13 11 2009

Facts: 60 cm, 24 kg.

The BARF-page has been updated with Pandoras notes.

Barfing  for a month – Status
Last weekend it was 1 month ago since Pandora stated BARFing. We went to a 1 month-check with a vet. Not the same vet as first time, but with a guy who, himself have a Saarloos (a wolfdog originated from a Eurasian wolf and a German shepherd, but breeded in Holland).
It was nice to meet a vet who understood and knew the wolfdog breed. He said Pandora was very beautiful, no longer too thin, great temper (trustful and sweet) and the lack of muscles that had a comment the first time was all right, she is still young.
Her fur was a little dry so we increased the amount of lamb fat in her food. Everything else was fine.
“Remember, he said, you’ll have to have one more before Pandora gets 22 month old.”
We told him that she is socialized a lot and have other very good friends to play with, but the vet said that it would be good for her to have one of her own breed to be with.
I think that this rule is more important to the Saarloos Wolfhound than to the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog who has a different temper and better socialization skills.
“Also remember, he pointed out, you have two month left to teach her to go by train and bus and all the rest of the things she has to get to know.”
All righty then … we’ll have a train ride and a bus ride next weekend.

Swimming again
After last weeks disastrous experience in the swimming pool it was with a certain kind of scepticism we went to the pool again yesterday. But hey! She swam!
After one more try and without anyone in the basin as we thought was needed, she began to swim.
She only panicked for a few seconds.
Still we were all to busy to take pictures, but soon she’ll be calm enough I think. We’ll go swimming next Thursday, too, and then I think she’ll be more self confident, and she might even begin to like it.
It’s going to be nice to have a dog that can swim next year when the water in the lake and the sea gets warm enough.

Safety in the dark
As winter comes closer and the days get shorter, the need of safety increases. Pandora now wears a safety waistcoat with reflectors and also a collar with blinking red lamps when we go out at night. The latter makes her look like a UFO or a selfmoving Christmas tree, but it is nice to be able to locate her in the dark as she is set free to run in the fields.

The Ripper
This last week she has been destroying a lot of paper. Paper is her favourite and boxes, magazines, kitchen paper – you name it – are torn to little pieces. She is also still biting our hands if she is excited or plays. She doesn’t bite hard but her grown-up teeth don’t give one a lot of pleasure.

Otherwise she is just plain beautiful and teenager crazy.

Pandora ripping paper

Pandora ripping paper

Pandora in the eveningsun

Pandora in the eveningsun

Pandora mornings

Pandora mornings



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