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19 11 2009

I guezz thiz blog iz about me therefore I’ll write thiz time.

Last night mom forzed me to take a walk in rainy, windy weather. Ztupid humansz.
I tried to hide under the sofa but I am too big.

Later in the evening the catz were fed with delicate tuna. I tried to reach them, but I am too big to go through the cat flap zo I almozt got ztuck.
Finally – while I waz trying to exercise my deliciouz body – I fell of the bed, tore the sheet apart landed on the floor with a bump and hit my head on the big chewing bone I had earlier in the day because mom waz afraid I would get bored in the ztupid weather.

Pandora deliciouz body

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Tonight I’ll go swimming again, mom sayz, but I’m not sure I remember quite what that is. If it iz what I think it iz, why don’t we juzt go bathing in the stream behind the house? Or dip out feet in the water bowl in the kitchen, like I usually do? Hell, even the bath tub will do!

I also have complainingz to do. Can someone tell my people NOT to wrap me up like a spring roll!
On our evening walks I get wrapped in a black harness. Around that I have a screaming yellow waiztcoat with zome reflecting stripez on. Darn, I look like I am wrapped in catz with rectangular eyez – and as if this wasn’t enough I even have a blinking collar with red light around my neck. AND IT ITCHES!
Please mom, can’t we just go through the neighbour’s gardenz so we can avoid the traffic?

I don’t understand people. Mom sayz I am really good at ripping, but it doesn’t seem like she is getting very happy when I rip things like the ceiling inside the car, the sofa or the curtains. Why does she say that I am good then?

Let me know if you have similar experiences with your human.

Best Regards, Pandora van Goverwelle

Pandora van Goverwelle

Pandora van Goverwelle



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