A dog hidden in a wolf

31 07 2009

Since last week, following has happened:
This morning Pandora tried to exit the kitchen via the cat flap and found herself in trouble. It seems that she almost over night gained two centimeters. Her weight since last friday has raised to 8,5 kilos so she is growing.
Five days ago we let her alone in the house 15 minutes for the first time. As we came back, she was climbing the windows in our outdoor room. Next day we let her alone for half an hour.
When we returned, everything was quiet. Too quiet. As we opened the door no dog came to greet us. Actually there was no dog in the entire house!
The little fur ball had managed to exit the house through two cat flaps at each end of the house, and the neighbor came to ‘deliver’ her after a few minutes. Embarrassing and worse: something could have happened to her. Awful!
Next day the cat flaps were sealed as we went of.
As we returned after 30 minutes, Pandora was staying in the living-room window trying to get out. Nothing was torn apart, but the food that we spread all over the floor had gone. Today we’ll try again.
Making a lot of activities inside the house with food and her toys.
This might be one of the issues where we cannot succeed and will have to make a special room for her, but we will try.

Almost everything else is successful.
She walks beautifully in a line now, as she has learned the command: STAY.
She hardly ever runs after the cats anymore.
She now understands that she cannot bite our hands all the time, but this has been the hardest so far.
She is often eating her dinner at the lawn to activate her nose. This morning she was even trying to spread her own meal in the bowl, so she loves the challenge of finding the food herself.
She gets a mix between discipline trips (learning how to walk, sit, lay down etc.) and activity (smelling, climbing, running, playing) and the  mix makes her tired. She can now walk app. 3 kilometers, but then she is tired and thirsty.
Her constant biting in our hands is punished by holding her nose or putting a finger deep down her throat so she fills like puking.
Sometimes when she understands a command but doesn’t really want to obey, she barks! It’s like she is saying: on no it’s so unfair, I was having such a good time. It is quite amusing as she should not be able to bark and it sounds so sweet. Our reaction is encourage her saying: BARK, come on BARK. And as if her protesting isn’t heard she stops barking and give up. Idiotic human beings, doesn’t understand a word.
She’ll probably stop barking at a time, as she is not supposed to be a barking dog, but IF she can learn to bark at command, it would be very cool.

She has now been a guest in a lot of different houses, met 30-40 people who talked to her, at least 10 dogs that she has played with, and everything with success and without problems. She loves all other dog. All! And she has made her own personal human-friends.

She has been swimming, but so far she doesn’t love it.
She’s had a shower, and HATED it. I have never heard that many different sounds from anything. Not even my stereo-player. She did a very convincing cat imitation though.

There’s no more diarrhea and if we wake up a little fast in the morning, we can almost avoid accidents in the house. Peeing and pooing is now outside 85 % of the time.

The wolf and the dog
As she walks next to me, like this morning, she is a little wolf. Her entire bodylanguage is a wolf. The elegant but low shoulders, the almost elastic way of moving her legs, the snout in the dirt and her awareness and very fast reactions to ‘dangerous’ things. She is very observant when she is looking at new potential dangerous things, like big cars, cows and horses. Her reaction is to sit down, look at it and uuhhh … think about it? She doesn’t chase it and she doesn’t run away. That is a very cool reaction I think.

But the dog part in her is almost the rest. She’s not difficult, and she does want to learn. She has stopped chasing the cats, she sleeps at night (and during the day). She gets tired after a short time and she isn’t that persistent or challenging.
Are we just lucky or is it because she is constantly stimulated? Either way, I don’t find her problematic or difficult.
And everybody she meets says she is such a sweet dog.
I guess I expected more problems, and they can come, but for now, her settling down in our small family has been successful and that is great.

The little wolf seaching for her food at the lawn

The little wolf seaching for her food at the lawn

Second week with Pandora

23 07 2009

It has been a good week.

Finally Pandoras diarrhea is wearing off and she can eat more different kinds of food.
Three days ago she had an off-day. The whole day was: NO, NO, NO. Not too much pleasure and way too much nagging. Poor dog. But these last two days, she’s been showing remarkably progression.

Now she actually obeys the word: NO. I can stop her from running after the cats with that exact word. In the middle of the run, actually.
She’s also stopping biting in our hands and clothes. She understands NO, and in reverse she is given a bunch of chewable toys, cow hide bones, rubber bones, a crying duck and so on, to have something allowable to chew in. It works.

She is constantly told: CLEVER when she does the right things, and more and more of these are emerging.

She’s been with us at different places: A summer house with friends, looking at a fire show, sleeping in a camping wagon. Everything with success.

She is a happy and trustful little dog to both humans and other dogs. That’s great and promises good for the future.

She get many caresses during the day, kisses on the nose, a petting on the head. And especially as she is eating bones or her food, we pet her to learn her that it is all right, and we never remove her food or bone. It’s hers, not ours. But we should be allowed to be around her as she eats.

Other words are now slowly added to her vocabulary. Like: “Jump”, when she’s jumping into the car, “to the side” as she has to walk a the sidewalk to avoid the cars, “digging” when she digs, “sit” when she is coming for goodies, and so on.

Yesterday we activated her by spreading food at the lawn so she should search to find. Good activity for the nose. Today she has been swimming for the first time. For almost ten days we have gone to the lake. She takes absolutely no notice of getting her feet wet. Rain doesn’t concern her, neither does the shower!

But when she felt the cold water on her little tummy today, she was more reluctant. But with the use of goodies (little bites of her favorite food) she managed to get herself wet all over, and to swim ten metres or more. As she got up from the water she was told: CLEVER, FINE in a light tone and she jumped proudly around like a young cow entering the fresh grass in the spring. Very amusing and cute.

She is learning every day and loves it. She is getting a little more independent and can now be in the garden without us or in the house as we are in the garden. Good for her.

She is now also left alone in the car as we shop, but only for 15 minutes or so, and of course not in a hot car. She howls but she is adjusting slowly.

She is also adjusting to the cats as they are to her. (Sometimes I think they tease her just to see her frustrations. Silly cats.) And she also knows that the cat food is off limit.

Right now she has fallen asleep under my chair. It has been a very good day. Not so many “I’m bored”-happenings, but a lot of quality time.
It looks good for the days to come. She is so loved. And she knows.

Pandora at the sea

Pandora at the lake

First week with Pandora

17 07 2009

It’s friday and seven days ago we saw Pandora for the first time.

Today she went to the vet and got her last vaccination and a worm cure and the chip was written into our system in Denmark.

She’s still got diarrhea so now she is getting boiled chicken and rice witch transformed her form a dog into a wild tiger. Wauw did she love it!

She now knows her name, come when we call and we are adding small training words like: jump, seek, find, clever, and so on. No she also knows quite well. And she’s obeying it. She is so clever and intelligent. But also calm, trustful and sweet.

Today it’s been very hot and rain was expected. So she was all most sleeping for 6 hours only awake shortly. We got a little nervous. But now it’s evening and she is coming to life.

The cats are still afraid of her though she almost never pays attention to them. Instead she’s sitting on a sun chair watching the cows at the field next to us. Very interested.

She doesn’t walk away from the lawn and the street is sooo scary. Thank god.

She’s been in the car a lot these last two days but she doesn’t seem to mind. The car is OK and she jumps in herself.

She still sleeps all night which amazes me.

She is now 36 cm high and weighs 6,6 kg.

Everybody loves her and she has a fabulous temper and seems to feel good and safe. Right now she is playing with her activity ball at the lawn. She has already figured out that treats are coming out of the hole. She is really smart 🙂

Pandora plays with her activity ball

Pandora plays with her activity ball

A life ends

14 07 2009

Yesterday morning I had to make the awful decision of letting my best friend through 14 years go to the eternal sleep.
She’s been having rheumatism for a long time, but lately it has become worse, and she could hardly walk. The night to yesterday I could hear her having trouble sleeping and in the morning I called the vet. It was very decent, very relaxed and completely awful. I cried like a baby and today I have had my moments of sorrow, too.

As I said it was very decent thanks to our good vet who respected our sorrow and grief.

After he had put beautiful Bella to ‘sleep’, he took a look at Pandora and said she looked very fine. A little skinny, probably because of her diarrhea, but she was healthy and fine. And an exciting race of course.
‘good temper’ he said, and we agree. She is still at sweet girl, a little angel with a brave heart and recognisable intelligence.

As she saw the old dog dead, she mourned. She got completely quiet and she was for several hours. She finally had a friend and then she lost her.

Life goes on, a little poorer though, but it goes on.
This morning we went to one of our many lakes for a swim. Pandora doesn’t swim but she has no fear of the water. She dip all four feet and didn’t even recognise it.

She’s been at a short visit at my work today and everybody adores her.

Tonight she didn’t sleep through so we went for a walk at four o’clock in the morning. It was almost daylight outside and we met the neighbour and his white Shepperd.

Pandora loves every other dog she meets. Now she’s got at least three friends that she can play with and at home she’s got a bunch of newly bought toys.

Right now she’s fast asleep at the terrace. All the activities brought to tiredness.

She lasts a little longer now. Day one she could play for 20 minutes. Now it’s about an hour.
She’s beginning to understand the word: NO, and also COME seems to bring up some recognition 🙂

Thanks to her the pain of loosing Bella isn’t that overwhelming. Thanks to her we have many laughs and big smiles.

Beautiful Bellas last day.

Beautiful Bellas last day.

Pandora at her new home

Pandora at her new home

Finally home

12 07 2009

She is finally here!

The world’s cutest doggy baby.
After a long trip to Holland Friday (702 km) we landed at the Goverwelle Kennel and saw our baby for the first time. Of course she was completely adorable. After that we went to a camping place near by, got into the city Apledorn and bought some food and stuff, and went back to be with Pandora at the Goverwelles house in the evening.

We took the puppy for a walk and she did quite well. The collar was annoying her but she went from scared to brave within 10 minutes.

Back at Goverwelles we let her stay the night so we could go and get her the next morning. And so we did. We left the Goverwelles house half past 11 the next morning to go all the 702 km back to Denmark.

Here I must say:

Thank you so much to Letty and Koos  for the handeling of the little dog with love and care. It was SO good to see that they spend a lot of time caressing and nursing the dog. All the time she was handled with care and love. Being caressed, cuddled and played with. It made me so happy as I know that it would bring up at better dog, a more trustful dog and actually a more intelligent dog. Thank you van Goverwelle for your way of treating your beautiful dogs. I can not be more specific: That’s the way to treat a dog from it’s early days. Well done!

Long trip home, but we only had four stops. She never cried or seamed unhappy. She was sitting on my lap for 30 minutes, then she wanted to lay on the back seat of the car. We stopped for short walks, she had one accident in the car, but was doing everything she should when she was out. She ate and drank and was so delightfully calm all the long 9 hours drive to our home.

As we got home in the evening, it was like Paradise? I have never seen anyone freak out the way she did. She was so overwhelmingly happy. The entire dog jumped up and down for half an hour. She knew somehow that she was home and she love it.

A little later we took her into the garden and let her free. She is still so attached to us so she wouldn’t run away. Everything was curiously searched.

And then she fell in the pond 🙂

1 x 1 sq. meter and 30 cm deep it was no problem for her to reach the bottom but she couldn’t get up. We had quite a laugh and she took it calmly.

She did get tired around midnight and so did we.

And to our big surprise she slept the whole night through. Not one time did we wake up to hear something being chewed at, not one time!

As we woke up this morning she peed on the floor as we didn’t make outdoor. Never mind that.

We went to the lake to meet some friends with their Rottweiler and Pandora felt in love with him immediately.

She looked at the water with interest, but didn’t go in except for the feet. But she was curious, I’m sure she’ll bath before the summer has ended.

Next we went to get our old dog (14 y.o.) and again, Pandora felt in love. This is now her pseudo mother and they get along fine.

Now she’s been sleeping for an hour and is now waking up to explore new parts of the wold. We are outside and she’s is next to me all the time.

I have no doubt that she’s an intelligent little one and she seams to feel completely safe here. No whining, no tears, no problems.

Is it really that easy?

Welcome Pandora, we are glad to have you here.

A long way from home

9 07 2009

Tonight we leave Denmark to go to the Netherlands.
Coursed by the summer holiday we want to avoid the queues along the German ‘autobahn’ so we’ll have to leave early.

Tomorrow I’ll see my baby.

People think I’m a little crazy I’m sure, because I can’t wait but who cares ? 🙂

Well, going home packing the car and the go. 702 km to Pandora and 702 km back home. Will she be sick? Will she be sad or tired?

Exciting journey’s waiting ahead.

Pandora, my furball

1 07 2009

Lately we decided to wait another week to pick up Pandora from Holland.

It’s awful to have to wait for so long, but on the other hand it gives us a possibilty for better planning.

The 10. july we’ll go and get her.

It’s very hard to wait now. Days are looong 🙂

We got pictures from Veronique earlier today and my puppy starts to look like a dog! (Thanks Veronique)

Next week we’ll go and POWER SHOP dog stuff like at leash and a collar, probably also a dog bed and some toys.

The trip to Holland will include plastic bags and lots of towels in case the baby gets ill on the way back home. 800 km is quite a lot to sit in a car. Of course we’ll have lots of breaks and the good part is that she’ll be with us for many hours and get to know us, know the smell of us ad see that we can keep her safe.

I always feel my heart bleed a little when a young animal has to leave it’s mom. She’ll probably cry (howl?) and feel sad. We’ll do our best to give her all the comfort that she needs, poor girl.

I know: I’m pathetic.


Pandora 8 weeks old


Pandora 8 weeks old