Winter wonder land

22 02 2010

From last time
Pandora went to the vet last Monday and had her stitches removed.
This caused her to shiver and shake, like never before.
She is now officially afraid of the vet.
The doctor said her wound looked fine but she have bandages on a few days more.
She isn’t licking her wound but she now hates the bandages and tears it off.

We went back to ring training last Tuesday and it was like starting all over again.
She hadn’t seen these dogs for more than 20 days so she was absolutely crazy.
It was a hard evening!

Into the dog woods
Yesterday (Sunday) we went to one of Denmark’s dog woods. This one actually doesn’t contain a single tree, but is a huge field for dogs to run in without a leach.
It was paradise.
Every time we go to the ring training Pandora meets a lot of dogs, but she is only allowed to play with the Irish Wolfhound Otto.
In the dog wood she was let loose from we arrived and until two hours later when we went home.
S met so many dogs and she was so good and kind to them that she got herself 8-10 new friends.
She ‘lost’ her hearing occasionally but she also managed to come several times as we called her.
It was a wonderful day for her. Finally she could play with everybody and just enjoy it.
We’ll go next Sunday again.

Pandora meet new friends in dog woods

Pandora met new friends in the dog wood

Crazy little things
This is a small follow up on what Pandora does and doesn’t do.

  • She stopped biting for fun a while ago. Now she has begun again.
    Our hands, feet, clothes and so on. I guess this habit will pop up once and again over the next two years.
  • She opens doors. Also inward. This makes us lock all the doors, or she’ll enter the garden by herself and as she now runs away (visits the neighbour) she cannot go out alone.
  • She checks all the rooms in the house when she comes home. At least once a day she has to go to the first floor to sniff around. She needs her surveillance in order.
  • The cats are still extremely interesting. To see them run or watch them eat is major. But she doesn’t hurt them. She still tries to figure out what kind of toy they are.
  • She tears all her toys apart. Any toy she is given she rips into peaces. All plastic animals with a sound, every rope-like tugger or cloth like activity she has shredded. She is a great fan of rubber ducks, but we are now on no. 6 and the nearest 3 stores are out of rubber ducks!
    The only thing she hasn’t been able to modify into ‘dog art’ is her Kong.
  • One of the new things that is frightening, is the invisible woman in the box near a well know burger restaurant. She speaks, but can’t be seen. That’s odd!
  • And this comes in handy to the humans:
    When ever Pandora gets the ‘good idea’ of what to do next (hunt the cat, sneak up on the table, steal something) her tales raises to horizontal level and she gets this ‘innocent’ look on her face. Horizontal tale equals ‘Sneaky pie’ tricks.

Winter boredom
As mentioned earlier: Winter is a real challenge to train a dog in.
As it is sometimes so cold outdoor that we prefer to be inside, I played with Pandora the other night.
Now she has an intelligent box with three rooms and 6 lids. It is the toughest challenge I’ve seen yet to a dog. It takes least three minutes to solve it!
Uuh, what to do then?
Well I found eight old kitchen towels, spread them on the floor and put goodies beneath them. At the meantime Pandora was put out of the way.
Called back she could sniff the towels to find all the little ham pieces under them.
A good alternative to use the nose.
Another enjoyment we gave her was an ice cube. She played with it until it melted. She loved it and it’s cheap.

The future
Almost 10 month old and getting smarter and more focused, I’ll have to find some training for her.
I’d prefer defence, obedience (I still hate that word) and track work. But I would also like to observe Rally, Music to Heelwork, Agility and Rescue work.
We haven’t been swimming for a while because of Pandora’s accident, but we’ll soon start again.

The fur girl has a lot of energy to burn and her humans are sick and tired of snow. (Have I said that before?)

A tired wolfdog sleeping

It was a good day. Goodnight.

The poetry in a Wolfdog

12 02 2010

I can’t move my blanket. My legs haven’t been stretched out for several hours.
I wake up.
The sleepy wolf at the end of my bed is causing the trouble.
Narrow eyes, tired face.
I can’t move her. She is too sweet.
She is a real piece of art.

The fur kid arrives in the kitchen when I have eaten, gotten dressed and put on make up.
She is still a sleepyhead. Cute.
She takes a look at her food bowl.
Disillusioned she returns to the bedroom to get more sleep.

A kiss and a short hug.
No whining or complaints or she’ll think her mother is sad about the separation, (which she is but hides it), and she’ll tear the house into tiny little pieces.

Getting in the car and take a look at the living room window.
A big wolf like dog is filling the entire windowsill. An observing look in her eyes as she looks out.
She might frighten everybody who ever had the stupid idea of breaking in.

I know she is picked up from our house three hours later.
She is taken care of.
She can play all day, no restrictions, no demands. Just play.

It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. Two hours before I can go home.
I miss her.
Trying to work efficiently and being creative as I should.
I miss her.
Checking the blog, the e-mail, Facebook.
I miss her.
It is six hours ago since I saw her.
I miss her.
I wanna go home to her and play and hug and feel the lovely soft fur under my finger tips. I want to look into her honey brown eyes and kiss her wet snout.

Going home.
The entire logistics are based on priority one: picking up the dog.
Not one minute longer than necessary will I be without her.
And there she is.
My beautiful, silly girl. Jumping up and down as she sees us.
Entering the car and goes to sleep within a minute.
She had a rough day playing.
Takes its tolls on a young kiddo.

As we prepare dinner, my wolf baby observes with great interest.
Raw meet is always desired. Some may fall to the floor.
Her own food is without attraction
As we eat, she lies down and watches us eat.
Boring. Her honey brown eyes shuts and sleeping is the issue – for an hour or so.

Refreshed she wakes up in the middle of the evening.
The most exciting thriller in the TV is forgotten. Working is out of the question.
Pandora van Goverwelle needs her walk and exercise. Now.
„Only a short trip” I tell her.
But the happy girl animates me to walk longer. And longer. And …
Isn’t this the nicest time of the day?
Her amusement, my exercise. Our companionship.

Perhaps the rest of the movie and a lovely bone?
Or a book in the bed and some furry hugs?
And cuddles. More cuddles.
A goodnight kiss on the nose.
Lights off.

I can’t move my blanket. I can’t stretch my legs. But what the heck.

Weekend soon. More walks, less work.
Lots of love. To my Pandora.

Czechoslovakian wolfdog in window

Filling the windowsill

Sleeping beauty

7 02 2010

Facts: 9 month, 63 cm, 30 kg

A little summing up
At the exhibition last sunday she behaved so great. She have had a little fear of children for a few months. At the exhibition a little girl just went over to hug her, and Pandora never had time to be afraid, so she accepted the hug. And the rest of the day she showed no fear of children.
It was a good turning point.
Also her kindness to the judge was good.

This last week she has been so good. (I know I know, she always is). She is back to the happy, crazy dog she was three month ago. Like a young puppy.
Her mood changes often and her behaviour changes to.
Some of it is because of hormones. Some of it I guess is just a dog trying to be a little more grown up.
Her temper is still so good and though she just ate the remote control to our DVD player and my Mighty Muse to my Mac, she is still loved.
What can we do but shrug and remind ourselves that we are responsible, because WE let the stuff lay around for her to destroy.

The accident
Oh no!
Last Thursday Pandora got hurt.
She played with her friend Bandit and when he left we saw blood traces several places in the house.
A closer look revealed a deep cut in her hind leg just above the paw. The open wound was deep and it bleed a lot.
We wrapped bandages around it and waited to see what it would bring next day. Friday after work we took her to the vet.
Poor girl.
She needed stitching and the vet saw the one of the tendons was cut through. She was sedated for 30 minutes and a drain tube was laid in the wound.
It was a tired dog we brought home from the clinic.

Pandora being operated

Pandora being operated

Sleeping beauty

Sleeping beauty

But she took it very fine. Because of her toughness she never made a sound or a cry. Not when she was wounded, not when she was sedated and not when she tore out the drain Saturday evening!
Tomorrow, Monday, she’ll go to the vet again and get the drain removed, but it’s too late. I think the wound looks fine so I hope that there’s no need to give her another drain. Which would probably mean putting her back to sleep and do the operation all over again. 😦

She has been playing in the snow today but we try to keep her as calm as possible. That is NOT her style!
Luckily my parents can take care of her the entire day the coming week so she can be observed all the time.

… to be continued.

Pandora after the operation

Pandora after the operation

Snow is falling …

1 02 2010

And I’ve had !
Every time the snow starts to melt, a new snowy day comes up.
Pandora loves it and she is so funny when she plays in the snow, but if we have to walk more than a mile, it’s heavy to walk in.
And further more we can lay no tracks.

Stimulation will have to come from elsewhere.
The last two weekends we have attended exhibitions.
Sunday the 24. January an Sunday was a sight show, just for rehearsal.
The 31. January was a real international exhibition in Fredericia.
Both times she got Very Promising, and both times we were not among the best ten puppies (out of 30).
It doesn’t matter. Everybody tells me to be proud of the VP as it is quite good in an international show.

Funny to be among 1500 dogs Sunday the 31. and the most interesting dog among them all was my own.
I recall going to exhibitions 6 years ago, and the 2 years ago just to see the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. And when I saw it, my heart melted. I loved that breed so much that I could weep.
Now I’ve got Pandora. And I’ll never regret my choice.

Pandora got a whole bunch of ’fans’ at the exhibition in Fredericia. So many people asked if she was ’the wolfdog’. Lots of people had actually come just to see that breed.
And Pandora did her best to impress people by ‘hugging’ them and licking them in the face.
It was so good to show people that she is kind and happy, not shy and frightened.
She also charmed the judge, and both times, her good temper was mentioned in the description.
A lot of people asked if she was difficult to raise.
It’s so weird, but as I stood there, I just couldn’t recall any difficult things about her.
But of course she has been a tough challenge sometimes, and I find it very important to let people know that she is not the easiest breed in the world, and that she is not a beginner’s dog.
Her wolf look amazes everybody but it is not a good enough reason to want this breed. You should want to have the challenge of the temper and needs, too.

9 month, turning into Junior
In a few days, she’ll no longer be able to attend the exhibition as a puppy, but will go as a Junior.
It’s exciting to see if she still does well in that age group.
As a puppy she no longer has the ‘cute’ look, as she looks pretty grown. It’s just her behaviour that reveals her age.

Even though exhibitions don’t mean a lot to me, we meet a lot of nice dog people. Nerds just like us. And Pandora gets a lot of friends.
She now has a steady bunch of favourite playmates and one of them is Cirkeline (a white swiss shepherd), whom she played with this weekend at the exhibition.

Pandora and Cirkeline

Pandora and Cirkeline

Future model work
We have just paid the fee for attending the World Dog Show in Herning in June. An event we really look forward to.
16.000 dogs in a not-too-big city. Wauw.

Food is no thrill
Pandora has now been BARFing for 4 month. I hope that it will never end.
Sometimes it’s difficult if she doesn’t eat her food, and we have to keep it cold and fresh until later in the day or the next day.
Sometimes we forget to get food out of the freezer and then we have to defrost it using the microwave.
But all in all it makes her look healthy and good.
She isn’t very hungry though. Sometimes she refuses to eat before late in the night.
That’s fine, but it takes the power out of goodies.
It’s difficult to give her treats when she’s not hungry. She simply ignores everything from fresh salmon to sausages.
I guess the solution must be: only one meal a day, and only in the evening. Then perhaps we can accomplish some results if we train before dinnertime.
All we need now is the snow to go away!