Winter wonder land

22 02 2010

From last time
Pandora went to the vet last Monday and had her stitches removed.
This caused her to shiver and shake, like never before.
She is now officially afraid of the vet.
The doctor said her wound looked fine but she have bandages on a few days more.
She isn’t licking her wound but she now hates the bandages and tears it off.

We went back to ring training last Tuesday and it was like starting all over again.
She hadn’t seen these dogs for more than 20 days so she was absolutely crazy.
It was a hard evening!

Into the dog woods
Yesterday (Sunday) we went to one of Denmark’s dog woods. This one actually doesn’t contain a single tree, but is a huge field for dogs to run in without a leach.
It was paradise.
Every time we go to the ring training Pandora meets a lot of dogs, but she is only allowed to play with the Irish Wolfhound Otto.
In the dog wood she was let loose from we arrived and until two hours later when we went home.
S met so many dogs and she was so good and kind to them that she got herself 8-10 new friends.
She ‘lost’ her hearing occasionally but she also managed to come several times as we called her.
It was a wonderful day for her. Finally she could play with everybody and just enjoy it.
We’ll go next Sunday again.

Pandora meet new friends in dog woods

Pandora met new friends in the dog wood

Crazy little things
This is a small follow up on what Pandora does and doesn’t do.

  • She stopped biting for fun a while ago. Now she has begun again.
    Our hands, feet, clothes and so on. I guess this habit will pop up once and again over the next two years.
  • She opens doors. Also inward. This makes us lock all the doors, or she’ll enter the garden by herself and as she now runs away (visits the neighbour) she cannot go out alone.
  • She checks all the rooms in the house when she comes home. At least once a day she has to go to the first floor to sniff around. She needs her surveillance in order.
  • The cats are still extremely interesting. To see them run or watch them eat is major. But she doesn’t hurt them. She still tries to figure out what kind of toy they are.
  • She tears all her toys apart. Any toy she is given she rips into peaces. All plastic animals with a sound, every rope-like tugger or cloth like activity she has shredded. She is a great fan of rubber ducks, but we are now on no. 6 and the nearest 3 stores are out of rubber ducks!
    The only thing she hasn’t been able to modify into ‘dog art’ is her Kong.
  • One of the new things that is frightening, is the invisible woman in the box near a well know burger restaurant. She speaks, but can’t be seen. That’s odd!
  • And this comes in handy to the humans:
    When ever Pandora gets the ‘good idea’ of what to do next (hunt the cat, sneak up on the table, steal something) her tales raises to horizontal level and she gets this ‘innocent’ look on her face. Horizontal tale equals ‘Sneaky pie’ tricks.

Winter boredom
As mentioned earlier: Winter is a real challenge to train a dog in.
As it is sometimes so cold outdoor that we prefer to be inside, I played with Pandora the other night.
Now she has an intelligent box with three rooms and 6 lids. It is the toughest challenge I’ve seen yet to a dog. It takes least three minutes to solve it!
Uuh, what to do then?
Well I found eight old kitchen towels, spread them on the floor and put goodies beneath them. At the meantime Pandora was put out of the way.
Called back she could sniff the towels to find all the little ham pieces under them.
A good alternative to use the nose.
Another enjoyment we gave her was an ice cube. She played with it until it melted. She loved it and it’s cheap.

The future
Almost 10 month old and getting smarter and more focused, I’ll have to find some training for her.
I’d prefer defence, obedience (I still hate that word) and track work. But I would also like to observe Rally, Music to Heelwork, Agility and Rescue work.
We haven’t been swimming for a while because of Pandora’s accident, but we’ll soon start again.

The fur girl has a lot of energy to burn and her humans are sick and tired of snow. (Have I said that before?)

A tired wolfdog sleeping

It was a good day. Goodnight.



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