Home alone feat. Pandora

10 08 2009

First week with the doggywolf in the house – alone!

First day:
I had a call at my job from a neighbour I’ve never talk to. She told me that she had a puppy locked in her garage and she thought it might be mine.
Hurry home from work, having all sorts of wild unpleasant fantasies about broken glass, cut up dog, blood all over and so on.
But no.

The dog simply taught herself to open the kitchen door inwards and go through the outer cat flap again.

Buying hooks for all the doors and fix it in the evening before next day.

Day two:
Pandora stayed  at home as long as she should. 1 curtain was ripped apart in desperation to get out, no inventory was touched.

Day 3, 4 and 5, one curtain ripped a day, no inventory ripped. This shows her eager to get out, which makes my heart cry.

Because of her unwillingness to be alone I’ve made the arrangement with my parents that they look after her from before dinner, and till we arrive from work in the afternoon.

They have a very sweet Labrador boy at 4 years and the two dogs play with much joy and amusement.

So until now, it has not been a success to let Pandora be alone, but not a completely disaster either.

This weekend we went to Aabenraa  in south Denmark.

To our big surprise we met another Czechoslovakian wolfdog at a medieval market. A 11 month old female. She was very beautiful.

Unfortunately did I not get neither picture, nor address from the owners which annoys me now.

To my big surprise we also met 3-4 people who actually knew what kind of dog Pandora is. Somehow people close to Germany know this dog better than the rest of the country. Maybe because there’s a lot of wolfdogs in Germany compared to Denmark.

As for Pandora:
She got a million compliments. Both to her fascinating wolf like look and to her mild and ‘smiling’ behaviour. She really is a darling around other people and dogs.

She met a huge Grand Danois/Broholmer boy, weighing 60 kg and with a head as big as half of Pandora herself.
No fear!

She stole his delicious meat bone and growled at him after that. Very funny, but very no-go.

She saw fireworks, ran in the rain and slept between us in thunder and lightning.

No fear!

She now weighs 11 kg and is looking more ‘adult’ or teenage like.

13 weeks old, being a teenager

Pandora 13 weeks old

Observing sheeps

Observing sheeps



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