Only 3 weeks left, with a little luck ..

11 06 2009

Only three weeks until we can pick up Pandora, with a little luck.

The breeder said yesterday that she had not heard anything from those who chips the puppies.

I talked to my collegue today and she said that she never heard anything until 1 week before the dogs were ready to leave.

Pandora cannot leave her breeder before she is chipped so we are crossing all our fingers and hope we won’t have to wait another week for her.

If we have to wait, well we can do that but I’m so looking foreward to meet her, get her, hold her.

Next week we’re going to London on a 5 days vacation. I’ve wanted that since I was 14 years old, and now we’re finally going. I’m looking foreward to that, but actually the expectations are a little overshadowed by the thoughts of Pandora.

What will she be like? Will she be fearful or fearless? Will she like water? Will she eat the cats?

I have great confidence in my own skills as a dog owner, but I’m still excited.

Ouh, please June, disappear and turn into July.



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