The mystery about the creaking floor board

10 11 2009


60 cm, 24 kg. She has reached her minimum height. She is 6 month old.

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Most mornings I go upstairs to our attic to iron my clothes as our ironing board stands there. And Pandora follows me. She has done that since she was three month old and we could no longer keep her downstairs. She is good at climbing stairs.
At the attic the floor is old, made of wooden boards and one or two of them are creaking when you step on it.

This creaking sound has made Pandora look puzzled and astonished for quite a while now. She simply cannot figure out what kind of animal that’s living down there. It isn’t visible and it never comes up.
Weird – and amusing.

Pandora observing the creaking floor board

Pandora observing the creaking floor board

Doesn’t everybody love wolves?
So far I haven’t met anyone who thinks Pandora is more frightening than cute, but it might happen. I meet so many people who find her beautiful, sweet and fascinating.  “I would love such a dog next time” they say. “I bet you would” I think.
Ones I met a guy who wanted a Czechoslovakian wolfdog because then the dog could “beat the a#¤% out of the two Pit bulls further down the street.” Not the best of reasons to buy a Czech. Sometimes I meet guys who think she is a real ‘tough’ macho dog. Other people just want a dog like her because she is special and beautiful.
Luckily this is not the kind of dog you can buy on the next corner.
My boyfriend and I (husband, sorry) are of the opinion that we’re proud of our dog and we want to tell how sweet she is, but we don’t really want everybody to have a dog like her because in the end she needs to be taken care of in a special way. This dog will be you nightmare if your evenings are spend on the sofa or if you don’t understand a dogs language. It’s good that it is a little troublesome to get hold of this breed (at least in Denmark). But on the other hand, those who want a Pit bull terrier will get it although they are absolutely not qualified at all.
What can I say: take care of your breed and always tell the truth about its positive and negative qualities. No matter what breed it is.

From a kennel or from private owners
I have had a dialogue with Regitze under the ‘About’ page where we talked about a dog’s background.
It made me think of the difference it can make whether your dog has been raised in a kennel with lots of dogs and few people, or if your dog is from a private owner or a small kennel where all the dogs are treated with much physical handling every day. I guess that – just as with humans – you can get very different dogs depending on that. I think that dogs being of a dominant and ‘strong’ breed, should be physically handled, touched and caressed form the earliest days, preferable day one of their life. The longer the puppy is without people in their closeness the more difficult it’ll be to get to know it and teach it things.

Uh oh, I promised to tell about Pandoras swimming ‘lesson’ last Thursday.
Ah hm.
It didn’t go very well. My intention of taking pictures was completely unrealistic. The swimming pool is 6 x 3 meters. And Pandora walked on the side of the edge all the time. She hated it.
She was wearing a lifejacket with a handle on the back, but she was put in the basin alone. That was a mistake. She went in three times and every time she hated it.
She didn’t show any signs of fear, she didn’t shiver or tremble but she just plain hated it.
The instructor even fell with the dog falling on him as she tried to escape.
He was a very kind man though.

We will go again next Thursday. This time she will go in together with the instructor and he will wear a wet suit. If that doesn’t calm her, she won’t go again. I bet that if we went into the pool with her, she would calm down completely but that is not allowed.
More about the ongoing experiment in the next blog. Poor creature.

This is NOT PAndora swimming, but it is the pool she was in

This is NOT Pandora swimming, but it is the pool she was in

A small note of the small dog inside of a big dog
Pandora has now reached her minimum height. But inside she is still a little puppy. When she crawls around on my back as I lie on my knees on the floor. When she’s standing on the sofa,  jumps up and put her paws around my neck and lick me in the face, or if I lay on the couch and she walks on me to tell me she wants to play.
But she is also getting very clever. With  a little help from a goodie she can SIT, STAND, LAY DOWN, CRAWL, ROLL, JUMP UP, SHAKE PAW, GO BETWEEN MY LEGS, FROM SITTING IN FRONT OF ME – WALK AROUND MY BACK AND SIT BY MY SIDE. This is a lot of commands she can suddenly understand. COME is definitely improving and she can run free in more and more places.

Her track is good. She actually doesn’t care about the goodies anymore, she just wants to do the track. Yesterday she followed the track app. 30 cm. to the left of it because the wind had blown it sideways.
Clever girl.



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