In wolfs land

26 05 2010

Coincidently our trainer from the Boxer club called a guy to buy a cage from him.
He lived in one of the coast cities at Fyn where we live.
He told our trainer that he had used the cage to his Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.
My trainer told him that ‘in her club she also had a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.’
I guess the guy was pretty doubtful, but to make a long story short, we got his phone number and contacted him Thursday, Friday we met.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs

Pandora and Cember

Mac, as Cember’s father is called, was very pleased to meet Pandora, and we were very happy to meet Cember.
Finally a Wolfdog, not too far away from us.
The two dogs made friendship immediately, played and went along very well.
Cember is a big and beautiful guy. A good 75 cm tall which is a great deal bigger that Pandora, but he treated her so nice.
The two dogs met in the dog forests. A smaller one than the one we usually go to, so we made a new appointment with Mac and Cember, and met them again Sunday in our big dog forest.
Here we also met the Jack Russels, the white Swizz Cirkeline and some new friends.
But Cember is a great supplement to the circle of friends. I hope we see him soon again.

Czechoslovakian wolfdogs

Pandora and Cember

In wolfs land
Last Thursday we went to Sweden.
A long car ride of nearly 400 km. It’s not that long to us, the humans, but to Pandora it is a long trip.
To bring a dog from Denmark into Sweden, the dog must be vaccinated against Rabies and within the last 10 days before crossing the border, the dog must be treated for intestinal worms.
All that was of course in order.

It was one tired Wolfdog that we brought to the summer house in the late afternoon.
Although she’d been sleeping all the way (with only two stops to stretch legs and get something to eat) she was tired and had these cute looking sleepy eyes the rest of the day.
She played around a little, but slept like a baby all night. Actually our bedroom was very cold the first night, so Pandora slept in the foot end of my bed with a cover.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in sweden

Pandora in sweden

Call of the wild
Next morning we went for a long trip in the Swedish forests. It was so quite and beautiful there and the only sounds were the birds chirping.
By chance we let Pandora off her leach. She was wearing a luminous waist coat in case hunters should think that she was a real wolf. But we never saw anyone.
Pandora never ran very far away. It was like she was a little insecure of her surroundings.
Before noon we went shopping and all the sleep Pandora got was ten minutes twice in the car.
Home again she was let loose in the garden around the house. And she stayed.
She found small pieces of wood or went digging and sniffing in the nearby forest or in the heather. Thousands of new smells was surrounding her and she just walk around and tried to figure out where they all belonged.
It could have been from wild pigs, squirrels, other dogs, foxes, and with a little luck: moose’s.

After dinner in the evening, she was too tired to go out.
She looked at me with annoyance as I brought her out to do her stuff just before we went to bed.
And then it hit me: she had not been sleeping at all that day. Only 20 minutes on the trips forth and back from the stores.
Even as we shopped, Morten and I went in to the stores on turns. If I went in, Morten walked the dog, and then we changed.
So no sleep for the Wolfdog had made it tired!

Discovering the fear
Next day, we went for 5-6 km walk, but this time Pandora was in her leach. This meant it was a ‘sniffing’ trip, not an exercising trip.
We saw water falls and Pandora climbed the stones near the edge of the cliff.
We also crossed the huge stream on a locker. It was build with an open grate that you could see straight through, and it took Pandora all her courage to follow me across the wild river. But she did it!
As we returned, Pandora was let loose in the garden. She spent half an hour to run around in insanely high speed to burn off the rest of her energy.
After that, she could relax.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog afraid

Pandora discovering fear

Again the evening was quiet. Pandora amused herself by taking wood pieces from the woodpile in the living room and chews it to pieces.
The last day, Sunday, I took a long walk with the girl before we hit the road to return home.

Did she have energy when we came back to our home Sunday afternoon?
Oh yeah.
She managed to take a hike and follow another dog that was out for a walk.

All in all we had a fantastic trip and Pandora was so sweet all the time.
She really enjoyed climbing the cliffs, drinking from the stream and sniffing around to all the new smells in the foreign country.
As usual when she is in the nature, she is so well camouflaged it is obvious that this is her right element.
I sincerely hope we’ll go again soon.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in Sweden

Pandora in Sweden

… and the teenager

5 05 2010

1 year old, 63 cm. And app. 32 kg.
I don’t think this will change from now on.

Pandora’s birthday was celebrated with cake and goodies in the Boxer training club.
“Oh, no” one said, “now that you come here with a new tradition, we’ll have to follow up.”
That’s right buddy. Celebrate your dog, what else have you got I for?

Anyway. One year makes you think.
I just cannot seam to recall how far other dogs were in their mental state as one-year old, but I guess that Pandora is still very much a puppy most of the time.
She jumps up of people as always, but last night we trained saying Hallo, and shaking hands with each other on the training field and both with dogs by our side, and Pandora managed quite well.
These two last times at the training she has improved severely.

The baby inside
Or rather, the teenager inside …
Last weekend we had three young men visiting.
Pandora had seen them before, but this night she couldn’t rest.
She walked from one guy to the next and howled her special ‘I’m not satisfied with the situation-howl’.
As she has not yet been in heat, my guess is that all these young men’s testosterones tricked her sexuality and she was just so ‘hormonal’.
The howling lasted almost all evening until she went to sleep in our bedroom by herself.

Training and the teenager
Twice now as we have trained, she behaves perfectly for 30 minutes or so, and then everything changes. She starts biting our legs, hands or even in the back.
It’s like she looses concentration for and has to DO stuff. Has to get RID of the extra energy.
After five minutes, she’s back to normal.
We went to the dog forest last weekend and she every time we called her. Amazing!
She joined 6 Jack Russels as company instead of the bigger dogs.
Sometimes she is a little weird, but as long as she is amused.

Pandora, czechoslovakian wolfdog and Jack Russells

Pandora and Jack Russells in the dog forest

The sleep and the teenager
She often goes to bed by herself if she’s tired.
In the bedroom it’s dark, and there is quiet and peaceful.
The wasted and worn out wolf sleeps until the sun raises, gets up, count her meat bones (by throwing them up in the air and let them land on the wooden floor) until her mommy and daddy wake up because of the noise.
Tired I walk to the kitchen, curse the not-so-ergonomically bone as I step on it – and make breakfast.
The wasted and worn out wolf GOES BACK TO BED!

The future training (and the teenager)
She loves training. And within the last two weeks she has improved so much.
It’s time to figure out if there’s any other training opportunity we should check out. She is now old enough to train agility, so I guess that’ll be the next step.
I would also like to know a little more about Rally as it contains a lot of ‘fun’ stuff for the dog. We’ll go search new challenges soon as we wait for the water in the sea to get warm enough to go swimming.

Happy Birthday Pandora

3 05 2010

3. May is Pandora’s birthday, and we will celebrate it with cake, coffee and doggy goodies in the training club.
I won’t say much today. Just that I love my wolfdog and I (or we, my husband, too) have never regret our choice of this dog.

Happy birthday Pandora (Danish flag.)

Happy birthday Pandora (click the flag to see it move.)

The 19. May 2009 I started the blog and wrote:
“I decided a while ago that I would create a blog if I got this dog, so from now on I’ll share my experiences all the way from now and hopefully a year ahead.”

The blog will continue
I kept the promise, but it doesn’t end here. I know I’ll continue this blog in the future because it has also been a good diary for me to remember stuff that happened and to enjoy the moments we have had with Pandora so far.

Thanks to all of you who follows us here. The number of visitors has been increasing and we have had a lot of positive comments on and about this blog.
Keep sending comments. It’s good to hear that we are of some help, and we it’s nice to know that there are other dog lovers out there. (Yeah, all right. I knew there were, but anyway.)

That’s all for today. Today is Pandora’s day.
May the sun shine wherever you are.