Sleeping beauty

7 02 2010

Facts: 9 month, 63 cm, 30 kg

A little summing up
At the exhibition last sunday she behaved so great. She have had a little fear of children for a few months. At the exhibition a little girl just went over to hug her, and Pandora never had time to be afraid, so she accepted the hug. And the rest of the day she showed no fear of children.
It was a good turning point.
Also her kindness to the judge was good.

This last week she has been so good. (I know I know, she always is). She is back to the happy, crazy dog she was three month ago. Like a young puppy.
Her mood changes often and her behaviour changes to.
Some of it is because of hormones. Some of it I guess is just a dog trying to be a little more grown up.
Her temper is still so good and though she just ate the remote control to our DVD player and my Mighty Muse to my Mac, she is still loved.
What can we do but shrug and remind ourselves that we are responsible, because WE let the stuff lay around for her to destroy.

The accident
Oh no!
Last Thursday Pandora got hurt.
She played with her friend Bandit and when he left we saw blood traces several places in the house.
A closer look revealed a deep cut in her hind leg just above the paw. The open wound was deep and it bleed a lot.
We wrapped bandages around it and waited to see what it would bring next day. Friday after work we took her to the vet.
Poor girl.
She needed stitching and the vet saw the one of the tendons was cut through. She was sedated for 30 minutes and a drain tube was laid in the wound.
It was a tired dog we brought home from the clinic.

Pandora being operated

Pandora being operated

Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

But she took it very fine. Because of her toughness she never made a sound or a cry. Not when she was wounded, not when she was sedated and not when she tore out the drain Saturday evening!
Tomorrow, Monday, she’ll go to the vet again and get the drain removed, but it’s too late. I think the wound looks fine so I hope that there’s no need to give her another drain. Which would probably mean putting her back to sleep and do the operation all over again. 😦

She has been playing in the snow today but we try to keep her as calm as possible. That is NOT her style!
Luckily my parents can take care of her the entire day the coming week so she can be observed all the time.

… to be continued.

Pandora after the operation

Pandora after the operation



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