Pandora in Jutland

21 10 2009

Facts: as last time

Clever girl
She is now much better at coming when she is called. Every time I call and she comes I give her a treat and/or much gratitude.

She now sits, lays down and walks by my side when told to.

A short note on BARFing
We are now BARFing (eating raw meet) or she is I should say. (See more about BARFing elsewhere at this page). It has become her well.

Holiday in Jut-land
As many will know we have a huge LEGOLAND in Billund Denmark. Me and my boyfriend and two other went there in week 42 to do a fireshow every evening that week. And of course Pandora went with us. It gave us a lot of time together. Some days I laid a track for her, and she does that very well now. The last track was 60 meters long and pretty difficult. Crossing a small street, through leaves and long grass.

When we went to do the show she slept for 40 minutes in the car. It all went very well until the second last day when she almost tore the entire car apart. She tore down the ceiling and bit in the sun screen. Luckily we are going to have a new (used) car in the spring.

Pandora in LEGOLAND
Pandora in LEGOLAND

Since then she’s been in the car alone as we were doing some shopping. No problem. I guess she got bored and perhaps she was freezing a little.

We also had a wonderful trip to a forest near the Gudenå (the longest stream in Denmark) and she enjoyed herself for an hour, sniffing, digging and chasing shadows.

A tired Czech is a happy Czech they say. So she must have been very happy.

Meeting friends
Sunday we went to a dog exhibition and met Rolf with his two Czechoslovakian wolfdogs. That was a very nice experience.

Not alone were these dogs amazingly beautiful but they also obeyed Rolf’s commands which gave me the hope that somewhere inside of Pandora there is a dog of good material 🙂
(Not that I ever doubted that).

Pandora watched the two males fight and play and several times she ran away with her tale between her legs in sheer fright of the sight of these two giant dogs growling and barking. But in the end she was also curious and couldn’t resist coming closer and join them.
The younger male (18 month old) Xtreme was the one she was less afraid of. He also invited her to play. She obvious liked him but it was like she had a secret admiring for Uno the older dog (4 years old). His ‘coolness’ made her watch him on a distance but she hardly ever went close to him. He was too unreachable. And no doubt: All the time she was the small one and Xtreme had much fun telling her, it seamed. Finally he had someone he could bully.

A hundred dogs
The played on the lawn for a good half an hour or more and then we were invited into the exhibition indoor. In LEGOLAND Pandora had done what she could trying to pull my arm off every time she met another dog. At the exhibition there were more than hundred dogs so I guess she realized that she couldn’t overcome to be ‘best friend’ with each and every one of them. The result was a calm dog laying on the floor next to Xtreme and Uno. And she was worn out. All that playing and fright took her last energy away.

It was a great day. Rolf took some great photos of the three dogs and later that day he won second place as Best Dog In Show with Xtreme. Well deserved, though he deserved no. 1 of course – but I guess everybody think that about their breed.

It was also nice to meet a person who loved and cared about his dogs so I didn’t feel stupid or too geeky talking about the love of my life all the time 😀

Pandora playing with Uno & Xtreme
Pandora playing with Uno & Xtreme

Pandora in an exhibition
We have now decided to go to the next exhibition with Pandora in November. I’m just curious to see what the judge think of her, as we – of course – think she is gorgeous. She’ll go as a puppy in the show and that’s fine as I have never done an exhibition before and I might very well be the one that screw things up.

Back home and missing someone
We went back to our own home Sunday night with a tremendously tired dog. Holiday was over – back to normal.

Monday Pandora was left alone again for 3 hours before she was picked up by my parents. She was a little sad as we left the house

in the morning, but already Tuesday she had accepted the situation just fine.

The weird part was that even though she had her playmate during Monday she seamed a little sad and apathetic Monday evening. I could swear that she missed Xtreme and Uno.

I am certain that she understood that they were of her own kind and she understood their body language so well.

I hope we meet the three guys again so we can all enjoy some time with them.

Stars rising
Talking about her ‘stars’ she has only earned stars these last few days. She has been so clever, sweet and cute.

It’s like she sometimes have days where she suffers form severe brain damage and then she turns and becomes quite fantastic. And for every time she comes back to ‘normal’ she is becoming even better.

There must be a lot of hormones racing in her body right now and there will be for a long time ahead, but it’s all right. She’s a darling and after 9 days together with her 24 hours a day I miss her like crazy when I go to work.

Sometimes I even feel a little sad that I come home to a tired dog when I would love to take her for an exploring walk, but she is young and we mustn’t wear her down. Weekends are when we have fun and quality time.

Pandora in Strib by Rolf Larsen

Pandora in Strib by Rolf Larsen



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