Weekend’s up

20 11 2009

Friday. Time for the blog.

Next week will be busy.

Tuesday I have made a registration for Pandora and I for ring training. Next Sunday she’ll go to the exhibition in Hedensted so I think a little education will be in place.

Last night we went swimming again. It turned out very fine. She didn’t love it, but she didn’t hate either. She was swimming several rounds without panic but as we came home later she was extremely tired.
Next time will be the last time with instructor. After that she’ll be able to swim with our guidance alone, the instructor estimated.
He is, by the way, completely crazy about Pandora. He keep saying how beautiful she is (and she is) and just like all other people with dogs as professional subject, he is fascinated and must know her behaviour compared to other dogs.

I have been looking into some training classes for Pandora. I would like to train something. I need a little inspiration. The dog is clever and I myself is an old dog training instructor, but even I need new inspirational ideas.
I think IPO and obedience training would be great (even though I hate the word: Obedience). So in this weekend I think we’ll start up a little.

This was a short blog but I guess next week we’ll have a lot to tell.

Ups. I forgot to tell that we are going to WATCH an exhibition sunday in Brørup, Jutland Denmark. My friend is going with her Jack Russel and we go to watch and learn. And we have also commited ourself to a ring training session tuesday to get a little insight in what to expect nex sunday. I’m getting a little nervous already. And it won’t be Pandora that messes things up, if so. It’ll be me.



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