Pandoras Box

24 03 2010

Pandora has a box.
She ’must have’, right?
Actually she’s got two.
In the boxes, all kinds of good stuff are waiting to be picked up by Pandora. The boxes are filled with goodies like dried pigs ear, dried lounges, salmon chips and so on.
The fur kid doesn’t want any of it.
Sometimes she takes an ear, starts to walk around in the house. Frustrated and unhappy.
She is whining and complaining.
Then she wants to go out, and outside she’ll dig a hole, put the treat in it and cover it again.
What she cannot eat, she stores until another day (when a green, bad-smelling ear is delicious).
Sometimes she stores raw meet in the corner of the sofa!

The bone yard
These mornings it’s getting light outside earlier and earlier. Pandora rises with the sun, and sometimes I can hear her, in my light sleep, that she is chewing a bone somewhere in the house.
This morning as I got up and went to the kitchen, Pandora had collected all her accessible bones and spread them on the kitchen floor. I’m impressed. She has never done that before, but she must have had a great time finding them.

(She has approximately 117 more in the Pandora Boxes).

Pandoras boneyard

Pandoras boneyard

We have been to the training lessons three times now in the boxer club.
We have also been training a little in between and it is obvious now that she has learned stuff.
Sit, walk in leach and following in all directions, slow walking, running, stand.
All these things are getting so much better by the day.

Two days ago when I came home from work I laid a track with some cat food. We discovered by coincident that cat food was perfect for recall, so why not use it now and then.
The only problem is that she is barfing and mainly eats raw meat and I don’t want to ruin her stomach.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog walking a track

Pandora's tracking

I hope I don’t jinx anything, but I have a vague feeling of her recall improving.
I cannot call her in if I’m standing upwards and bend over, reaching for her.
But if I sit on my knees she puts down her ears, smacks her lips, eyes get small and she comes.
Big thing.
All signs of subjecting are there which in the end should also go away and be replaced by a self-confident dog.

Holiday and a new car
Next week it is Easter holiday.
This will give us time to fence the entire ground to stop the out-breaking dog from … breaking out!
Wednesday next week, will go get a new car with room for the fur kid in the back. It’s going to be so nice to have a car where the ceiling ain’t eaten 😉

Supernatural – or Sweet child of mine

17 03 2010

Pet names
When we should decide Pandora’s name (she-dog with a P-name) we chose Pandora and swore that we would NEVER call her Dora.
If we should shortened down it would be Panda.
And so it is. Panda is used now and then.
Pandora is mainly used when she has done a not-so-good-things.
This is a little difficult to write in English as pet names are often made in your mothers tongue.
But I’ll try.

Here are her daily names:
Troll troll (Well, just as a troll. And said in English, too. Our favourite pet name I guess.)
Troll Hansen (Crazy! Troll with a surname)
Pandutten (a dut is a kind of a gismo in Danish)
Panduttelut (real rubbish)
Panditten (associated with her friend Bandit, also called Banditten (or Bandiddy by me))
Ulves (like Wolfish)
Ulvepige (wolf girl)
Hund’pi’ (dog’girl)

Apart from that she is of course: Beauty, baby, darling, honey and all that.

I’m sure, more will come.
I have never had a dog that did not have a pet name. It’s weird, and sometimes the names travel from one word to another, and in the end the original meaning is completely lost.

Pandora in our frozen pond

Pandora in our frozen pond

Supernatural dog
Pandora has her invisibility moments. Oh yes. It’s true!
Do you recognise this?

The awful, disobeying, self-righteous little b… has run to the neighbours garden.
I hurry into my not-so-weatherproof indoor shoes, run out of the door, step in to the muddy pool next to the front door and run like crazy while I’m screaming the dogs’ name.
“PANDORA come here. Now!”
I can see her ignoring me at the neighbour’s lawn, watching their rabbits or what ever.
Now I can’t see her any more.
I get a little worried that she might cross the street and get hit by a car. (Not that there’s any in sight.)
No sign of the “#&?&”%%# dog.
I turn around, and right behind me is the dog watching me curiously with the head slightly tilted.
“Why is that human shouting like an idiot? I’m right here, and I’m not deaf.”

Do you recognise it?
Pandora does it all the time.

My will
2-3 months ago we bought the most cool and useful harness for Pandora.
She hates it!
We have two harnesses. This good one and one that is softer with furry lining.
She hates them both.
When we have our walks in the evening, we (my husband and I) get dressed for the cold outside. Pandora is watching until she sees what kind of equipment she is going to wear.
If it is the harness, she runs away. Into the living room hiding under the table, trying to be invisible (No supernatural abilities here!)
I have to catch her to make her wear the harness. And then she walks like someone with a real bad stomach pain.
On the other hand, if I just show her the chain collar instead of the harness, she comes straight to me to get it on. No problem.
The lady has her own opinions.
Unfortunately the chain collar is taking a hard time on her fur so the hair strands are cut and worn on the right side of her neck.

From the 1st April we’ll stop ring training and concentrate on the obedience training which will change from Saturdays to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Last night we went ring training, but right before that we had a little session (half an hour) with obedience training. Walk in leach, sit, lie down and recall.
After we came home from ring training she slept the rest of the evening and the entire night, too.
Obedience training makes her tired.

Socialisation or jumping up
We also now have to train that she cannot jump up on people. We have always prioritized her socialisation before the ‘not jumping up’ issue and we have gotten at very happy and kind dog.
We didn’t want to say NO! when she wanted to greet people.
Now it’s time.
She is mentally strong enough to understand a NO! and still be kind and gentle from a ‘down on the ground’ position.
And she is doing fine.

Pandora observing the neighbours ground

Pandora observing the neighbours ground

Spring, finally

10 03 2010

The snow is melting and I have been reassured that grass is actually green. I’ve almost forgotten.
It’s still cold at night and there is still a lot of old, dirty snow laying around, but in the weekend we saw the first Snowdrop flowers.
It’s been the longest winter in Denmark for many many years.

Pandora observing ducks

Pandora observing ducks

Busy schedule
Pandora has had a hard but good week.
Last Saturday we started training in a Boxer hound Club.
Obedience (yes, I know, I’ve said it before – I hate that word), later we’ll train track and defence work.
Pandora was somewhat restless and curious the firs 15 minutes. She wanted to play with the other dogs. But after the worst energy was burned off, she could actually walk straight in the leach.
The instructor thought she was very clever. I tried to tell him that she normally walks very fine in leach. It’s the presence of other dogs that causes hearing problems.

Anyway, we should also rehearse recall. And anyone who has read this blog knows that ‘recall’ is still a foreign and very exotic language to this dog.
It took several minutes to catch her after I released her, but what the heck. So did to all the others.
This was puppy training so it was so NICE that all the other dog owners had the exact same problem 
We’ll return to training next Saturday.

Sunday we went to the dog forest for the third time.
Pandora enjoys it so much. All these doggy friends and without the leach. Superb!
She is so sweet and forthcoming to all the other dogs that she immediately gets new friends every time.
Two male dogs tried to jump her. I wonder if she is coming into heat soon.
1 ½ an hour there and we had a very tired dog.

Alone at home – again
Monday she has been alone at home for 45 minutes.
She has been taken care of full time for more than a month now, because of her accident where she cut her paw. But now it’s over.
She must learn it again, and it’s hard.
This first day she has torn down a shelf with kitchen aids. It’s spread all over the floor but luckily she has not been hurt.
It is very difficult to foresee what she might destroy next time.
This shelf is probably fallen down because she has stood on her hind leg with thr forepaws on the shelf and it has broken down because of her weight.
The last two days she hasn’t ripped anything apart.

Sometimes she’ll jump the windowsill just to look out of the windows.
We have no curtains anywhere as she eats them.
Everything is moved, like books, remote controls, glasses, paper towels and so on, but there is often something we haven’t foreseen.
Like a shelf.

This poor shoe was alone with Pandora for 5 minutes

This poor shoe was alone with Pandora for 5 minutes

Wednesday we’ll go swimming again. It has also been delayed because of her wounded paw.
In a few months we’ll hopefully be able swim in the lake instead of the swimming pool.

Ring training
We still ring train on Tuesdays and last time she was a lot more calm than usual.
I must say that the visits to the dog forest is helping her to burn out energy and to overcome the needs of ‘kissing’ and playing with the other dogs.

She is often admired for her wolfy look.
In the dog forest there is always some people who things she is the most beautiful creature in the world.
Now that she is 10 months old, I can actually begin to explain why she is different from other dogs.
Her stubbornness, her body language and her sounds and noises.
Luckily the trainer in the Boxer club was full of understanding to the fact that she is different and not the ordinary ’slave’.