). But my girlfriend is from Finland so we are already in touch with some kennels there.

But thanks again for a good blog!

11 08 2010

Hi August
Sorry fort my late answer, but now holiday is over, and I’m back on the blog.

You follow the popular recipe. Reading and studying all about the breed.
You’ll be a good owner I think 🙂

Actually I thought it was difficult to import dogs to Iceland, I know you can’t just bring it with you on a vacation, but if you can get one it’s great.
I know there are good breeders in Finland, but look out!
Some breeders are more focused on the look of the dog than on the temper.

Thanks for you kind word. Hope you’ll keep following Pandora in the future.

Best regards,

8 09 2010
Jonathan Barkou

Hej jeg tænkte på om du ikke havde en email man kunne skrive til. Jeg har lige snakket med rolf som fortalte hvor vidunderlig en hund du har. Nu er jeg den heldige tidligere ejer af sådan en. Vidste bare ikke noget om racen. Håber på at høre fra dig har nemlig en masse spørgsmål.


Jonathan Barkou

8 09 2010

Hej Jonathan
Jeg har sendt en e-mail til dig.

Venlig hilsen Kim

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