Exhibition and show off

15 12 2009

Facts 61-62 cm, 28.2 kg. 7 months old

Well, well, well.
So we went to the exhibition the previous Sunday.

We arrived 2 hours before we should attend the ring so we hoped that Pandora would be relaxed and tired as she should enter the ring and meet the judge.
In the ring Pandora jumped around a little. As we were asked to run in the ring, she kept biting me in the thigh. She’s not used to run only walking.

I wasn’t nervous. I’m never nervous about stuff like that … I mean – until I stood there and the judge said:
“Can you make her stand with her side to me?”
And I couldn’t.
My legs started shivering and Pandora seemed astounded: My mom’s NEVER afraid!

But never mind that. I didn’t mind she was a little crazy-happy and neither did the judge.
The verdict was: Very Promising (DK: SL – Særdeles lovende)

As we were the only CzW, we had to attend the ring again later. (As Puppy of the breed.)
It took a loooong time before that finally happened.

My crazy dog jumped the judge in joy (another judge this time) and he petted her and said that he like her behaviour.
We reached no. 2 in the Puppy category (out of 3 so it wasn’t that difficult), and the judge’s final word was: Make sure she remains her good temper.
I think more than 10 people said that, that day. Everybody is pleased with her mild and kind attitude.



Thursday we’ll went swimming for the fist time without instructor. And we finally were able to take some pictures. She is swimming very well now. Actually she didn’t want to get up this last time, but kept swimming and turning at the places she usually should to keep on swimming. Great!

Pandora with waistcoat

Pandora with waistcoat

Pandora swimming

Pandora swimming

Last Sunday we went by train into the city. Based on the fact that we should do all kinds of stuff with Pandora before she gets 9 month old, it was about time we tried some more distressful events.
The train ride was 20 minutes long. The first 10 minutes she was a little nervous. Not by the train, but by the fact that the look outside the window was passing by extremely fast. It might have confused her sense of smell, too. A kind lady on the train really wanted to pet her, but her concentration was somewhere else. Wide awake, very attentive and observant;
But the last five minutes of the trip, she relaxed a lot and sat down beside me and even found the time to let the woman touch her.
As we got into the city we attended a Christmas market with hundreds of people and Pandora met other dogs, smelled everything from grilled pig to warm red vine and was touched and caressed by many.
Only once two children wanted to pet her, and she withdrew. Sometimes she seems afraid of children and I guess it’s the fact that they have direct eye contact with her ‘cos it’s only children with the same height as herself she feels uncertain of.

When we came home it was with one tired wolfdog. It was a exciting day for her, and I’m not at all afraid of bringing her by train in the future.

Christmas and stuff
It’s soon Christmas and I’m looking forward to my holiday together with Pandora. And I hope that we’ll get snow so I can see her reaction. I bet she’ll love it.
This afternoon we have to go to a concert without her and as we are home late tonight Pandora is going to sleep out. Actually in a dogs pension. I’m afraid her heart will break but we have no other possibilities and it would be nice if this is a solution in the future though I hate it. My heart will surely break.

A few notes
I forgot to tell that Pandora now opens doors. If she wants out she goes out. Keys are a good invention.
She also gets wolfier and wolfier. Every time she has a bone she doesn’t need she buries it in the garden. And she DOES remember where she put it, because a week later she returns with some alien looking material with an unpleasant odour.  She is very good at that.
Digging holes is definitely one of her favourites. Just the smallest hole anywhere, in dirt, in cement, in tree, has top be explored – if possible: extended. It’s very funny, but a little dangerous walking on the lawn in darkness these winter days.
When she is a little hungry she stands on her hind legs, front legs on the kitchen table and search for food. A lot of kitchenware has now hit the floor in infernal noise.

But all in all, she is so g’damn cute and we love her although we sometimes must take a deep breath not to shout a little louder 🙂

Merry Xmas so far!