Second week with Pandora

23 07 2009

It has been a good week.

Finally Pandoras diarrhea is wearing off and she can eat more different kinds of food.
Three days ago she had an off-day. The whole day was: NO, NO, NO. Not too much pleasure and way too much nagging. Poor dog. But these last two days, she’s been showing remarkably progression.

Now she actually obeys the word: NO. I can stop her from running after the cats with that exact word. In the middle of the run, actually.
She’s also stopping biting in our hands and clothes. She understands NO, and in reverse she is given a bunch of chewable toys, cow hide bones, rubber bones, a crying duck and so on, to have something allowable to chew in. It works.

She is constantly told: CLEVER when she does the right things, and more and more of these are emerging.

She’s been with us at different places: A summer house with friends, looking at a fire show, sleeping in a camping wagon. Everything with success.

She is a happy and trustful little dog to both humans and other dogs. That’s great and promises good for the future.

She get many caresses during the day, kisses on the nose, a petting on the head. And especially as she is eating bones or her food, we pet her to learn her that it is all right, and we never remove her food or bone. It’s hers, not ours. But we should be allowed to be around her as she eats.

Other words are now slowly added to her vocabulary. Like: “Jump”, when she’s jumping into the car, “to the side” as she has to walk a the sidewalk to avoid the cars, “digging” when she digs, “sit” when she is coming for goodies, and so on.

Yesterday we activated her by spreading food at the lawn so she should search to find. Good activity for the nose. Today she has been swimming for the first time. For almost ten days we have gone to the lake. She takes absolutely no notice of getting her feet wet. Rain doesn’t concern her, neither does the shower!

But when she felt the cold water on her little tummy today, she was more reluctant. But with the use of goodies (little bites of her favorite food) she managed to get herself wet all over, and to swim ten metres or more. As she got up from the water she was told: CLEVER, FINE in a light tone and she jumped proudly around like a young cow entering the fresh grass in the spring. Very amusing and cute.

She is learning every day and loves it. She is getting a little more independent and can now be in the garden without us or in the house as we are in the garden. Good for her.

She is now also left alone in the car as we shop, but only for 15 minutes or so, and of course not in a hot car. She howls but she is adjusting slowly.

She is also adjusting to the cats as they are to her. (Sometimes I think they tease her just to see her frustrations. Silly cats.) And she also knows that the cat food is off limit.

Right now she has fallen asleep under my chair. It has been a very good day. Not so many “I’m bored”-happenings, but a lot of quality time.
It looks good for the days to come. She is so loved. And she knows.

Pandora at the sea

Pandora at the lake



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