Pandora, my furball

1 07 2009

Lately we decided to wait another week to pick up Pandora from Holland.

It’s awful to have to wait for so long, but on the other hand it gives us a possibilty for better planning.

The 10. july we’ll go and get her.

It’s very hard to wait now. Days are looong 🙂

We got pictures from Veronique earlier today and my puppy starts to look like a dog! (Thanks Veronique)

Next week we’ll go and POWER SHOP dog stuff like at leash and a collar, probably also a dog bed and some toys.

The trip to Holland will include plastic bags and lots of towels in case the baby gets ill on the way back home. 800 km is quite a lot to sit in a car. Of course we’ll have lots of breaks and the good part is that she’ll be with us for many hours and get to know us, know the smell of us ad see that we can keep her safe.

I always feel my heart bleed a little when a young animal has to leave it’s mom. She’ll probably cry (howl?) and feel sad. We’ll do our best to give her all the comfort that she needs, poor girl.

I know: I’m pathetic.


Pandora 8 weeks old


Pandora 8 weeks old



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